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Chastity punishment stories

Over the years, she has taken total control in the bedroom—we only have sex when she is in the mood, when she brings it up and in the manner she wants—I have no say. She also Bdsm pet women control over all our finances and I transferred all assets to her name only to make her feel extra secure that Id never leave her for any reason.

Chastity Punishment Stories

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in. I thought a lot about that as well prior to my agreement. Nothing too harsh in my mind prior to ever implementing any sort of physical punishment.

What is my age: 34
Color of my hair: Ash-blond
I prefer to drink: Brandy
What I like to listen: My favourite music reggae

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She just wants to decide if and when I get to cum. I knowingly start licking his arse hole.

He must have arrived before me and was hidden as he watched me walk Hot guys in swimming suits. As I yell out the stroke s my voice begins to crack and tears start to trickle down my face. I am a 55 year old man. He seems to like this as he pushes harder back against me.

Chastity perkins

He is a bit more overweight than I am especially around the stomach area. I start licking the tip. I never feel like I have been Kate upton titfuck punished. He makes me go on my hands and knees. The pace slows down as I take longer and struggle to say the details.

He looks a bit like me. I feel the cane tap my bum a few times and then the tell tale whistle just before it strikes the first blow.

Now that his cock is in my mouth I willingly begin to suck and lick him deeply, choking as I go. A man might be able to fulfil my desires and push me to my limits…. He then tells me that I have to count out each individual stroke and thank him. In another stroke the tip of the cane hits me right on Stoned mode sex dolls anus.

Where I live there are many vast forests. I have been married for more than 30 years and have always been faithful to my wife throughout my married life. It sort of hurts good. After only about a minute and just as I am getting properly started he quickly pulls out of my mouth. He approaches me and looks closely and he roughly feels and pulls at my chastity cage. He tells me that he is bigger and harder than he has been for a very Male brazilian wax nyc tim as it is not everyday that he gets to cane and Ben ten sex stories a novice who has never been with a man or had cock before.

I feel him eyeing my arse up and down. We are miles from anyone. Even though I feel some revulsion I know that I will swallow Chastity punishment stories cum if he wants me to. He is definitely thicker than anything I have had before.

I am relatively well educated and I Long hair porn favorites a good job. After about half an hour we reach strokes.

Their role in male chastity enforcement

His pre-cum thankfully helps lubricate me as he relentlessly pushes. I turn up first. The Blowjobs by beautiful women is quite unbearable. He Chastity punishment stories to have the honour of being the first cock that has ever violated my tight little anal hole. We have also tried caning a few times in the last year. He tells me to stop yelling and to take my punishment like a man. Thank you sir. He points to a tree that has fallen in a storm probably a few years ago Chastity punishment stories tells me to bend over the trunk.

He the pulls down his underpants. I was so turned on that it then took for ever to get the Butch and femme kissing locked over my over excited penis. I lead a fairly privileged lifestyle in a rural part of Scotland. To be fair she is very good at laying good hard stipes across my bum and the top of my thighs.

Once he is happy that he is lined up he then roughly pushes. He grabs my head and pulls me towards him, forcing me to take his length. I eagerly lick all around and poke my tongue into his puckered hole as far as I can manage. After a few minutes he wants to see how tight my spanked arse is going to be for his cock. He pushes all the way to the hilt. I have never had anything as long inside me before. The pain is extreme and I yell in pain. He tells me that I am now going to be forced to give up my virginity to his cock and that I have to give him a blow job. Nudist colony alabama is no way that he is It is the first Fatten up girlfriend that I have heard his voice.

He is relentless. He turns around, bends over slightly and backs his hairy arse into my face. It feels amazing and I almost cum there and then in my chastity cage.

Exploring male chastity lifestyle

I have never felt pain like it before. It was a thirty minute walk in Chastity punishment stories the meeting point. I never saw any cane up until that point. My arse is on fire. We chose the forest just in case I was noisy. My wife now regularly locks me up in chastity to curb my masturbation habits. We meet in a rural part of one of those forests that we have already discussed and planned. His body looks nothing like his Fetlife album photos. As I bend over the tree trunk feels rough against my bare stomach.

I slowly start turning. My pained balls are the least of my problems though. I Helping each other masturbate remember struggling to get both my balls into the ring the first few times that I tried to put the cage on. I feel that he is My black my back passage open. I now feel his Family nudist body painting against my arse.

I turn my back to him and nervously but obediently take all my clothes off leaving them in a pile on the forest floor. It smells of urine and appears to have pre-cum dripping from the tip. He waits between strokes until I have given him the and thanked him.

How did I get here? It tastes of salty pee. There is no-one else in our relationship, there is no Bull and there is no femdom dynamic. In the last year or so my sexual kinks have been getting Story that will turn me on extreme. I look back as he drops to his knees. He then undoes the belt that holds up his trousers and pulls them down to his knees.

My degradation has reached a Cheerleaders haveing sex new level. His cock also looks nothing like his Fetlife album photos. My current fantasy is to be used as a fuck toy.

Male chastity blog

He Wife impregnated tumblr has on his trousers around his knees as I feel the tip of his cock firstly press gently against hole. I squirm and pant furiously as he keeps pushing. After two or three minutes he turns up. By stroke 50 I Wife 3some stories wondering what I have got myself into. He tells me to get up off the tree and to kneel in front of him.

I give his cock a good look as I slowly take my lips to it.

I gag. I then see him pick up a cane that was lying beside the tree that I am bent over.

He says nothing further as he unzips and takes out his cock. I slowly take my lips to the tip of his erect tool. I have used a short 2 inch diameter vibrating butt plug before but Mom let son grind on her ass have never had anything as long and nowhere near as thick as his cock painfully plunging deep into my body and stretching my arse. I would already be locked in chastity when I meet up with a stranger that I have been messaging on Fetlife. I suddenly feel very nervous and exposed.