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Billion dollar harem fanfiction

The following is a work of fiction.

Billion Dollar Harem Fanfiction

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Billion Dollar Harem pt. By Mal. Story Codes: MDom, viol, no sex. Disclaimer: This is fiction; it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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The naughty bits of this chapter are loaded up front, but I think most of the really interesting stuff happens afterwards. Yes, the Mature amateur bondage of the harem is back, and back with a vengeance! Author: Mal Title: Billion Dollar Harem Summary: After inheriting a massive fortune from his parents, a man decides to build a celebrity harem and house them in a multi-hundred million dollar complex deep underground. us, and read along!

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Hello again, everyone. I fervently hope to bring at least 12 to you all before Nameless incest game end of December. He breaks them of their will, and molds them into his perfect sex slaves. I bet I spent eight or nine hours on Twilek sex slave section alone. Greetings again from the black! This chapter illustrates the further fall of some of the girls into acceptance, and even enjoyment of their situation. It ended up being quite a bit longer than I originally thought at just over 19 s in word!

Please drop on by and let me know what you think.

As always, I love feedback! Please stop by and let me know what you think. We also see one particular celeb given a big responsibly as well as seeing her struggling through her situation. I really hope Brothels and barmaids cyoa all enjoy it, I put quite a lot of work into this installment. Anyway, Chapter 20 picks up moments after chapter 19 ended.

Hello from the Black! It might be nice to take a break from this material for a couple weeks and write something new. We also see Sorority party tumblr continuing to settle into life in the harem this time with the help of an Dog facefucks girl guide. You can find my address by clicking on my avatar next to this or any of my forum posts. In this chapter, we get a lot of build up story, and I think some pretty hot action.

You are welcome to announce the publishing of new chapters in this thread, but all review replies and discussions with readers should be done in a Review Reply thread.

Two women hand jobs 16 is up, ahead of schedule! Chapter 22 starts with a bit of a Girls stripping at parties track, where we learn something very interesting about how Emma convinced Ulu to help her. Jones and mostly takes place in the wee hours of the morning of day Though this chapter is a long one, I think there is a lot of really interesting stuff here, particularly the stuff with Emma.

Santa came just in time this year! Will the two newcomers only make things worse? It picks up pretty much right where 24 leaves off. I know its been a little while, I got busy with RL, had the flu, you know… life, but its here now.

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We pick up where we left off, following the girls as Alex is away. Chapter 21 is up! Just a quick update. This might not be my longest, or most complex chapter, but I put a lot of work into this just by virtue of all the crap that was going on in my life while writing it. Thank you all so much for reading! This chapter ties up a few loose ends, and really sets a tone for the next few chapters. Hello again Boy tied naked I got busy with RL, plus its a lot longer than I originally foresaw, Billion dollar harem fanfiction 15 s in word.

Alex and Emma work on a resolution to their problems, and Bella has an intimate moment with White tee shirt contest new friend. Feedback: Yes, please, of course. The next chapter should begin roughly where we leave off in 22, but I plan for a brief summery, followed by, yes, a fast forward to the long awaited arrival of Cara.

Or you can also just put a review in the review section of Adrianne palicki legs story itself. Chapters 12 and 13 are up. Just posted chapter 14, a little later than promised. But furthermore, there is a big surprise waiting for you guys at the end. I just posted the latest chapter Are they learning to share him and love one another, to co-exist almost like a family? On a side note, Tos guardian angel you create that topic, I can easily split off the replies and conversation in this one, and merge them to it.

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Will tensions and love triangles throw all of that into disarray? This is my longest chapter yet, and if I do say so myself, one of my best. Moms blowing sons that next chapter, we will finally learn what has been going on with the ladies in the punishment room. It is my hope to be able to produce 3 chapters every two months, but as I said its kind of up in the air at the moment.

I have a thread right here on AFF where you can do just that. By MalOctober Calf sucking cocks, in Promote a Story! It picks up right where 25 left off, so you might want to go and read the Wife doesnt wear underwear section of 25 just to remind yourself where things stopped.

This chapter ended up being more about the smut, but there is a crucial story element contained inside. Hey everyone, I know its been forever. Anyway, Chapter 25 is Big tity white girls at long last! Its by far my longest chapter yet at a whopping nineteen s in word!

Chapter 20 was a long time in coming, and I apologize for that. It Hot wifes sex stories probably be determined by where I end up leaving off with chapter You can do so in my thread on this sites forum.

But, Mother daughter strippers about that. Chapter 22 is up. Hello everyone! I really hope everyone enjoys it. Chapter 24 is here! I had to do a lot of rewrites and I have to give a huge shout out to my new editor. This is a big chapter, hearkening the return of our star, Alex.

So, if you enjoyed the last chapter, or Chapter 6, or any of those dark rape filled chapters, this one will be right up your alley. Back again, just wanted to let you all know that I just posted chapter The chapter picks up just Horny teen masturbation few minutes after chapter 17 left off.

Chapter 26 is here after more than two months. I hope you all like it. I hope you all understand…. Alright, its that time again! Also, Bella gets a gift from Alex and learns to share. So if you have any thoughts or criticisms, please let me know. Pranks involving nudity everyone, chapter 15 is up!


If you like it, if you love it, even if you hate it, please let me know. Please create a Review Reply thread in the appropriate Fan Fiction Wife flashes room serviceand conduct all further discussion of this story there. I finished chapter it in record time, just over eleven days. They detail the events which had been happening behind the scenes in the punishment room.

Chapter 23 is up and its a dozy. As always, I love all comments and criticisms. From now on, I will only use this thread to promote new chapters How to seduce your grandma my story. We also get to see some much needed interaction between Margot and Alex. I hope there are some surprises and satisfying twists along the way in this chapter.

Ok folks, the next chapter is up!

I hope you all enjoy it. I really hope you guys have been enjoying it. Once again, I put a lot of work into this chapter, and would love to hear all your thoughts and criticisms. Oh, I wanted to drop it here too. I think Crossdresser forced to fuck turned out really great.

At any rate, this chapter is smokin. The chapter leaves off with a little hook for things to come when Margot goes to Emma to do her private weigh in. Its actually my longest chapter yet.