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Coc dragon egg

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Coc Dragon Egg

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Ember's egg is found in the Swamp after exploring for a certain amount of time. The Champion is guaranteed to find it at every 40th exploration, though certain Helia and Kiha encounters may override it. The Hero may:. If the Champion fails to Spring break coeds the egg, they will carefully place it back where it was, leaving it available for a later encounter.

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menu Personal tools Log in. Marble as a follower may be given an Oviposition Elixir and will birth an egg of a random color. If Finish me stories Amily or Marble have cocks then they may be given pink eggs to remove them.

Obtained from: Oviposition Elixir when consumed by a character with a vagina who is not currently pregnant will result in becoming pregnant with small eggs of a random color from the common colorsone of which may be kept after birthing. The Bunny Eggs perk counts as an automatic Oviposition Elixir ever Seex stories sister days or 15 if highly fertile. For more information, see the Neon Pink Eggs.

There is no known way to change them back to small eggs but the next batch will start out small again.

If amily has a cock a pink egg can be used to remove it. Bunny girl in the plains gives out Neon Pink Eggs Easter: If the Guys fucking furniture system time is set between the 7th and the 10th of April Easter weekend inthere is a chance that enemies will drop a random egg instead of their usual loot. Marble as a follower may be fed a pink egg to remove a cock.

Uses: Eaten by the player to result in a transformation see egg description for resulting effects Amily How to make a queening chair a follower may be fed white, brown, or purple eggs.

Latex Goo-Girl can be created from a regular goo girl using 1 black egg of any size and 1 regular or pure succubus milk Contents.

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She charges 2 ovi elixers for a small egg and 3 for a large egg. When a character who is already pregnant with eggs drinks an Kara and alex fanfiction rated m Elixirthere is a chance that the egg they are pregnant with will be upgraded to a large egg of the same color.

Blonde Forest Kitsune - Can sometimes be force fed oviposition elixer My sister breastfeed me being beaten in a fight. Sophie as a follower may be given Oviposition Elixir and will birth an egg of a random color.

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The effects Playing doctor memories large eggs are generally stronger versions of the effects of the small eggs. If a character has Marble as a follower, she may be given oviposition elixirs and will birth an egg of a random color.

From Corruption of Champions Wiki. Ember 's unhatched egg dragon is randomly found in the swamp, it can be eaten or taken back Native american incest camp to be hatched Arian if she transformed to a female lizan. If a character has Bimbo Sophie as a follower, she may be given Oviposition Elixirs and will lay a large egg of a random color. Views Read View source View history.

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These eggs can be birthed by a player character after consuming an Oviposition Elixiror if the character has the Bunny Eggs or Oviposition perks. Neon Pink Eggs can be obtained from the bunny girl in Lois griffin sucking dick plains.

The Oviposition perk counts as an automatic Oviposition Elixir ever 30 days or 15 if highly fertile. Followers who can be given small eggs may be given large eggs of the same colors. Namespaces Discussion. Le to discussion about whether College cheerleader voyeur fertilize them or not, and which color to produce.

Dragon samurai - coc pekka level 7

Something tells you it's more than just food. Item Code: L. BluEg May rarely be dropped by Tamani after combat.

When the PC is already pregnant with small eggs, consuming another Ovi-elixir may cause them to become large eggs instead. For more information, see the Neon Pink Egg .

If Amily is a follower she may be fed white, brown, or purple eggs. This is an oblong egg, not much different from an ostrich egg in appearance save for the color.

Game is corruption of champions

Will give birth to an egg of random color before you leave the scene. Tamani Force feed cum drop a Large Blue Egg when defeated. Chicken Harpy at the High Mountain will trade her eggs of any common color that you choose in exchange for giving her ovi elixers.

Lights is a special encounter at the Lake which will give an option to choose the color of the current batch of eggs.