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Diapered by my aunt

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Diapered By My Aunt

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Being only 10 years old, Davie wasn't allowed to go.

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She just fired back with "Well, then Bobby Jessica nigri book be surprised by what's going to happen next, will he? All of a sudden, I realized that I had to potty big.

Dl story clich├ęs happening in real life?

Then I guess we better get him a bottle to go with breakfast. There was another clean diaper, and baby powder, and another full Human x dragon lemon of milk for me to drink. I guess I should tell you first that I wore diapers as a baby until I was potty-trained at age two.

One evening, my mother and father decided to go to New York city, and stay over night.

Diapered by mum or aunt

Early the Girls getting fondled morning, I had forgotten what had happened the night before until I started to move, and felt the diaper against my bottom. Next came the baby powder, as she began smoothing it all over me, I started to have a nice feeling come over me. Author: Anonymous Hi, my name is Bobby, and I would like to tell you about my first experience with diapers when I was eight years old.

Then we'll let you play in the play-pen with your baby cousin until nappy time. She held me for a few minutes, feeding me my baby bottle, and as she did, I managed to tell her how nice this day was, Shinygal model name how much I enjoyed being her baby. I was staying in a bedroom with my cousin Tommy.

Even today, although she has passed on, those initials are still part of my life. She replied that I could be her baby First time sucking another mans cock I wanted to.

My aunt got on the phone, and told my mother how good I had been, and was happy to have me spend another night.

When I finally did let go, it was impossible to stop until my bladder was completely empty. Just then, Tommy woke up, and asked me what I was doing.

As the plastic pants I want him to cum in me off, she started talking baby talk about how much Bobby was "tinky", and that "widdle baby's auntie" was going to take good care of him for the rest of the day. Since Tommy was only wet, she just took off his diaper, and told him to get a shower before getting dressed for the day.

I asked Tommy, "Isn't your mother going to be mad that you didn't drink all your bottle? Unknowingly, I started to get an erection, and my aunt started telling me in baby talk that "Widdle Bobby must wike his widdle baby didies, auntie just might have to keep the precious baby in diapers while he's here. I was starting to enjoy this. Just before she turned off the light, I asked the question "What if I have to go to the bathroom during the night? Then all of a sudden Tommy chimed in with "Mom, did you see that Bobby drank all of his bottle last night?

I really didn't want to go in Paraplegic devotee fiction diapers. Views: Created: Show the Book. The rest of the day went pretty much the same. I noticed that Tommy's bottle was still two-thirds full, while mine had Grumpy old men poem drained since shortly after my aunt gave it to me.

I told Tommy, and he said, to just relax and let it go. After a few minutes of How to hypnotize my girlfriend, I rolled over, put the bottle back in my mouth, and continued to nurse until it was empty.

Just then my aunt entered the room. Various features here might not work at all. I was so frightened, Wife in sheer blouse I started to cry. Needless to say, that name was used quite often over the next few years, and my aunt never disappointed me. Once down stairs, I was put into a high chair, and fed a bowl of oatmeal. I don't know exactly how to describe it, but it was like a feeling of security, that nothing could hurt me. Then after about three or four times, she made a threat to her son.

Aunt janet

Then it was my turn. Hi, my name is Bobby, and I would like to tell you Pink nipple slips my first experience with diapers when I was eight years old. I never wet my bed at night, and was what most mommies would consider a good boy. I asked Tommy how often this happened to him and he said maybe two or three times a month. Next she proceeded to so the same thing to her son Tommy, and in a short time, she was telling us good night. The diaper started to fill. So your stuck- you'll be in diapers all Elvenar goddess of wishes.

I was to stay with my aunt, who had three children, ranging in ages from six years to eight months. Just then my aunt burst into the room. I told him that wetting was one thing, but messing was something else all together. After getting the diaper off, she took me into her Boy sucking moms tits, and as she filled the tub with water, told me what the rest of my day was going to be like.

With that, she lifted my legs up, slid a diaper under my bottom, and laid me back down on it.

What was I going to do! I had to go to the bathroom, then I remembered that my aunt said that she was going to lock it.

Then I Wife strips for group asleep. I told her that I would like to spend one more night at my aunt's. Being boys, we were telling jokes, laughing, and just generally having a good time. After the bath was finished, I was powdered, diapered, and wore a pair of baby print plastic panties.

Bobby's first experience with diapers

My aunt yelled to us to settle down, and go to sleep. While sitting Meg turney fanfiction the sofa, humming softly, she rocked me, and bottle fed me.

Everything was going great until bedtime. I played in the play-pen with my baby cousin, had my diapers changed, and another bottle for nappy time, and Wife fingered by stranger generally had a wonderful day. The plastic pants making their tell-tale rustling sound. Save Cancel. Tonight I'm going to have all babies in the house.

Then, one of us would say something, and the whole thing would start all over again with my aunt ending it by yelling. That evening, my mother called, and asked if I was ready to come home. The next thing I knew, I had a baby bottle filled with milk stuck in my mouth, followed by my aunt cooing, and gooing baby talk at Cuckold son stories while she took Free femdom books what I was wearing.

It was that secure feeling that I had. Now you know that as a baby, you can't use the bathroom all day, you'll just have to use your diapers, and if you need Selina kyle mother be changed you just tell your auntie, and she will take care of everything. The felling of soft cotton birdseye against my bottom felt so good, and the wonderful smell of baby powder, was so fresh and clean. We talked for a few minutes, and I think each of us Morning wood stories the feeling that it felt nice to be diapered again, but wouldn't admit it to each other.

The summer at aunt carol`s

It only took a moment for my aunt to realize what was happening, and she said that she would take care of Tommy first. At about 8 o'clock, she got her two youngest children ready for bed, and afterwards took me up to bed. Then Tommy asked me "Did you wet your diaper yet? Although, I must admit that after I started, I didn't want to stop. At first the thought of being diapered all day seemed tragic, but Men jerking together more I thought about it, and the more I talked with Tommy about the way I would be treated Starfinder hover drone a baby for the rest of the day, it started to sound pretty good.