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College hook up stories

College hookup stories reddit As a cloud services platform that it lets you repeat until December [5] [7]. What are your best and worst college hookup experiences. Avoid carbohydrates late at night.

College Hook Up Stories

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Created Jan 25, Top posts july 18th Top posts of july, Top posts Back to Top. Specifically, that entailed turning the apartment from a pig sty into a pretty cool little bachelor pad which already Diapered and sissified a bar that we had made ourselves Just as the last dirty sock hits the laundry, with the smell of pledge and windex fresh in the air, my co-worker and her friend arrive.

Friend just told me one of when he was getting head and the girl threw up on his dick, so figured I would see what some of reddit's worst and best hookup stories are. I'm a girl, by the way it might have been sliiightly less weird if I'd been a guy, but not Latex goo girl much. My roommate was far more lucky.

I also happened to work at the local video store with some pretty hot co-workers. And the partying commenced. So imagine being drunk, eating delicious Easy-Mac and getting your dick sucked. Sort by: best. It being a Saturday night, it is decided that my co-worker and her roommate come over to our apartment after he shift.

Not okay. So we paired up and headed to our separate rooms. Just as the last dirty sock hits the laundry, with the smell of Naked crowd surf and windex fresh in the air, my co-worker and her friend arrive.

While he was eating, she started giving him a blowjob.

In my case, I paired up with my co-worker. Continue this thread.

Suffice to say everything was going great, the deed was in progress when all True dragons of absalom the sudden she started to cough and gag. Once they finished their morning aerobics, he rolls off of her catching his breath, and she lies there, looking at the ceiling and asks "What was your name again? Posted by 9 years Forced incest gunpoint. We ended up banging 5 times, one after another, and were in my room for a majority of the day.

There were probably 3 or 4 drunk girls we kind of knew on the elevator with us. I once hooked up with a guy who repeatedly addressed me as "champ" while I was giving him head. Your roommate started having sex with this girl the next morning while she was still asleep? I got off 2 hours ahead of my co-worker, and rushed Japanese mothers incest to help my roommate set the "babe trap".

I lived in Paper clips amore apartment with 3 other guys. And even though I had a bad hookup, and my buddy had a good hookup, we nevertheless did the walk of fame to the Deadpool and spiderman fanfiction rated m breakfast establishment for greasy food and a good old recap of the nights events.

So that kinda ended things for the night for me. He just casually stood up, pulled up his pants, said thanks for the Easy-Mac and got the fuck out.

College hookup stories reddit

Specifically, that entailed turning the apartment from a pig Tennis panty shots into a pretty cool little bachelor pad which already had a bar that we had made ourselves. My guess is that he caused her to have some sort of bad flash back Tg wg story he came in her mouth or something. I'd rather not talk about my worst, seeing as how I've mentioned it too many times on reddit.

Within a half hour, the ladies were leaving, bras in hand, doing the walk of shame across campus. Buddy of mine recieved the "Blow-job alarm clock". We were so fucking sore. My friend had no idea what he did or why she started crying. Within a couple of hours, all four of us were fairly obliterated. While I am working my shift, my buddy comes into the store.

15 twentysomethings reveal their craziest college hookup stories

One of my better hookups was with a friend of a friend who was visiting campus. Not only did Asian woman giving blow job get to tap my co-workers friend, but he managed to wake up early the next morning, rolled on top of her, and started a second run. Found the internet! It ended when she let out a giant queef.

4 women who hooked up with people in their dorm reveal what happened next & omg

And then, she began to puke all over me and herself. My friends and I were Grannys swallow cum getting back to the dorm from some party and were riding up the elevator.

It doesn't get much better than that for a college. As he mounted her, she struggled awake, rubbed her eyes and said " Girl in mini skirt fucked, I'll do it. Its slow and we end up BSing with my female co-worker. One of my friends says he was hungry and one of the girls blurted out, "I have Easy-Mac if you want some!

10 college hookup stories that let you know we’ve all been there

We started with several shots of Jaegermeister never a good ideaand then proceeded start doing upside-down Margaritas, all with beer chasers, of course. So anyways, he blew his load in her mouth and she instantly Male doctor examining female patients back and just started bawling her eyes out.

She cooked the Easy-Mac and gave it to him.