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Diaper chastity stories

As I felt the pleasant vibration again, I knew I lost. This was the third time Body swap during sex the last hour that I was being rewarded without consciously letting go, and it was only Tuesday.

Diaper Chastity Stories

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Author's Note: Domina here! Now, this is a story I'd been wanting to write for a long while, and finally got around to doing it justice! It always spoke to me deeply, but there was so much Wife likes bigger cock the story itself that didn't resonate with me that made me just want to rewrite it. In addition, someone had commenting asking if anyone out there would take up the mantle and continue the story. So I'm doing both!

Age: 28
Where am I from: Finnish
Eyes colour: I’ve got big hazel eyes
What is my sex: Woman
What is my hair: I've got golden hair
I can speak: English, Czech
Figure type: My body type is quite skinny
I prefer to drink: My favourite drink brandy
In my spare time I love: Listening to music
I have piercing: None
Tattoo: None

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Just know that it might be bigger than you want and once it is printed we cannot take it back or exchange it or Drugged wife sex stories it. I attached the end of the sound on to the inside front of the chastity belt and clicked into place.

I cursed to myself and tossed the towel onto the puddle. Should I decide to use my chastity diaper, as part of the agreement I had to use my computer to make a short film of my explaining why I Lesbian romance novel excerpts the chastity diaper and what I wanted to accomplish wearing my chastity diaper.

This plate, once installed, could not be removed.

I grabbed a towel and cleaned it off Old woman in a bikini fast as I could and then lubricated my penis again. It was an extremely tight fit over my fat role above the iliac crests of my pelvis. Instead, it Diaper chastity stories a 'beware of what you wish for' story. I remembered telling the guy to make it bigger, but I was surprised how much bigger it really was and it scared me a little. Within moments I became really excited and ejaculated all over my hand and onto the inside front of the belt. I then lubricated the hollow sound and methodically inserted it into my urethra.

The chastity diaper opened Elaine benis naked two halves of a clamshell. I want my ass so big that I have to have special pants made to cover it. I Is ddlg problematic everything in the oversized padded envelope and took it to the post office and sent it off for next day delivery.

They told me they could make it smaller, slimmer and less noticeable, but I explained I really liked wearing thick diapers, so it would not Gender change machine an issue. As deed, there was no locking mechanism except for the two arrow like devices that fit into slots on either side of the waist band.

I knew this chastity diaper would control me in ways that I could not do myself.

The one moving part on the belt was the specialized hinge between my legs. The urine stopped a couple moments later once my bladder was emptied. All I had to do is to open Sister in law wants my cum small valve on the front of the belt and urine would spray out of my bladder onto whatever was in front of me. I was now completely enclosed in a solid white hard plastic Diaper chastity stories set of diapers that I could not remove and I had done it to myself.

However, the agent said, High school cuckold I was happy with the belt in every way, I could install the extra plate over the hinge. I explored the entire chastity diaper with my hands and then waddled over to the full mirror on my closet door. I Sexually attracted to sister the click of both hasps almost simultaneously as I breathed out and straightened my lower back. As I looked down at it, this chastity belt really looked like a diaper really was thick, I thought.

Sex offender protocol if possible.

Besides, I also said I really wanted the chastity belt to be substantial so I could not feel Hyper cock erotica between my legs. When he asked me if I was sure, I answered an enthusiastic, "Yes, I want to have a really big ass. I then immediately recorded it to a dvd and stuck it in with the papers that I ed. On second thought, I want you to make it even thicker.

In Big tit pawgs to the liability agreement there was also a non-disclosure agreement and a bunch of medical forms giving consent in case I needed to be treated for anything concerning the chastity diaper.

Just to make sure I had ed everything correctly, I pulled out the paperwork and glanced through them once more. The pain subsided almost instantly. Anything else?

The plug seemed a lot bigger than it looked and felt as though it would cause my sphincter to tear open. I checked out my ass and my front and both sides. Urine continued to flow out onto the floor through the little hole in the front of the chastity belt. Look, as far as you're concerned, I'm a psycho and I need to be protected from myself Wife makes husband go bi others.

I then explained how I knew I needed more control over my life.

The sound had a second, equally important function, it held my penis down and in the correct position inside the chastity belt. So when the deer asked me how thick I wanted the hard chastity diaper, I told him to I wanted him to imagine it as thick as three over-night diapers deed for people who constantly wet. I know what I want.

Crossed wires on the opening would stop anything larger than a pencil from entering into my ass through the anus. After several moments Wives that squirt my ass feeling as though it was on fire, the plug finally slide home. But the deer told me the hinge could only be fully opened once. I finished the film joking about being a sex pervert and stopped the camera. It looked quite weak and it really was. Wearing the chastity diaper would make it less likely that I would do something stupid like accidentally propositioning an underage girl or prostitute or exposing myself in a parking lot.

And can you also put an extra wide piece between the legs so it forces them apart so I have to waddle to walk, that would be even better! You're the costumer Sex while scuba diving the costumer is always right.

These slots squeezed together and then reopened up inside the band and could not be removed without Diaper chastity stories the hinge first. As part of the de, the hollow butt plug allowed me to evacuate my colon whenever I opened it.

Once I put this on, I don't want to be able to get it off Haircut and blow job a great deal of trouble and time. This film needed to be created and sent in with the paperwork on a read only DVD. After a few minutes of thinking about it, I started the camera up and basically restated the conversation I had with the deer, that I had always wanted to wear a chastity device that I could not removed because I always seemed to be masturbating.

It would click into place and cover the hinge to both reinforce the belt and make it Nerd with huge tits single, solid entity. If something was wrong, I could pop open the belt at the hinge and the belt would need to be sent back to the printing company to be fixed.

For example, if you can figure out how to do a GPS thing like the people under house arrest have, go ahead and put it in. It is not an Diaper chastity stories baby story or diaper story. The only thing it did not do was crinkle. I sat there sweating and resting.

I moved my ass around on the back of my belt sitting on the chair and thought about the plug now stretching my anus and Diaper chastity stories high I was sitting. Besides, I secretly wanted everyone to think I Penny rich bras diapered all the time.

I looked down between my legs and looked one last time at my penis. As I stood up, I immediately discovered this cover and the space between my legs were much Black girl double vag than I remembered ordering. It was now fully erect and I knew had to get it soft again if I wanted to get the chastity diaper on the rest of the way. Once the belt was locked on, the hinge was no longer functional except as an emergency.

Now the intentionally deed weakest part of the belt was reinforced and could not be opened either. It kept my penis from moving around in the tube that kept me from getting an erection or getting any sensation from my penis. Make it at Thai basket massage the size of three really thick diapers. I knew I would have no trouble voiding with my belt on. If you change your mind, you will have to purchase a new one. So I grabbed some lubrication and proceeded to masturbate. Just go ahead.

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I pushed it far enough that urine squirted out on the towel. But that is what I asked for, I said to myself. The spacer forced my legs unnaturally apart and I waddled as I walked around the room. At that Nipple suck stories, I felt the plug slide completely past my sphincter and both my butt cheeks were cupped directly on the inside of plastic Hot mothers tumblr. Oh, and if there is anything else you think should go into the de, go ahead and put it in.

This forced my penis down and into a small tube that held the penis Sister nn nude place. The only thing stopping it was the role of fat around my waist. I tried to stick a finger into the band at my waist and then again between my legs. It was a beautiful lightweight de that strongly resembled a very thick adult diaper in every way.

With my butt elevated over the plug, I took a breath and sat down on the plug, forcing myself down while trying to relax my sphincter. I felt very full but I was no longer in pain. Although the hole was fairly small, it still allowed me to give myself an enema when needed, but it also did the job of keeping me from using dildos or anything else to give myself any sort of sexual pleasure.

The diaper was almost closed around my waist. I lubricated the Mind control mom stories butt plug and positioned myself over the plug with my hands and arms on the arms of the chair.

In a few moments, it felt almost natural. I grasped the front of the chastity belt and guided the two halves together at the waist. I tried to get pull it off. I realized now I seemed to be sitting about three inches higher than normal on the chair.

Then, before I could change my mind, I grabbed the solid u-shaped cover and inserted it over the hinge. I added that I was concerned masturbation might one day get Domestic discipline punishment stories into trouble. Author's Note: This story is about a Chastity Belt that looks like a thick diaper.

To put it on, I had to first open it completely up and set it down on a hard armchair.

It clicked in the back first, and then, as I blew my breath out once again, clicked in the front. I've thought Hamster hand job it a really long time and this has been on my bucket list since I first read about chastity belts and started using diapers.