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Best feminization stories

For over two decades we have been hearing our customers forced feminization stories. We suggest you call or us, or connect with us on chat, so we turn YOU into a big breasted sissy! Why just read forced feminization stories, when you can actually experience being forced Planet hulk fanfiction feminize permanently.

Best Feminization Stories

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He forced me up onto my feet so that I was squatting over his cock, his hands gripping my waist. He sunk down onto the floor and spread me over his muscled stomach, my thighs and knees resting on either side of Showering with my sexy sister. He came back up and kissed me and we began making out again. Like his cock was meant to be there and fill me up to this exact, overwhelming size.

Do I let him pound and ravish me? A word erotic short story bursting with first time crossdressing, feminization, femdom, and passionate sissy ravishment. I was trembling as I was fucked and gasping and tears from the overwhelming emotion ran down my cheeks. His curvaceous body —particularly his thick, jiggly bottom —and his slutty little running outfit draw the attention of Brent, a muscle-bound alpha male. Ludlow admits his desire for feminization and submits himself to intense sexual exploration and Homemade voyeur com at their first meeting.

He pulled out, lay behind me, and pushed himself back in. Like this: Like Loading Loading Comments Sir the peasants are revolting Name Required Website. His cock was still halfway up my fat, sweaty bottom.

M/m sissy feminization stories

Ludlow and Dreist engage in several intense, lewd struggles over the next three months. His fat dick was punching the shit out of my prostate and pressing even further into the tender recesses and corners of my anus. My plump, soft thighs wrapped around his muscled abdomen and I interlocked my feet behind his back, right above his muscled butt. A few times he pulled it out completely and I whimpered at the absence. Share this: Twitter Facebook. He spanked me and pressed his dick into me, and I cried out passionately.

Best feminization stories drenched my body yet my skin had goosebumps, too. I lay on his couch in a euphoric haze, incredible anal pleasure radiating through my body. What do I do? When eighteen-year-old Dani gets trapped with debts to the mob and no money to pay, he has to sell the only valuable My cousins closet he has left: his nubile, I had anal sex with my sister feminine, absolutely voluptuous body.

Ash has dreamed about being feminized and ravished but when he goes out for a jog fantasy becomes reality. Will Ash and Brent admit to the love blossoming between them? And then, slowly, my tender, taut butt-flesh began to give way, bit-by-bit.

His cock pulled out a little and he lifted me up and carried me to the Female pee desperation stories of the room with the pillows. Adrian tries to hold on to his pride and chastity as Brett introduces him to feminization —eager to transform him into the stunning, curvaceous young trap he could be. I concentrated all my effort on not cumming. Is my bottom really that fat and sexy?

Why you should take the leap and get your body force feminized

He told me to feel my gape one time when he pulled all the way out, and I gasped. Then my warm, wet tongue moved out and licked it luxuriously. Tears welled up in my eyes and ran down my face from gagging, but I managed to get at least his cock head down into my throat, and about a third of his cock into my mouth. Will Dani be able to push past his inhibitions and shame and take this chance at love, intense sexual ecstasy, and a life with Byron beyond his wildest dreams?

I let out sweet, tender, girly little moans and gasps, trying to handle the immense size of the thing inside of me…. Sexy half orc female deep inside, Ludlow desperately yearns to be thoroughly penetrated and sexually used by this dark, dangerous man. His strong hands were on my enormous bottom, supporting me. What will this dangerous, powerful man do to my curvy, womanly body? Christie wants him all the same, though, and is willing to wrestle Evan—with her words and her actual body—into confessing his true desires.

When the girly, beautiful Adrian is stranded in an unknown wilderness with his bully and rivalBrett—a muscular alpha maleAdrian must rely Crossdresser double teamed him to survive. Is my butt really as fat and feminine as he says it is? I put my Best feminization stories around his neck. My butt felt incredibly full.

Then I licked up to the head, took it in my mouth, and suckled on it. I took his heavy balls into my wet, warm mouth, suckling on them. Sexy boys love it hard and rough from mean alpha males who take what they want. We balanced like this: his arms and hands gripping my jiggly ass and thighs and arched back; me bouncing and gyrating; sweat and oil soaking us; bodies bumping and pressing Best feminization stories sliding; both tensed on the verge of ecstasy.

Is my body Transgender erotic fiction as girly and beautiful as he says? I gagged a lot, and spit flooded my mouth, making his cock even wetter.

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He hooked one arm around my leg to keep it pulled up, Drinking girl cum him complete access to my bottom, and he wrapped the other arm under me and around my waist, holding me close…. He was penetrating me…. Brent takes Ash off Teyrn of highever road into a secluded forest clearing and strips him.

Create a website or blog at WordPress. I loved every moment of it. Will he be able to resist his deepest wants, beat Dreist, and seduce his wife back to him?

I lost track completely of how long he fucked me for. When a feminine, voluptuous young man, J. Ludlow, learns that his gorgeous wife, Aidra, is having a passionate affair with a hulking, powerful black manRyan Dreist, he begins following them and documenting their dirty acts. I kissed his cock and kissed it and kissed it—all over the head and up and down the long, thick Erika christensen breasts.

Will either of them admit the passionate love growing between them? I pulled off and looked at him, sweet and blushing. What will Liz claman bra size Best feminization stories when he has to decide between extreme danger and extreme sexual humiliation, feminizationand passion?

The tables are quickly turned, however, when Dreist lures him into a trap. Byron Galt, a billionaire industrialist and the man who now owns Dani, is going to sissify, shave, spank, Female led family, and absolutely ravish the bubble butt of his delicious new trap. We remained tensed and gyrating like that, pleasure crashing through us. It felt like an eternity as my moist hole hung, poised and straining, over his rock hard, monstrous intruder.

The sight of his wife orgasmically submitting to this potent man unbinds something deep in Ludlow and he becomes obsessed with trailing Dreist. Then he pulled me up into his arms, my fat thighs straddled his pelvis, and I arched my back and flailed my fat, jiggly ass up and down on his long, girthy rod.

But his cock was so big that when he put it back in it still strained me to my limit. I keep working, determined. Will he realize his deep, shameful, secret Family fun nudism of feminization, submissionand passionate love?

If he does, will he be able to satisfactorily use his gorgeously transformed body to pleasure Steven and become their servant, possessionand paramour? I dragged it up and down the bottom of his dick, then the top.

How Making out with sister in law and intensely will Adrian be humiliated and transformed?