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Cuckold husband rules

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Cuckold Husband Rules

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After that, have cuck kiss them and suck on them and lick up all that sweat. Home — MyFemdomRules New? Start Here! Punishments help keep cucks in-line and obedient and shows them they are the submissive in this relationship.

Every now and again Fuck a baby into her cuckold husband will screw up. Get a nice and sexy prostate massager and start massaging his prostate. This is super funny because he will literally have no idea where his key is or when he will have it back.

The seven rules for the cuckold husband

Next time your cuckold screws up, inform him that you will be fucking him with a big 12 inch Wife wet tshirt contest strapon…. But after that, he is to finish a LONG list of chores around the house while you are with a real man.

First Name.

Most people will already have icy hot in their homes. You can also use a large butt plug to play around in there.

Cuckolds need to be punished to be shown the error of their ways. Alright, this last punishment is also kind of a grooming thing so you kind of kill to birds with one stone. This may be Sexually attracted to sister ultimate cuckold humiliation ….

Ground rules for cucks?

Blog Femdom Games Cuckolding Captions. Order your cuck to ask out one of your crushes. And then smell them — Smell those feet of a Redheads with big dicks man! Super fun and its such a mind fuck!

Cuckold rules. porn videos

Think of the humiliation of having to kneel there and have another man cum on your chastity cage! Another thing you can do is use wax strips. And these punishments are fun, sometimes painful, and very humiliating! Wives get spankings time your cuck fucks up, take the extra time to dress super hot and maybe even slutty in front of his boss or friends.

The kinkiest newsletter on the planet! This one is such a cruel punishment I was thinking about whether or not I should even put it Dr crusher costume here!

Get weekly s deed to make your marriage happier, kinkier, and more fun! It can be anyone…the barista at the coffee shop or a super hot trainer at the gym.