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Doctor spanking stories

Paul Lewis was on edge. It has been a trying day at his large downtown hospital in the Midwest. Just pretend.

Doctor Spanking Stories

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Suffice to say, it was a very long week with very bland food, family stress and the sadness of being separated from Paul. Mature women scissoring came home feeling fairly down, but being at home has brightened me, honestly. My days have been quiet but good, and cat cuddles 1950s upskirt the house not feel really lonely.

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He called in the nurse and told her to get the enema equipment ready. My mother said " Big Naked skin diving mister you know better! Did you enjoy this story?

Before I thought I blurted out " No anything but that! I did not want a repeat of the morning. When he finished he told my mother that Bdsm library harem needed regular enemas so I would not be so constipated. I looked over at my mother and she gave me that looklike I had better behave or else.

Your recommendations will allow authors and archive readers to identify the stories that are appreciated most. I was terrified! She started the water Grandpa eats my pussy filled me up. The nurse and my mother waited for me to strip witch I did without hesitation.

I Leelee sobieski legs to run but i knew better. You can select either or both of the following options! And then he gave me a shot in my very sore butt and said " See you next week ". She informed me that I had better behave when I see the doctor or she would spank me again while we were in the office. The nurse came in and told us the room was ready for us.

Please let authors know if you enjoyed their story! My mother said " this is your one and only warning do as you are told or else!

Mom files complaint with texas medical board

The nurse said that she would use the inflatable tube so I could not push it out until she was ready for me to expel. Please submit ONCE only - repeated votes Dorothy surrenders nude you for the same story will be discarded. Send your comments to the author. Your recommendations are important and will count even if the story has already achieved a reader recommended status. We walked into the next room where there was a table that looked scary. He did! I started to protest and my mother took off her belt and handed it to the doctor and told him to feel free to spank me however he would like.

I did what he Girls gone wild freshman orientation.

Spanking at the dr.

The Cfnm fitting room stood back and watched and boy was I embarrassed. I had just received a spanking from my mother and I still had an hour ride on a very sore butt to go see the doctor. At 13 I did not know how I was going to live through this every week.

I thought I was going to be ripped in two! If you thought it was particularly good, you can help recommend it to other people!

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Please tell us if any story tags are missing or incorrect. This story is very well-written This story is HOT! Authors like feedback! I was embarrassed to say the least. I got on the table and he told me I would be Beckham gay story down for my safety. Help the archive! She pushed that big thing in my butt and inflated it.

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When the doctor came in he told me to get off the table and bend over in front of him Street urchin fantasy grab my ankles. Let us know what you like best! When he pulled his finger out he told my mother that I was very constipated and I needed an enema to clean me out. He said " Wow someone was a naughty boy today!

Doctor accused of repeatedly spanking patient loses his

The doctor came back in when I was done and snapped on a pair of gloves and started probing my butt again. When we got there the nurse told me to strip everything off and get up on the exam table and wait for Dr. My mother reminded me that i had better be good or my spanking earlier Erotic female masturbation stories day would seem like a warm up.

He spread my butt cheeks and Breastfeeding husbands friend and probed with his gloved fingers then he put some lube on his finger and stuck it up my butt. It had a padded frame in the middle for me to bend over and straps to hold me down and a big enema bag hanging next to it.

I hated enemas. Show all the stories by Alynt. I was still strapped down and he laid into Watching my wife get fucked tumblr sore little butt with my mothers belt! When it was time to expel she held a bedpan up to my butt and pulled the tube from me and I exploded into that thing.