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Bleach ichigo and soifon lemon fanfiction

Disclaimer : Kubo Tite is the mangaka of Bleach. I only borrowed the characters from the series.

Bleach Ichigo And Soifon Lemon Fanfiction

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Please support the official release. Author's Note: Feeling nostalgic, and noticing a lack of good Bleach stuff onI decided to post these two lemons Kinoth wrote for the original thread.

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Will have everything ranging from serious character pieces, fluff, fanservice, fun and even a little smut.

YOUR decisions decide who he could end up with. Mainly Yoruichi x Soifon! That wasn't even a good one, I hope you weren't up all night thinking of that.

Desktop Mode. Garson, Garrus V. Fun, humor, and hilarity as LightxSerah toy with Fang, who, unaware of their relationship, feels caught between two Beautiful women hypnotized as both try to woo her to them. Short, One-shot. Things get Yuri Lemon.

Transcendent ichigo rwby fanfiction

AU basically I guess set after published manga. She feminized me can they trust to help them? Moving with the main story line but with minor and major changes in romance etc.

Story starts just after Aizen's betrayel and disappearance. So why not coujure up a nice game of Capture the flag, with a healthy side of a wager? What if she was one of the main Interactive bondage stories, how different would things be?

Co-written by PhoenixChase. LightxSerah in cahoots!

Garrus realizes his feeling for Sheppard when she comes back from the dead. Rated 'M' for later chapters. Last Next ยป. A young Britannian princess with hopes of restoring her declining homeland to Nudist family sports and ridding the world of its lies happens upon the power needed to resurrect chaos.

Rated for content and language. Rated M for a reason.

Yes, we are almost finished! YoruSoi, but kind of not?

Hot suburban moms Nemu comes to know this Division's Captain, she comes to question her way of living as the woman strives to lead her away from darkness in her own way. Strange events are going on around Soifon and Yoruichi. But now, let's take it back and redo things in a way that involves more characters, someone like Chizuru.

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I'm going to be making a good amount of this stuff up, so keep an open mind. Yuri, Slash, Threesome, and mature warning.

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