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Bosom buddies definition

Meaning and definitions of bosom buddy, translation in Tamil language for bosom buddy with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of bosom buddy in Tamil and in English language.

Bosom Buddies Definition

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A thing thought of as like the human breast, as in being encompassing or affording protection, nourishment, etc.

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Bosnian pine bo-s-ns bosniaks bosnian bosnianness bosnians bosom bosom buddies bosom-buddy bosom-friend. See word origin. Gay boot lickers thing or place resembling the breast; a supporting surface; an inner recess; the interior.

The seat of one's inner thoughtsfeelings etc. The part of a dress etc. Bosom means a human's chest.

Bosom Sentence Examples. Words form: bosoms. The definition of bosom is cherished or intimate.

A depression round the eye of a millstone. The death of his deeply beloved consort Back yard nudes and his son Demetrius, and the desertion of his one bosom friend Prince Kurbsky, about the same time, seem to have infuriated Ivan against God and man. In a very close relationship.

Words near bosom in the Dictionary. We welcomed the stranger into the bosom of our family.

The security and closeness likened to being held in a warm familial embrace. The part of a garment covering the chest or breasts.

Definition of 'bosom'

To conceal in the bosom; hide. Origin of bosom. To enclose or carry in the bosom; to keep with care; to take to heart; to cherish.

These waters are utilized as the temporary Real daughter naked of the superfluous polder water, each system of reservoirs being termed a boezem bosom or basinand all lands watering into the same boezem being considered as belonging to it. Cognate with Dutch boezemGerman Busen. Filters 0.

He became Henry's bosom friend and was consulted in all affairs of state. The inside; midst. The chest considered as the source of emotion.

An example of a bosom is a woman's breasts. To conceal; to hide from view; to embosom. In the bosom of one's family.

An example of bosom used as an adjective is in the phrase "bosom friends," Homemade anal creampies means friends who are extremely close to one another.

To embrace; cherish.

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All rights reserved. Also Mentioned In. A woman heart sari bust disembosom collo bosome bosoming imbosom rocky.

Beginning in the bosom of prophecy, and steadily differentiating itself from it in its successive developments, it never came to stand in absolute contrast to it. Related articles. Cherished; intimate. Your Feminized by my mother buddy Jake's on a short leave. The protected interior or inner part of something; the area enclosed as by an embrace. Beloved; intimate.