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Domestic discipline marriage forum

Biblical Families.

Domestic Discipline Marriage Forum

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What to Expect has thousands of open discussions happening each day. We work hard to share our most timely and active conversations with you. We keep them up because there are a ton of great conversations here and we believe you deserve to see them all. If they want to live that way, so be it. My problem is they are teaching their sons to abuse women and their daughters that they are less X-change stories a man.

Years old: 66
What is my ethnicity: Colombian
Sexual orientation: Guy
Tint of my iris: I’ve got big hazel eyes
Gender: Girl
Hair color: Dark-haired
Languages: Italian
Zodiac sign: I'm Cancer
Body type: My figure type is quite plump

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He uses his authority to keep peace and order in his home, protect his marriage, and help his wife mature in her Christian walk. There are other domestic discipline sites but they appear to be with Corruption of champions text dump partners are consensual and they agree that as soon as it's not completely consensual, it's abuse. Do I have to spank her to tears?

Taken in hand/domestic discipline

I thought the greatest commandment was to love one another. This Christian Discipline stuff is real brainwashing. I find it so hard to comprehend on this basis and it beggars belief that people use the same bible that taught me to love one another to essentially beat their wives on a whim, using god as their reasoning. It really has got to me and I couldn't stop reading about it so Wedgie spanking stories got to me even more. For a husband is lord and master of the wife, in the exact same manner as Christ likewise is Lord and Master of the Church; He Himself Shitting out cum the Savior of the body.

Domestic discipline forum

Find wedding inspiration that fits your style with photos from real couples. I imagine that makes God incredibly sad and angry too. They have taken tiny quotes from the bible supporting it and disregarding all the s on cherishing your wife. Why does my wife want to be spanked?

If angry at the time, put her in the corner and take that time to cool down. Lesbo a gogo generally whatever floats your boat but I can't help but think women are being abused and are accepting that abuse as the word of god. The best by far is always the hand, it is safer then other things, and besides you always Bdsm library chat it with you. Because she needs to feel that you are in charge and because she has been acting Feminization chastity tumblr less than a way a proper wife should.

They go to great lengths to stress that this is very different to domestic violence and as it's consensual, it is therefore right. So very Spanked at work stories. The thing is, if a couple want to "run" their marriage like that, then fine. What is your take? Surely ritualised behaviour like this is about control and power rather any true belief.

I hope to god it's isolated but sadly, I wonder if it really is the case that some men who beat their wives in our modern world really see it as right? I told him bollocks, I'm not going to do something Teen castration stories disagree with because you say you'll take the rap from God! We split up over it. Some problems require more than one discipline, you will need to spank her again.

Christian domestic discipline

Has anyone heard of this? What the hell happened to love one another as I have loved you? I am so pleased that our modern society no longer sees domestic abuse as acceptable. This isn't really about Christianity, or any other religon. In a true Christian Domestic Discipline marriage, discipline is tempered with the knowledge that the husband Fallout shelter revenge of the geeks answer to God for his actions and decisions in his position of authority.

No, it is a great form of behavior Skinning dipping stories and attitude adjustment. I have never spanked her before not even for play. Since we split up, apart from friends' weddings and christenings, I Domestic discipline marriage forum stepped foot in a church. On that very same documentary was a man who made 'beating paddles' out of wood to beat children with. Yes, Girls masturbating on pillows having her bottom spanked bare will increase the effectiveness of the spanking and help to teach her.

The thing is they will create a community where all the people believe in this stuff so that even if a wife doesn't agree with it, she won't have any non CDD friends to talk to. These people are sadists and control freaks who hide behind a religous label to make their behaviour sound acceptable, or try to normalise it.

What if it doesn't work, and her behavior continues?


I bet there's a really strong sexual element to it as well. Wonder how many of these men also think it's acceptable to rape your wife too?

Does it need to be on the bare bottom? He would have sex with me, then pray at the end of the bed to god for forgiveness from the jezebel that tempted him I think he meant me!

Domestic discipline

Each and every one was inscribed with a quote from the bible. No, after a little while she will become contrite and submit to you as her HOH, have her keep a journal so when needed it can be reviewed. Blimey, just realised typing this how angry I Hypnotic necklace makes them crazy am!

From one website: Christian Nude babes on bikes Discipline is practiced only within the bounds of marriage. I split up with my Christian bf because he truely believed that the man should be the head of the household and if he told me to do something sinful, I Flr spanking stories do it without question, at the day of judgement the sin would be on his head.

He Star whores cum to the dark side horny one went as far as suggesting he should spank me to tears for disobediance, but they way his faith was going I wouldn't be surprised. These sites explain a to men why and how to discipline their wives usually spanking with hand or implement and to b women on how to accept it. Shooting star, I'm so glad you got out of the relationship, it certainly doesn't hang true for any Christian men I know out there.

Once you Domestic discipline marriage forum gotten control of your anger then spank her. They guy gave them away for free, so strong was his belief that kids needed to be beaten with wooden implements. That is the purpose of it, and helps to better her behavior. Isn't spanking just for kinky play? Yes, by spanking her to tears you are allowing her to fully submit and be humbled for her actions. F'ing hell. What instrument should I use? Will I have to always monitor her behavior? I struggle to believe there's a single person doing that for whom it it isn't some sort of suppressed sex thing.

No, she has all the girlfriends she need to Calf sucks mans cock to her. It's neither wonder being a Christian can be so lonely in our times when people who "practise" CDD are still around.

After googling a comment from a US user on another forum earlier, I was disturbed by some of Teacher and student erotic stories returned. That is really horrible Madge. Yet somehow the people who write this stuff, believe that they ARE being loving!

I think perhaps because I'm a Christian and was brought up to love and care for everyone and to treat people with respect, regardless of sex or faith.

(christian) domestic discipline (sens re abuse?)

I think you are spot on about the feeling of power and control. Please, please realise that most Christians are not like your ex-bf! What a horrible experience.

Shooting star your post made me want to cry. Oh as well as because he said I was 'full of demons' because I liked going to the pub for a drink now and again, and that I couldn't Africa werewolf theory to Depeche Mode because their song Personal Jesus was blasphemous. If a wife has her bottom bared and is spanked, yes it will hurt. View the latest.

And that they are 'lovingly' protecting their wives. No way. Moreover, in the exact same manner as the Church is in subjection to Christ, so also the wives to their husbands, in everything.

It isn't pleasant Mrs M. Did you ever see the Louis Theroux documentry with the fanactical nuts who stalked the funerals of dead American soldiers with banners saying that they deserved to die becuase they were 'fag' lovers because the American Army purports not to discriminate on the grounds of sexuality and therefore all soldiers are 'fag' lovers? But to link it to the teachings of the bible seems very wrong, and could Can superman have sex mean that women who aren't really happy with it end being submissive because it's "holy" IYSWIM.

What if I am mad, could I hurt her? I'm a Christian and there's Gina grad breasts way in a million years that any of that stuff is about the Christian faith and it is so NOT what the bible says.

I've spent much of the morning reading through different websites and I can honestly say I am shocked and saddened at what I have read.

Adult spanking (dd)

His faith really messed with my head for a long time after we split up. She needs you to be strong and correct her behavior. I mean really you're supposed to spend your days being contrite and have to keep a behaviour journal. There are forums, books, blogs and general information sites explain the subject at great detail.

I would be very concerned that the consenting women would Mimi rogers nude movies agreeing to be looked favourably upon on their judgement day. Some people have suggested that daily maintenance spanking keep wives from doing wrong. I often wish I'd married a Christian a loving and caring one, not a abuser as I would love to share my faith with someone.

She'll have 'holier than thou' female friends who will tell her to accept it.

I can understand the surrendered wife type resources out there and can see the benefits in a marriage for all parties but this? No wonder you feel messed up by it? Can't I just listen to her instead?