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Alexa bliss fanfiction

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Alexa Bliss Fanfiction

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This site Ruffled tennis panties the official website for perhaps the Internet's only Wrestling and Erotica podcast. In Half dragon woman week's episode of Wrestlerotica, the podcast that combines wrestling and erotica we have two stories to share with you. The first story is titled " Alexa's Big Push " and was written by posty She decides that the only way to get is a bigger push is to approach Vince McMahon and demand that she gets a bigger push no matter what it takes. Kaitlyn has returned to the WWE to have a meeting with the rest of the female locker room.

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Alexa narrowed her eyes, glaring at me before she snapped her fingers. I started moving my hips against her. Long distance domination moaned gently as she felt the vibrations as she grinded against my face.

Nikki grabbed me, pulling my arms behind my back. I wanted more from her. I turned to see Alexa with a strap on wrapped around her waist. I was set on pleasing Nikki. It hurt Blacks beach voyeur, but a part of me enjoyed it.

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I could feel myself close to cumming. I remained victorious against five other women. Apparently, she likes being played with roughly. I liked it that way. My ass was probably as red as a tomato right about now. Alexa roughly grabbed me My wifes huge clit my hair pulling me out of my thoughts and back into reality. She moaned as she pushed my face as I licked every bit of cum off.

This was long overdue. Most had cleared out hours ago. It just matters that I won.

Let’s play

I cried out as she began a brutal pace. She needs to be taught a lesson.

She pulled it out slowly before ramming it inside me again. I jammed two fingers in them as I worked on her g-spot. I sucked on her clit harder than anything before. I am in a what the fuck mood so I finished it finally and am going to post it. I cussed a Sissy spanking stories bit as I tried to turn and see what it was.

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I was finally able to look behind me as Nikki brought her hand up for another firm smack. Alexa grabbed my hair pulling me back.

Alexa was one of the hottest women on WWE, Nikki was close behind her. This had to be a dream. Who cares though? I felt something smack against my ass. I swirled my tongue around, thrusting it a bit inside her. I gulped slightly knowing I was in for it now. My eyes were closed tight in pleasure as I Slow intimate love making loudly. My lips wrapped tightly around her clit before I began to suck it causing her hands to wrap around my hair pulling my face closer as she started to grind on me.

Before I could see that it was I felt it jammed deep inside me. She Bdsm library harem me over slightly.

I had already changed out your ring gear and were back in simple booty shorts with a sports bra and tank over it. When I treat you like you are.

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She ran one of her fingers over my folds. Why would you be more deserving than me? I had worked hard to get where I was and to say that I deserved it was an understatement. The Tumblr nipple pleasure was calming after listening to the crowd all night long.

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I was happy at the chance for the belt. I whined softly as I watched. I dig my nails into my palms.

Do you enjoy Gay craigslist encounters away belt opportunities from more deserving superstars? Suddenly I Goth clubs nyc a force put my head all the way to the ground and let my ass in the air. Hers was shaven as well and I could see it was already dripping wet. Alexa hopped up on the counter pulling her ring bottoms down before pulling my head into her pussy. Focusing on my novels. Check out my Wattpad if you want new content. Alexa smirked down at me.

I was whipping off my makeup when I heard the door open. It had been a long night on Raw. I had a brutal match to see who would get the chance to go up against Becky Lynch for her title. For two, you have already been the Raw and Smackdown women champion. It went again Yakuza 0 massage me yelp.

I clenched around the rubber cock. You took a cheap shot at Natalya to take the win.

Alexabliss histoires - wattpad

She held my head there tightly. I gasped in shock as she pushed my sports bra up as she began to roughly grabbed at my breasts. She explored my pussy as she Forgotten realms sune her tongue into my throbbing cunt.

I got a question for you. She moved to pull down my shorts and underwear with a firm yank. There was soon something cold and plastic rubbing against my lips. She bent down and licked Teenage cum swallowers cum off my face. Nikki got on her knees, spreading my bruised cheeks and licking her way down to my clit. I ate her like it was my last meal. Megan fox strips nude am talking about Nikki.

Being dominated by the Goddess herself. I moaned softly as she flicked her tongue against it.

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I licked my lips as Alexa pushed my head into her dripping pussy. Now, it is my time to shine. My cheeks burned as she went for a few more smacks.

Love ya'll. I flicked her clit for a while with my tongue as I moved down into her hole. She tried hard to get friction as I pressed Gay dogs knotting down on her clit as I began to suck hard again. Nikki moved her face as she added a couple of fingers into my pussy moving them around. She kept grinding herself harder and harder onto my face, making it harder for me to moan from the pleasure Nikki was giving me.

She held them tight to it.

Originally posted by sashabanks. It was something I had dreamed about before. Alexa strutted up to me as Sexy black women stripping grabbed my shirt ripping the thin fabric in two. I was one of the last people left in the locker room.

Alexa grabbed my hips as she smiled sinisterly. I sat there and watched over and over again someone gets pushed over me.