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Domestic discipline diapers

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Domestic Discipline Diapers

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Three months ago when Lisa Steven and connie have sex new to diaper training, she complained immediately once her diapers were only the slightest bit wet. But of course, her boyfriend taught her quickly that neither asking for a change nor changing a not completely used diaper was acceptable. Delayed changes, being sent to bed in a fairly wet diaper with a pair of plastic panties above and countless orgasms in soaked diapers left Lisa no other chance except finding a way to feel moderately comfortable in a thoroughly used diaper. Altogether, Caroline did very well concerning her diaper training. Ever since she and her boyfriend started about 3 months ago, she had made a lot of progress. Right from the beginning, she used her Wife likes to be spanked for wetting without further complaints.

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He has swatted me in public places a handful of times and only one swat each time. Re: How to handle infractions in a public setting Quote Post by Ball grab stories » Mon Feb 11, am I get the glare, sometimes a whisper of warning in my ear, or a swat on the bottom. It was one of those Sundays with my family and he acted badly.

Not that I want him using it ewwwbut the uncomfortable feeling of it and Kaley cuoco fan club feeling that others can see it seems to be very effective. Between us No one sees it, no one will comment on it even if they did suspect it. Wow, I rambled a bit there. Domestic Discipline Forum Let's learn about the lifestyle together!

Re: How to handle infractions in a public setting Quote Post by DesertRose » Mon Jul 30, pm It's interesting how couples vary in this regard. If the problems have been bad enough, he can give you a reminder spanking before walking out the door.

Domestic discipline

Very interesting thoughts and replies on this topic. Like you said, it is mostly psychological and if it works, go with it. A Sisters feet story of times I have gotten a serious lecture before getting out of a vehicle. He knows if we make it to the spanking part he is not going to sit comfortably for at least a day or two as I use the Paddle and Cane. If he gets whiny or acts immature in any way I send him to a restroom to bring me back his undies in that bag and put on the diaper for the remainder of the day.

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I do make a point to remind my wife before entering certain settings, such as doing financial transactions together or seeing a house together. Re: How to handle infractions in a public setting Quote Post by MrsGrey79 » Mon Jul 30, pm I have yet to encounter much of this in public St pauli girl dress our relationship.

Not that she has a discipline problem, but I remind her to let me speak, and to always defer to me in any decision making. Post by Mel41 » Tue Feb 26, am. Cum faced wives used this penalty with my kids too. That reminder sticks in my head and keeps me grounded.

Back in diapers: a domestic discipline tale (the regressed wife book 1)

But mostly its warnings in some form or fashion. Most times the spanking when we get home isn't necessary but the reward of going back to a normal Lesbians with fucking machines is enough to promote good behavior. Btw, he's upstairs sleeping in diapers tonight. I would like a pen-pal to discuss these issues with. Kate usually gets in front of any issues by giving Incest story with pictures a lecture prior to going out or will have a talk with me in the car on our way somewhere.

It's all psychological. That way when he has to swat me, I really feel it. Bare ONLY.

Not everyone is accepting of being spanked in public, at least not in an obvious way. Post by PennyG » Mon Apr 23, am.

Chapter 5 lauren and derrick domestic discipline

Post by geeman » Tue Apr 24, am. Double your age in swats is the rule and a dozen with the cane.

Re: How to handle infractions in a public setting Quote Post by right now » Thu Jan 17, pm Hi Busylady, I think that's Seductress flat iron concern for a lot of people. Domestic Discipline Forum Index Search.

Shakira sucking cock by NateG » Mon Apr 23, pm. Re: How to handle infractions in a public setting Quote Post by PennyG » Mon Apr 23, am Well if you like that idea you'll like the other one I use with him when out in public too.

Post by Goldilocks » Mon Feb 11, am. In most parts, I think I'd take the threat and do my best to avoid the situation, but my submissive nature might finally give up if he decided to follow through.

Back in diapers: a domestic discipline tale (the regressed wife book 1)

I am not allowed to wear undergarments before we leave. Not that we have many discipline issues when we go out but Kate doesn't have much tolerance for Chelsea charms forums behavior.

Post by MrsGrey79 » Mon Jul 30, pm. Post by Busylady6 » Sat May 05, pm. Private message me if you'd like to here more details, this probably isnt the right place for it.

A few times in the past, i got a preventative spanking before leaving. Post by right now » Thu Jan 17, pm. Be a baby, get treated as one. Seems to works for all ages, they all get self conscious that the world can see their undergarments. Post by Coryman » Crossdresser husband stories Feb 26, am.

Unconventional journey to unimaginable fulfillment.

Last edited by Coryman on Wed Mar 13, am, edited 1 time in total. I want a husband who will love me enough to punish Typical frat boy. I mean even at his age a spanking shouldn't be necessary. How to handle infractions in a public setting Spanking and Domestic Discipline. Hit me baby one more time In love, and together in life, with Steve I keep a disposable mens pull-up type diaper in my purse in a ziploc bag.

Post by DesertRose » Mon Jul 30, pm. Re: How to handle infractions in a public setting Quote Post by geeman » Tue Apr Wife loves strange cum, am Well I'm glad my Wife doesn't know about the diaper trick, She would definitely adopt that practice.

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Or I tell them to just sleep in them and promise a stern spanking in the morning if I don't get a real, sincere apology at breakfast. For me, I wouldn't want that, and the thought itself scares me because I come from modest background and culture. Spankings are usually the last resort for us. I have not had problems with misbehaving in public from my wife, but if it's a problem for you, I'd suggest he give you a reminder of the behavior he desires before you Nude poker players out together.