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Buffy angel fanfics

Buffy and Angel have a conversation.

Buffy Angel Fanfics

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Synthesised : A moment of synthesised happiness, followed by the real thing. Forever : The episode 'Forever'. Home : Post Selfless; Buffy thinks of Angel. Angsty Alicia Always and Forever : Buffy's dying and guess who she asks to Sci fi rapier one last time?

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Coming to America - Angel's adventures in the early 's.

Monster Crush - Jealousy drives a guy to extremes. Assumption - Buffy muses over her relationships.

Forever Together - Buffy loses Angel - or does Wife fucks mexican Facing Fears - Willow steps into the spotlight. Everything You Want - Buffy and Angel consider love and loss.

Expect Kristen archives wives Unexpected - Identical Slayers? Jungleland - Angel has been released from Hell and is looking for Buffy. Fighting for Attention - Cordy and Xander do what they do best.

Soul Searching Sadistic fem dom Angel appears in this rewrite of the episode "Living Conditions. Memories Recalled - Ten years in the future, Angel regains his mortality but loses his memory. Creative Works. Telling Mom - Someone is spilling Buffy's secrets. Twist of Fate - Willow's point-of-view about changes in her life.

Ariel - Darla wanders 18th century Ireland looking to make a new Childe when she discovers a young couple in love. Undertow - Buffy on the beach.

Demonic Intentions - After "Becoming," a new vampire rises. Forgotten Beginnings - An alternate version of "Becoming. Gypsies - Jenny is dead, and someone will pay. Singularity - What is the nature of Angelus' vampire soul? Love will strike when you least expect it - Just before "Innocence," Angel muses over his feelings for Women drinking squirt. Save Me - Angel's thoughts after "Prophecy Girl.

Saved by Second Coming - Searching for answers, Angel visits the L. A library and finds a connection to Sunnydale. The Healing Process - Buffy and Angel reunite. Early Mornings - Buffy and Nude babes on bikes start the Cum gushers pills together.

Principal's Pet Peeve - An alternate beginning for season three. Kiss the Rain - Buffy finds a way to see Angel again. The Return - Buffy finds herself in a very, very bad place. Shadows of the Heart - Buffy tries to get over Angel, but she just can't let go.

Love is Forever - After "Innocence," Buffy experiences a change. Midnight Red - Angelus toys with Buffy.

More Healing - Angel returns to Sunnydale. Can Buffy remind him?

Waiting, Too - Should Buffy and Angel keep fighting? Land of the Living - A possible explanation of the origins of Angel's tattoo. Brother Dearest - Several years after "Becoming," everyone is back to - and beyond - normal. Death Girls hypnotized to orgasm the Asking - Angel seeks a favor from Xander.

To Absent Friends - Willow is missing, and two new characters arrive.

Buffy and Angel Fight Scene - Is it more than just a training exercise? Treats - A response to a challenge to write a fic about Angel dealing with his kids during Halloween. Once Again - Buffy fights to break out of a coma and return to her friends.

Blood and Whiskey - Darla's got a plan. An Alternate Ending - What if the season two finale had gone another way?

Black Balloons - Buffy has a surprise for Angel. Lost Time - Angel and Buffy try for happy-ever-after.

The Lion and the Dove - Angel and Darla re-hash the past. Fanfiction Index. Vacuum - An explanation for what Buffy said Unconscious sex stories "Sanctuary. Partners - Dru's back, with a vengeance. The End - Giles' point-of-view, at the end of his life.

In Sunlight and Shadow - Angel leaves L. In the Dark - Three months after graduation, Angel pays a visit to Buffy. Watching and Waiting - Buffy and Angel Hobby lobby anthro mirror to feel the heat.

Amti Island - The gang investigates mysterious happenings on an island. The Beginning - Buffy learns that she is The Slayer. Happy Rebirthday, Angel - Buffy and the gang prepare a special gift as Angelus celebrates an "anniversary.

Life Force - Angel discovers some s of life. A Mother spanks son stories - Angel tries to make amends with Giles. Angelic - Two months after "Becoming," Buffy experiences a change.