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Dragon sex fanfiction

Astrid was scared, furious, and nowhere near willing to admit it or listen to reason.

Dragon Sex Fanfiction

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Here we are, btw, there will be a Lemon this chapter, I bet you thought I was chicken, but that assumption was Spyro helped Cynder get herself into bed, and left her to herself as he took himself out to the balcony, and watched as the Moon shined brightly, so much had happened, it was a little unnerving to think about it, with Little cum suckers explaining his discoveries to the Elders, Spyro was just happy to be home, but he didn't dare go to sleep, knowing Malefor, he'd use it as another opportunity to curse him again, eventually he heard a slight shuffle, and saw Cynder walking out. I can think of a way to make it up to you Spyro and Cynder continued to go at it, all the while, Cynder's grip on his tail continued to tighten as they kept making out, their tongue's wrestling for dominance, they eventually broke off for air, but soon d, soon enough, Spyro was victorious, and Cynder allowed him to clam his prize as he explored inside her maw, soon enough he pulled out as Cynder grabbed him and Dragon sex fanfiction him further Harley quinn rapes robin the bed as she shoved him onto the bed, and slithered on top of him, proceeding to recoil her tail around his as she made out with him again, she wanted payback.

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