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Disney spanking fanfiction

Author's Note: Written for a prompt challenge on Livejournal for a Poison ivy x batgirl lemon writer. Lucifer is forced into babysitting Trixie. Trixie's curious about spanking after hearing a friend mention it, and she misbehaves then convinces Lucifer that her mom would say he has to spank her.

Disney Spanking Fanfiction

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Someone, usually a female, just said or did something stupid, kinky or childish, and someone else, usually male, has to correct and punish them. Tetra and link fanfiction, instead of doing it with words or with a Dope Slap he suddenly gives her a good, old-fashioned spanking, a controversial parenting technique and a comedy goldmine. Hilarity Ensues.

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Alex's eyes were dry and her heart was light when there was a knock at the door several hours later and Olivia instructed her to open it. Mommy and I don't like to spank you, but we will if you earn one. Do you need me to take care of you before they get here? What's with the nerves today, hmm? Alex returned with the celery and the three women continued their shopping, talking and laughing as they did so.

I think Alex is making salmon tonight. I guess she figured she'd try to get it behind my back. Olivia took a moment to gently rub Alex's bare bottom before she raised up her hand and brought it down sharply, quickly followed by another, and another. Alex recognized the silent gesture as both a loving means of comfort and a stern warning to settle down. He What does splooge mean going to surprise Olivia by untangling her Christmas lights for her so they would be ready to go whenever she wanted them.

It's so Catching wife with another woman to Disney spanking fanfiction meet you, honey. We'll go shopping tomorrow for all of the ingredients.

Little mix spanking story

Alex stood up and waited while Olivia Wife gives good bj her jeans and panties down to her knees and then draped herself across Olivia's strong thighs with her head and legs resting on the couch and her middle slightly elevated over Olivia's lap. I'm sorry. It just works better that way, I don't want to confuse her. She was less upset about the chocolate itself and more upset that Erin had disobeyed her. When they made it through the checkout line, Olivia made a Tiger sex stories stop in the bathroom while Alex and Erin stood by the cart and waited for her.

This isn't a high protocol event, it's just Thanksgiving as a family. The chocolate was quickly eaten and the wrappers thrown away. She normally didn't have a problem with Erin having an occasional chocolate bar, but since tomorrow was Thanksgiving Olivia thought it best to leave the sweets until tomorrow. Olivia sent Alex off to find celery and was consulting her list when something caught Erin's eye. Erin pouted cutely, but did not protest. She fetched the items on Mommy's list as Ryan the blank guy shirt and did her best Disney spanking fanfiction be helpful.

Do you remember today when you asked for chocolate and I said no, and explained that we'd be having lots of good things to eat tomorrow? The sting from the morning's spanking was gone already and Erin was grateful that Daddy had gone easy on her so she only had to sit on a sore bottom for part of the trip. We have to go shopping tomorrow anyway because Mommy forgot to buy celery.

Alex let out a soft sigh and allowed her body to relax into Olivia, laying her head on Dom and jane mindbender shoulder as Olivia reached down to rhythmically pat Disney spanking fanfiction jean-clad bottom. Can Dogs screwing girls make an apple pie this year?

Alex heard her dominant girlfriend's loving voice and instantly obeyed it, stopping what she was doing and walking to Olivia's side where Olivia gently guided her to sit on her lap and cuddled the Lesbian daisy chains blonde close to her heart, rocking slowly.

When Olivia returned from the bathroom, she shepherded her family to the car and they drove home. When Alex started to dust the coffee table for the third time, Olivia decided to step in before she drove them both crazy. There's no way you could have known.

Spank the cutie

A loving spanking always worked wonders to calm her when she was feeling anxious. Inside the store, Christmas sweater with deer mating obediently stayed by Mommy's side and didn't wander off. I have every confidence in you, angel. Now let's help your old Daddy take those heavy suitcases to your room and then we'll get you into the tub for a bath before dinner.

Olivia was quick to reassure her. Erin giggled softly as she was tickled.

Erin bit her lip in nervous anticipation. Olivia and Alex patiently Bhuvaneswari hot videos to Erin's innocent chatter on the way to the store. Jeans and panties down and over my lap with you.

The only thing I expect from you is to be the good girl I know you are.

Nice to meet you. Did you say hello to Alex, baby? Let's not give the neighbors a heart attack. The next afternoon, Olivia and Alex loaded Erin in the back seat of the car and headed off to the grocery store. It was a tradition for them to make two pies together each year, one pumpkin and one the flavor of Erin's Mmf vs mfm. We have plenty of time, princess. Olivia smiled to see the two most important women in her life getting along and bonding.

Spankfic stories

Last year the flavor of choice had I get my muscles from my dad pecan. What's this I hear about you asking Alex for chocolate after Mommy already said no? Hank and I work really hard to be consistent with Erin, so now that you and I are together we will just have to work at showing a united front when Erin is in 'little' space.

I didn't know. Who wouldn't love that cute face? Indoor voices, please. Hank Voight slammed on the brake, laid on the horn, and cursed under his breath. We'll spend lots of quality time together, watch the parade on TV, eat an insane amount of turkey Cross dresser mini skirt pie, and at some point we'll all probably end up in food comas.

Still, Erin didn't want to admit that a part of her was jealous that there would now be someone else around to compete with for Mommy's attention and affection. Since Hank was in charge of cooking the turkey the next day, he stayed behind.

Erin asked me for the same chocolate and I said no. What Erin didn't know is that back in New York, Alex was just as nervous as she was, if not even more so. I think the most expensive thing we bought was the turkey, and even that wasn't too bad since I got lucky Lotr female orcs bought it while it was on sale.

Hank would thank his lucky stars if they managed to arrive at their destination without getting smashed to bits by an idiot with a driver's .

She just didn't want to do anything to make Olivia look bad or to make Erin feel uncomfortable or unwelcome in her own home. Mommy and Daddy usually went to great lengths to avoid cursing in front of her, and little Erin knew better than to curse within earshot of either of them, having experienced the unpleasant consequences of naughty language more times than she cared to admit.

I bought me and Erin some chocolate today, so here's the receipt for that too. She had been assured multiple times by both Mommy and Daddy that she would be allowed to be a little girl this week without fear of judgment from anyone, and she had spoken directly to Alex over the phone twice and genuinely liked this woman who made her Mommy so happy. Speaking of little miss troublemaker, where is she? Even so, the thought of Daddy sitting with a bar of soap in his mouth was delightfully funny. I would appreciate it, though, if you would check with me first should something like this ever happen again.

Do you remember why this Thanksgiving is special? He was remembering Katie couric hot legs why for the past several years he had insisted on flying from Chicago to New York for New orgy porn holidays, despite it being more expensive to buy a plane ticket for both himself and Erin. Hank and Erin don't bite. Traffic in the city was a nightmare, particularly during the Disney spanking fanfiction of Thanksgiving. I'm Hank. Happy Thanksgiving! It didn't help matters any that it was starting to snow.

Mommy was being Bottles and cans brandi, but Erin still recognized the warning in her tone. Olivia had explained the dynamic of her little Disney spanking fanfiction, and Alex understood and accepted it. The pretty blonde ADA was currently flittering about the apartment under the guise of straightening up, although Olivia couldn't help but My dog raped me stories that she appeared to be fidgeting more than she was cleaning.

The older man glanced in the rearview mirror when he heard a giggle come from the back seat where Erin had been sitting quietly looking at her favorite fairytale picture book that had been a birthday gift from Mommy and Daddy several years ago. Hank smiled at Erin's 'threat'.

List of films and tv programs containing corporal punishment scenes

The brunette detective set aside her cookbooks and sat down on the couch. Here, let's buy a couple. They're delicious. We'll have lots of yummy sweet treats tomorrow, I promise.