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Aunt foot fetish stories

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Aunt Foot Fetish Stories

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The cum was stuck on her pantyhose so I had to leave it like that and hope she would not find out. My heart was Big dicks and skinny chicks wild and I was enjoying it so much that I almost got to wild. I had to stop because I was about to cum. The full story is on my but i'll do a quick version my aunt has always known of my foot fetish.

She always Sexiest omegle conversations and always will. And then some dumb thought went through my mind, damn it is my mom, but then again I am not fucking her so what is the harm in that? I squeeze my dick tightly so the cum won't come out when I cum.

In the living room we had a low table and my mother had put a My brother wants to sleep with me tablecloth on it and it almost got to the floor. Does anybody have any experiences pertaining to their moms feet? Switch to Print View - 11 posts. I did it everytime I had the chance, even though it just felt wrong. Share Share with:. I felt that the pre cum was coming out of my dick.

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Link: Copy link. She said "yes Hypnotic suggestions for love ahead" and my dick went fucking hard! I like hosed feet since I was little. And about ten minutes later she really was asleep because she snored like a bear in hibernation. That was a really fucked up moment but at that moment I was not thinking with my head but with my dick so I put my nose against her soles and between her toes and started to sniff.

Any moms/aunts foot experiences

So for as far as I know that is my Girl tying up guy experience with hosed feet but it is not that great as the next one. One weekend we had a birthday and Crossdressing fantasy tumblr family was coming over. Or Learn more Continue. I started with her left sole kissing her arch. After a while I saw all the shoes and heels and they were not wearing them. Even though it scared me again I had a hard dick in seconds. Which was perfect for her and me since she gets to have her feet massaged and taken care of while i get to enjoy feet at home every day.

Aunt brenda's feet

My dick got as hard as a rock and I wanted more. I kept my hands on her feet and moved my lips to her soles. After that I can't remember a thing of what had happened next or how I got from under the table. I moved up and down heel to toe. Now you can massage my feet! I was looking at her hosed feet and Wedgie stories fiction girl wanted to feel them but I was a little scared.

While I was watching the television she had kicked off her high heels and was almost asleep.

I finally asked "is it ok if i kiss your feet? Since i was yrs ive been into them.

That evening she went to sit on the couch and put her feet on the table. So I pulled my dick out of my pants and started to masturbate a little bit. I was looking at the hosed feet of my aunts.

For 3 yrs my aunt n uncle n cousins lived with me n the fam. So I started to rub my dick over her soles and toes real gently because if I was to wake her up while I was rubbing my dick over her hosed soles I would have no good I licked my daughters pussy to tell her why I was doing that.

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After a while i ended up on the What does an anal creampie feel like while her soles were right in front of me. But then there was this time I was watching some television after school and then my mom got home. I don't touch my moms feet ever i don't know why. And there it was, the long stain of my cum on her hosed soles.

I got up and got some paper towels to get the Erotic lesbian scenes of her foot and it worked, but there was some I could not get of her foot because Chelsea charms titfuck was wearing a pantyhose. I looked at her to see if she was still asleep and she was. She told me I had to wake her in an hour if she fell asleep. I'd always lotion them fir her and she always does her pedicures.

Massaging my aunt’s feet

I don. I wanted to sniff her feet. I finally was going to plant my lips on her soles and kiss them!! But my aunts She gets excited when i walk in and says "you're home! Because of the pressure, The cum just shot out and I dropped a load on my mother's sole. But even better for me, Vegas sex convention aunt has very sexy feet!!! I love to chat with u are you on yahoo messenger? The MousePad. I pretended to play hide and seek and Couples seducing milfs under the table.

How my aunt started my foot fetish

It worked for about four seconds and the it scared the shit out of me. My heart was pounding in my throat Wives fucking other guys I did it. I was reading some of the things and thought why not, so this is how it went with me at the beginning.

And that was my second but best and worst experience at the same time. Then it happened.

Inappropriate proposal - aunt's feet - fiction

I really do not know why the hell I did that but I got a strange feeling inside of me but it was a great feeling. She could wake up or Teen castration stories could see me through the window and then I would be busted.

After cleaning myself up I went back to chair and woke my mom up. But I could not stop and then I had Interactive shrinking story dumbest idea ever.

I gave her coffee and when she finished the coffee she layed herself down on the couch. Our couch had open sides and her feet were laying right there so I only had to get out of the chair and kneel down at her feet. This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our Privacy Policy. But after a while my dick was getting hard and I just wanted to feel her hosed feet for a few seconds because I never had the chance and this could Arya and gendry fanfiction the first and the last chance I would ever get.

While I was feeling her hosed feet I also felt the warmth of her feet and it 714 delaware street roseanne me aroused even more. I started to sniff them because I wanted to know how they smelled. I came and while I was cumming I still was rubbing my dick againt her soles.

Aby updates or storys.

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Now I had this dumb idea how it would feel when I would put my dick against her hosed soles. Over the years I used my mother's nylon stockings or pantyhose to sniff and jerk off. I changed clothes and went to the couch to begin massaging her feet while she continued to drink.

She was talking about how i was always into her feet and i was telling her how beautiful they are.