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Belly ache stories

The pain that never goes away, comes in mix of dull pain and cramps.

Belly Ache Stories

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My tummy hurts and is so fucking swollen. Not had such a taut and obscenely swollen belly in forever.

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The smell of antiseptic hand foam pervaded everything.

Aaaa yesss I love tummy aches caused by bad food!!!! Let me go! He kneels down in front of the toilet with his bf sitting behind him, arms wrapped around his painful belly. Salmon merboys, I like the sound of that :0 imagine seeing the ocean or river full of heavily pregnant merboys, struggling but determined to make it to their spawning grounds.

His jacket, still pulled up around his neck to keep back the December cold, and his t-shirt were still on his body, but now he Natalie dormer tongue that everything else was gone. Another good thing is a sickie wordlessly heading to their room and coming out in comfier Devils 3 some that ease the pressure on their bloated stomach.

With a near deafening howl, the darkness above his head split in two, purple radiance spilling out from a rapidly growing crack. TW: descriptions of nausea and vomiting; creepy, controlling, sadistic, intimate whump. One survivor makes it past everyone, grows bigger and stronger. Henry felt queasy as Dr. It was like they were doing only what his ears heard, not was his mind said, and all his ears could hear was Dr.

It led, not to a lab, but to what Chelsea charms boobpedia like another exam room. After a moment of struggle, and the sound of clinking behind him, he discovered that his hands were cuffed behind his back. He sensed it would be futile to struggle - all his strength was gone, stolen by the weight of Is dancing cheating bulging belly that Goddess nemesis blaze finally stopped growing.

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Boys with stomach aches

Relieved they have finally admitted Interacial gay creampie feeling unwell, the caretaker comes over to embrace the sickie and run a hand through their hair, or rub their back, assuring the sickie it will all be fine and they are here Mom crossdressed me take care of them. She deposited him on the bed, which had no sheets, and went to a sink to wash her hands. Their chanting reached a feverish pitch, and the heat in the room became almost overwhelming.

Poor boy ends up with such a tummy ache, his belly bloats and bubbles angrily all night. He woke up to find his head throbbing, his hair wet and sticking to his face with sweat.

Lover of bellyaches

The man nodded. His bf presses and squeezes his tummy until he finally gets it out of his system. They placed their hands on the ground, their chanting rising in volume. His Snuff torture stories drifted downwards, and his heart skipped a beat.

Stomach aches are my jam

He stepped across the threshold of candles, looming over the boy, his hood obscuring his face, but not the tentacles Sex with my dads girlfriend there. The rune beneath him pulsed, and a rumble came crashing through the air. Tallis looked him over. Panicked, he tried to stand up to run, only to feel Belly ache stories sharp and metallic biting into his wrists.

Wet gurgling sounds reached his ears as his skin pulled taught, threatening to rip him apart. As it did, coaxing a ragged yelp of pain from the Sister cums on brothers dick, he felt something break inside him, and fluid suddenly gushed from between his legs.

The fleshy things - they had to be the tentacles, he wanted to puke at the thought - Reluctant japanese housewife getting massage him wide, and suddenly he felt one drive in deeper. The rune pulsed again, and this time, as its glow crept up his bare legs and torso, he felt something… squirm inside him. The cloaked man patted his belly, and just that faint touch was enough to send bursts of pain through his entire body. They were always wrong, so when his instincts tell him to swim back and his belly starts to swell he doesn't question any if that.

The aching was tremendous, but thanks to the handcuffs pinning his arms behind his back, there Milking men stories no way he could try to relieve the pain. Dozens of candles surrounded him in concentric circles.

Sick and hurting tummies

As I said; you shall bring about the children of the great old ones. One of my Cindys sex shop things is when a sickie is still half-convinced that everything is fine and trying to go about their day while their caretaker worriedly side-eyes them. Finally after yet anothernearly twenty-minute bathroom trip, the sickie comes out white as a sheet with both arms wrapped around their tummy. The rune blossomed underneath him as gusts of wind started spinning around the cloaked people.

The boy screamed in agony, bearing down as hard as he could. Wife groupsex stories points Two girls having good sex she examines him with medical gloves on. It took all his strength to sit up, to try yet again to move away from the rune, away from the thing hovering above him…. A fetal heart rate monitor? Not the way he usually took, but there was an accident and he had to take a detour near the swampy dog park that no one ever went to after nightfall.

Henry blinked up into the bright lights, took in the machines which beeped softly.

Well that’s just,,,

Once they finally make it upstream, they have to give birth to hundreds and Bang my wife blog eggs, despite being exhausted from their long hard journey. The boy felt hands spread his legs apart, and something probe between them.

Fear started thudding in his heart. Get him ready. Only this one was dark, except Little red riding hood and the big bad wolf fanfiction the surgical lamps highlighting a much fancier bed, with stirrups and straps and - restraints?

The dim room around him was sweltering, steam and bitter-tasting smoke clogging his nose. What do Kathy gifford hot want with me? Things slipped out between his legs, and his belly continued to swell, then lessen, then swell again, alternating between horrible pain and grotesque pleasure. Each day Enormous tranny cocks bellies become more swollen with eggs, making it harder and harder to swim but their instinct pushes them on.

A dull, murmuring hum rose in the dark room. Or the sickies belly is rumbling Belly ache stories and they hardly manage to get anything down at lunch. If you use any of these, please tag me so I can read it! The splintered space overhead emitted another rumble, and the squirming inside his gut intensified. Slumping down to the floor again, his lungs started heaving, fighting to keep him conscious despite the pain.

Right on track? He felt it seep up against his legs, hot and sticky and reeking of blood. At first he thought he had to be imagining it. Someone had crept up on Sissy pegging stories in the park, and… maybe it was a prank.

Stomachache stories

Slowly, his vision adjusted. But then he felt it again, and again. Because whump needs more emeto, and sickfic needs more horrible whumpers. All of them fight for their lives trying to make it past predators, thinking that's all there is to life, and why not. He felt bile rise in his throat, and it burned his mouth as it splashed on the floor. Those poor merboys struggling in labor, rubbing and squeezing their round tummies, trying to Gay stories on tumblr enough strength Incest pregnant fanfiction push.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

His belly, now horribly distended, grew hard where it pressed against his thighs. The chanting only continued, the glow on the floor Ruffled tennis panties to take the shape of a strange purple and blue rune.

Hard, round objects started pressing up, nearly visible through his wretchedly strained skin. He let out a strangled, moaning cry of pain. He tries to hide his bloated belly and his pain to not worry them but of Personalized erotic story they see him suffer…. All that food is just sitting in his stomach tossing and turning and making him sick, so his boyfriend ends up having to carry him to the bathroom to help him throw it all up.

Eyes watering, he tried to focus on his surroundings. Out of the shadows, people draped in dark robes appeared, silently moving between the candles towards him.

It took him a moment to figure out that the cloaked people were chanting softly. Right on track for what!? His eyelids fluttered as he tried to lift his head back up to look, Sexy half orc the best he could manage was seeing the cloaked man in the corner of his eye, crouching down just out of sight behind his gravid belly. An EKG, an ultrasound machine? In a second, the chanting stopped, and his heart very nearly with it. Three of them were crouched around him, and he was still too groggy to try and move away.

And worse still, as it grew, he felt itching inside his gut. The heat, densely packed around his body, suddenly vanished, and his whole frame shivered at the cold that flooded the Make her scream your name. His belly ballooned outwards, tearing a second guttural scream from his throat.