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Detective benson naked

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Detective Benson Naked

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Daniel Stegman : [about Lainie's rapist] How the hell did he get in?

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They know what the fans are thirsty for. Yeah, Stabler grieved for his wife, but things were looking super flirty between the pair in the season finales for their receptive series, you dig?

But what does it mean? Fans can practically taste it coming, you know?

Each time since Organized Crime premiered? A couple of days ago, Meloni decided to send the entire fandom into screaming fits over a very steamy photo of himself and Hargitay in an almost kiss. It was very flirty and very hot. Listen, any actor worth their salt knows how to shiptease their fanbase.

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Fans lost their minds over on Twitter. Longest running actor in the franchise, Mariska Hargitay, Man wearing breast forms her own dedicated fans as well. They want those two crazy kids to work things out and ride off into the sunset with their own happy ending, you know?

That just opens the door right up to seeing Benson and Stabler become a couple. Of course you do. After decades of patiently waiting, they deserve it.

If not that, then an extremely hot one-night-stand. Sure, Stabler was married with children. Could the pair get together in the upcoming season of their series?