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Buffy and angel fanfics

Buffy and Angel have a conversation.

Buffy And Angel Fanfics

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One Day July 20, R Angst Buffy goes to Los Angeles to see her dad, but he doesn't have time for her so she runs into Angel in a movie theater and they have a confrontation where they deal with their issues.

Forty Eight People February 3, PG Buffy makes a really bad mistake and feels so guilty for it that she attempts to self destruct. Can she ever forgive him for lying to her and move on with their love? Shades of Shame November 24, ncangst Buffy and Angel cross paths and she has to choose between Angel and Riley. Mind control rape stories has changed since he was rescued from hell.

This stuff makes me cringe, but it's here just to show you that YOU can do it too! Is Spike her friend? I envisioned this one differently and am not really happy with this one. Buffy is dead and Angel has paid him a visit. One Big Circle December 22, PG Buffy goes to Los Angeles Men wearing bra stories have something translated and runs into an old friend, announces something that shocks Angel, and it's kinda fun for a change.

For Molly Anne!

Your opinion means a LOT! Subscribe to Chellefic yahoogroups. This was one of my first ever Free sex change spell and I am working hard at a rewrite to include Cordy and Oz. Unless you have express written consent by me, please do not link directly to my fanfiction or reproduce in part or in whole any content on these s.

Gentle Whisper of Souls NC17!!! Various Couple Fic! Collaborations with other authors. Hijinx are the menu, as well as some voodoo, smut, and angst.

This is what I would have loved to see happen. Is Angel's love strong enough to pull her through his ultimate betrayal?. Buffy comes to Los Angeles to help Angel fight Darla after she has been changed into a vampire again.

Set Big fat black tities after Graduation in Season Three. I really want to hear from you!! What if Buffy had gone into a coma when she touched the Judge on the night of her seventeenth birthday? Buffy finds herself turning more and more to Spike.

It's for Pamela's birthday. It's an announcement list only.

Everyone's jealous of everyone else and Spike needs the Slayer to kill his own enemy. Over The Edge A short fic. Can the young 'by the book' Watcher get along with the carefree Slayer long enough to save her and her friends? Feedback is what inspires people to Topless wife stories. It isn't finished yet although it says it is.


Thank you! Read after Bat out of Hell.

Snyder plans the murder of the Slayer and he friends. It's the loose companion to When You Come Back, and Buffy remembers the day that never was, Pack my fudge she doesn't tell Angel. There is more to Buffy's dalliance with The Immortal than meets the eye. Five years later, Angel is still watching her The fic below this line is very bad. She goes there with the intention of telling him off, but nothing ever goes as planned.

The Stakes Are High Unfinished More coming soon!!! The Need That Remains February 22, nc Buffy and Angel have to set sail across the Pacific Strip poker erotic stories to find a demon that is residing on a deserted island.