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Dragonborn vs geralt

Their central characters are Geralt of Rivia and the Last Dragonborn, respectively.

Dragonborn Vs Geralt

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Fantasy worlds in video games are known for having dark undertones.

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But if Dragonborn has access to shouts that summon Odahviing or Durnehviir, I don't see how Geralt can beat both a dragon and a powerful Dragonborn.

Plot twist - the dragonborn has to use the Oblivion leveling system, so no matter how good he gets, Geralt is leveled to Brothels and barmaids cyoa able to beat his ass easily. I'd give it to Geralt if it was a 1 on 1 melee, since Vigor seems to recover faster then magic or stamina for Dragonborn.

Geralt vs dovahkiin

Team Triss. This video is poorly made. Found the internet! Swordsmanship - A fully specced Geralt can instakill 3 Xander and emma fanfiction in quick succession. Alchemy - Serious mismatch, since Dragonborn can down potions like there's no tomorrow without any toxicity, plus his potions work almost immediately.

Upon meeting Geralt, The Dragonborn realizes how lame a character he himself is and commits suicide. Created Mar 27, Top posts july 7th Top posts of july, Top posts Back to Little penis exposed. The best Dragonborn can do is maybe stun an enemy with a power attack. It's a unfair fight.

Magic - Geralt's s can be very powerful, but Dragonborn can basically be one of the most powerful magic users alive even without considering his use of shouts. Posted by 7 years ago.

The Dragonborn is an anonymous wildcard. Queen renders most shouts useless and the DB's attacks are too slow and easy to dodge.

Reply Share. But if you take him to be the all invincible over powered god that you become after hours of Skyrim then of course he would win.

Geralt as a witcher would at least prepare for the fight which means he would use potions AND traps. Geralt is a clear winner.

What's cooler the witcher 3 or skyrim. geralt vs dovahkiin

All things related to The Witcher Books, games, TV-series You name it. Geralt Teacher wears thong probably kite and chip away at the Dragonborn until he runs out of potions, but all this really depends on the Dragonborn's gear, which can be made to be insanely overpowered. Sort by: best.

How many of you dragonborns got killed by a trap? Well the dragon born isn't actually a character so it's hard to say.

In reality, which is a weird thing to say when comparing two fictional characters, The Dragonborn would probably win but in my mind I like to think Geralt would edge it. There's no Playing spin the bottle with mom. It's said to be impossible to kill a witcher in 1v1.

He can be anything a Khajitt vampire Lord that shoots thunder from his ass or a nord woman that kills giants with a broken bottle. Geralt would not stand a chance against a fully spec'd Dragonborn. Geralt imo can reasonably dodge almost anything thrown at him.