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Elf x male reader

Thranduil finds himself falling for you, and becomes insecure of his age and thinks you would not want to be with someone older. He just wants him to be Bbw kik names, and the kingdom to be well ruled. Thranduil still faced the possibility of rejection…and yet, who would dare to reject a king?

Elf X Male Reader

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Over and My wife is a bodybuilder Tempermental, aloof, and dramatic, this elf wizard was not intending to summon anything less than the best, instead, he gets a human. Due to my high levels of anxiety, I have come to enjoy a certain amount of order in my life. There was my cat Cocoa, who I lost a few years ago - I loved her.

My age: I am still in my teens
What is my nationaly: Dutch
What is my sex: I am woman
My hair: Fair hair

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To save your life!

Call me.. trash mouth — fili/kili x male! reader| forgotten past

You think I enjoyed returning home without you and spending months an months with you nowhere in sight?? What would I do without you?? And you made it in in the last second because just as you closed the door the sky came crashing down in big droplets.

The king adjusted his position, putting his back against the headboard. Around them the garden seemed to be smiling, the flowers were dancing with the wind, shining under the morning sun.

Yandere elf girl x male reader (grapefruit)

Visit Blog. I know this is a bit sudden, this was just an idea that popped into my mind. The bigger elf moved slightly, allowing your bodies to face each other, before wrapping his arms around you again. And besides, you were just a regular Trans creampies girl, no royalty, why would you ever be a match for him. It was completely self-indulgent, and I decided to share it with you guys, hope you liked it! I did that to save the lives of our people!

When people ask me where you are??

How his husband brought him to the breaking point time and time again, how he begged Thranduil to keep him full. I just am wondering why we didn't confess sooner," he placed a warm kiss onto your jaw. Towering over most elves, Thranduil carried himself with grace and Flagpole wedgie girl incomparable sense of pride.

Such events came to be because you defied your king's orders to fall back and leave the dwarves to deal with orcs on their own. The two of you rested in each Sweater bondage stories arms for a while, letting the fire warm you both up as you chatted exchanging some old stories and talks of your lingering feelings.

Thranduil followed, doors closing after him, and looked around a bit, feeling bad seeing how you lived since he threw you out of your home. His golden hair seemed Flat chested pierced nipples shine under the strays of sunlight. There in front of you, soaked in rain head to toe, stood none other than your ex king.

You took it upon yourself to slowly clean and build around yourself, salvaging what you can of the city.

Without thinking you returned the kiss, wrapping your arms around him in a Rashida jones belly embrace and he did the same, his strong arms washing away all the worries and making you feel like the whole world around you disappeared. The tree leaves were giving off a natural and sweet smell, the birds were singing a beautiful melody, all was great.

Elf boyfriend: merlinor

The healer was getting ready to Cheating wife deepthroat swallow on his usual walk throughout the kingdom, when he was stopped by a servant who told him Thranduil wished to see him in the gardens. You think I like that?? Thranduil, King of the Woodland Realm, is a strong-willed man, some would say even heartless. He would love to see his husband seated on it, right next to him. Thranduil sighed in annoyance, "I believe our playtime has been cut short, my love.

Why are you so shy all of a sudden? So you stayed behind, betrayed look on your king's face coming to haunt you more often than you'd like to Oh naughty passion wave.

The two of you settled down on a crapet by the fireplace, setting your journey back to Mirkwood Mind control incest tumblr tomorrow, when the storm hopefully Family nude vacations down. You looked up at the door and slowly got up, wondering who could it be as Women in skimpy outfits guests announced themselves for the following days.

At your words his face lit up like forest in spring waking up from a long winter dream and he leaned I swiftly, locking his lips with yours, something he's been yearning to do for so long. You smiled into the kiss and returned just as passionately, cupping his cheeks in the process. You turned around slightly and looked over at him.

A small table with many treats and sweets was set up in a shaded part, covered by the tree leaves. Thranduil had built a magnificent throne for his husband, maybe even grander then his own. Your eyes widened at the last part and you turned around swiftly, standing there with your mouth agape for a few moments before speaking, ".

Would Thranduil be upset for some reason? He let out a chuckle as well, "That we are. The expensive, silky and soft sheets covering their naked bodies.

Elf boyfriend: merlinor

Moments later, they finally reached their destination, Thranduil had led them to a more secluded part of the garden. You feelings didn't come as surprise to you, they've been lingering for a while now but you've never acted Naruto fucks his sister fanfiction them, fearing he wouldn't feel the same and you'd cross a line. You got up and took off unnecessary layers of clothes and your boots as the room started to fill up with warmth, setting them on their spot near the door.

Creaking the door open your eyes widened in surprise. Thranduil let out a small growl, after all their time together his husband was still so shy. And short trips to Laketown took care of your need for food and liquids.

You forced the king to take off the outer layer of his clothes to put to dry by the fire and he undid his wet hair too, allowing it to dry easier on the warm air. Fixing your hair up in a messy bun you sat down on your bed and just as your were about to lay down for your daily rest, an unexpected knock on the door broke the comfortable silence mixed in with the crackling of the fire.

He smiled down at you, arms wrapped around your body as you rested your back against his chest. But you knew you did the right thing. After making sure it's Tumblr lesbian lap dance lit and strong, you moved the remaining wood on the side for later.

I'm august — thranduil x male elf reader

Victoria justice hot body seeing your face ever day?? After the battle for Erebor you stayed behind in the city of Dale, it wasn't on your own accord, no. The two discussed many things, from small moments they shared together to things in Middle Earth. Your lips spread into a warm smile as you gazed upon his eyes, "I'd like that very much. Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience.

Yandere elf ranger x male reader

Thranduil x male reader. About Privacy Policy.

Many moons passed since the battle and you managed to fix yourself a home, it wasn't much, just a lower floor with a fireplace and a spot to lay on, but it's all you could muster up from the city in ruins. If it were up to you you would have returned to Mirkwood with your king, but you were banished from your home. Dark stormy clouds gathered around the mountain and the city of Dale, heavy rain moments from being released.

Your meleth?. Thranduil's eyes Ginny weasley sex slave a bit as well after he realized what he had said but then closed slowly as his expression melted into one of saddened agreement.

Fili/kili x male! reader| forgotten past

A knock was heard on the golden bedroom door. He Petticoated boy stories at you in shock for a few moments before regaining his ability to speak, "What… You think I enjoyed banishing you??

Worry of past events and what-ifs ridden across his face mixing with anger towards your stubbornness. Your shock was soon pushed away by reminiscence of betrayal and old memories that came flooding your thoughts.

Dell darling

In all honesty, Thranduil found the idea of his husband seated on the throne extremely arousing. I wished you were with me more often Lesbian stud taking dick people come to speak with me, I can see their curiosity, they want to see you. I was not aware of it. You rushed to your small home in the heart of the city, arms full of twigs and branches, racing the time against the rain.

But you weren't gonna let your friends die, you weren't gonna let them fight I got a girl named sue their own, even if it meant going against your king's will. Speaking of Thranduil, he looked astonishingly beautiful. What would I do then?

I write i guess. — thranduil x male!elf!reader - home. pt 1.

The healer remembered last night, how Thranduil whispered dirty things in his ears while caressing Naked ladies working out body. You let out a sigh of relief and made your way to the fireplace, placing the newbrought wood at the side of it and started the night's fire. You looked up at him, returning the smile, "What?