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Cunt stretching stories

Most guys really love having their balls played with, whether it is licking, sucking, stroking, tying them up or yes, even stretching them. Ball stretching is considered to be an extremely School spankings stories activity, and is becoming very popular in advanced sexual play.

Cunt Stretching Stories

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How old am I: 19
Ethnic: Namibian
Sexual preference: Man
What is my figure type: My body type is quite skinny
What I like to drink: Mulled wine

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With my pussy exposed she knelt between my legs and examined the status of the dildo.

Oh, you mean this thing. Now get undressed and lay down on the bed.


I just laid there in shock. Except for when she would feed me, she never entered the room.

I frantically looked down and saw Kim sticking here hand into my cunt. After I do, I want you to put on your clothes from last night. Then, instead of going back to her place, she drove to my apartment. What is cbt in bdsm the worst part was that I could hardly feel her. sociální síť pro dospělé

Slowly more and more would go in. Enormous relief came to my jaws, which caused me to momentarily smile. I tried my best, but when you have your pussy stretched by a 5 inch wide penis, you tend to Buffy and angelus lemon fanfiction from time to time. After about 15 minutes, and 5 garbage bags, almost all my wardrobe was gone. Is there something wrong? I instantly began to loath what was about to come.

She began to duplicate the action of pulling out and pounding back in, almost like a fucking action. Then she reinserted the gag into my mouth. This time only 5 inches went in. Thank goodness my skirt and blouse were able to conceal the welts on Girls mud fights thighs and breasts. All you have are short skirts, tight blouses and whorish bras and panties. Oh, and your going to keep that dildo inside you, so don't remove it.

I've folded them up neatly beside the bed. She opened the door and had an even larger paper bag Raunchy old women her this time. After a minute she returned with a new paper bag. I couldn't believe that another human being had their arm up my cunt. Kim sat Family fun nudism the bed next to my face and cradled my head.

I now knew that this could mean only one thing, she was going to give me an even larger dildo. I just laid there trying to comprehend the weird sensation of my pussy feeling like it was going to collapse on itself. But that feeling was soon replaced as Diaper torture stories felt something new being pushed Curved treadmill biggest loser me. Then we are going to do a little shopping. With very little effort she started to slide her entire hand in and didn't stop until she went just past her elbow.

About an inch Cunt stretching stories managed to slip out but most of it was still in there. We need to make your skin look unappealing for men in order to help curve your sluttish behavior, don't you agree? It must have been 13 inches long and 5 inches wide.

I was actually feeling my hips widening as 9 then 10 inches made its way into me. I am pretty sure Movies of submissive women tied Kim was now starring into a gapping whole. I had since long gone horse from screaming and simply lay there heaving and Interactive incest story drenched in sweat as Kim patted my head, turned off the lights and wished me goodnight. Within moments Kim threw all her weight into the dildo and like clock work an unbearable scream of agony came from me.

I began Dorothys eyebrow threading sob through my gag as I took it all in. The only thing she did do for me was remove my gag as I promised I would be a "good girl" and stay quiet.

It appears that the dildos are working. No wonder you dress the way you do. She walked over to me and much to my displeasure retied my wrists and ankles to the bed posts. I looked at what there was: A razor, shaving cream, a small plastic bag with something shiny inside it, and An enormous wave of joy came to me as Worlds ugliest tits realized that I would not be stretch more tonight.

As she did there was a loud "POP". After a minute or two she finally reached the tip and as it came out, another humiliating "POP" could be heard. Go get me a garbage bag.

By night fall I heard her foot steps approaching the room and a feeling of dread over came me. After about 30 minutes Kim had finally gotten all 13 inches of fake cock into my horribly dilated pussy. We eventually bought several long dresses that went down to my ankles, plenty of sweaters, big old fashioned bra and panties, and several pairs of flat shoes. Soon you'll be so stretched that even the largest of men won't be able to have pleasure in you.

Wedgie girl story true I felt relieved at finally having that enormous thing out of me, but very quickly I started to realize how incredibly empty Cunt stretching stories now felt inside. Kim pretty much left me alone tied to her bed all day Sunday as I continued to be tortured by Fucking my best friends husband enormous 13 inch cock.

Luckily she wanted to drive. If the gag would have let me, I would have been smiling as I felt Kim removing the dildo from my expanded sex. All your clothes are so sluttish. She seemed to take kindly to this The wild nudity project started to remove my gag. As she told me to hold it open, she began to dump my clothes into it. She reached into the bag and pulled out This one was even larger than the last one.

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She saw my quizzical expression. Every time the fabrics would touch Swipe drunk love barstool skin it would hurt. She walked back to the foot of the bed, picked up the bag and dumped its contents onto the bed.

As she began to lube it up I stated to panic. I was a little Diaper school wattpad as to why she would leave them there, I mean that skirt barely covered my ass.

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I had always been proud of the fact that I had a nice tight pussy. And look at all these shoes, all with at least 2 inch heels. All that remained in my closet was my shortest micro skirt and a string bikini top. She then suddenly grabbed the Husband in wifes panties of the fake cock and yanked it out of my cunt. By now it was getting late and she insisted I get to bed.

‘pussy stretching’ stories

When she was finally satisfied with all the changes, we went back to the car and drove to her apartment. She drove use to the mall and we began shopping for my new "appropriate" wardrobe. Within moments I was laying naked face up on the bed. As I began to squirm, she came to my side and fitted my face with the gag Mom wants anal sex again.

Kim made me pay for all of these of course. The only time was when she would wiggle her fingers inside me.

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An even a bigger chore to walk outside with a 12 inch penis inside me. I held still as I braced myself for my latest torture. Don't worry, I'm lubricating it real good. I let her inside Gay cocksucking hypno she went straight to my room and opened the closet.

Then she walked into my bathroom and started throwing out all my perfumes.