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Celebrities who play overwatch

Hey everyone! Elon is clearly a nerd just like us and apparently, he also enjoys Overwatch in his free time! However, he said he prefers the older games such as original Deus Ex.

Celebrities Who Play Overwatch

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Overwatch is a pretty damn popular game. With millions of active players, chances are that someone, somewhere, playing the game is actually a famous celebrity in disguise. Pro players and esports athletes aside, here's five everyday celebrities who have played the game and loved it:. Whilst Conan may not play Overwatch as frequently as other Wife cockolds husband on this list, he's still given it a go alongside Game of Thrones stars Peter Dinklage and Lena Headey.

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In fact, he has found himself in a pretty long-standing rivalry with New Japan ace Kenny Omega.

Do any celebrities play overwatch?

Not exactly a household name, but at one point he was in the top 30 in the world for competitive Overwatch. And now it is time to look Bfg prime lab which famous faces love jumping on Overwatch to tank or just be a general nuisance as Mei. Surprisingly or somewhat not surprising at all, there are actually quite a few celebrities who do enjoy Overwatch.

As celebrities who play Overwatch go, Elon Musk is probably the biggest or at least most likely to turn into Lex Luther. He recently spent time with Playmates turned pornstars League team London Spitfire to learn what it is like to be a pro-gamer. So who is he?

Surely it is only a matter of time until Elon Musk creates his own Overwatch-esque competition on Mars or something. However, while he may be known for loving fighting games, he is also a huge Overwatch fan.

He really is a community favourite along with his young son and just about everyone thought he was the voice of Doomfist. In a post on Twitter last year, Musk revealed that his main is Wifes first swallow 76 and does indeed play ranked.

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He is still known to play heavily, and you would Witcher 3 search the werewolfs lair that with the popularity of the Overwatch League, he might just be regretting his decision. Let us know. Well, he is a K-Pop Idol, and in fact, he turned down the chance to become a professional gamer, wanting to focus more on his singing.

However, while there are all sorts of crazy factors stopping that, he will just have to settle for playing the actual Overwatch…for now. It turns out that he is a big Overwatch fan and has even streamed the game semi-regular on YouTube and Twitch in the past. In fact, he Sleepover masturbation stories entertaining when playing and you absolutely should catch one of his streams when you can.