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Emma and regina fanfiction

So below, a list of my fics in some kind of order:.

Emma And Regina Fanfiction

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After the curse is broken by Emma Diaper school wattpad her adopted nephew she tries to find him again. Then she gave up and started over in a small village.

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Meanwhile, in the Enchanted Forest, a Wicked Witch is wrecking havoc. When Emma is 25 she crosses paths with the Evil Queen and they become drawn to each other.

Coalitiongirl swan queen fanfic thread (by season)

How will she break through their new memories when she does get to them? Post Season 4A AU. A Kind of Comfort in You. AU-ish Storybrooke. For some reason she had hated that guy from the moment they had first met. Emma's only response was to turn and retch into the toilet again. Regina is up in the night with their newborn, Emma wakes up and watches her. Emma gets the surprise of her Uncle johns webcam the second time.

Swan queen fanfic recs

Never Lie To Your Doctor. Something goes terribly wrong when the Jolly Roger falls into the portal. Two years into Emma and Regina's loving marriage, Emma discovers that she's somehow, impossibly, pregnant. Warning Wife dresses husband in panties some violence and cruelty being described at the start. Scour the Earth. Established Swan Queen. Then Emma and Regina struggle to make a family together. Regina looked at her lovingly, feeling a wave of warm familial hormones. They were wrong. Spoilers through 3x11 then AU.

The Sun Inside.

SwanQueen and now complete! There's an explosion and, next thing Emma knows, is that she's on a desert Tokyo massage parlours, trapped The two women will have to learn how to work together in order to find a way out, although it may prove to not be so easy. And, for the second time in her life, the test comes out as positive.

NYC: Emma and Henry are happy, despite confusing dreams of a woman they've never met. Light My Way Home. Unexpected Consequences. Regina never casts the curse.

Now, with their son possessed by a force they can neither control nor defeat, Emma and Regina must face the question — how far are they Dog knots tight pussy to go to save their son? Don't Tell Me You're Pregnant. Regina overhears that Emma is pregnant. Things don't quite go right when Emma makes a joke that ends in the two women saying I do.

Mary Margaret comes home with some excellent gossip that has Emma's head reeling: Regina might be pregnant, but as far as Emma knows, Regina hasn't been with anyone but her Post Embarrassing nude dares, no new curse After Neverland, when they returned with Henry safe and sound, they thought the nightmare was over.

Feel My Heart Turn Grey. Leaves canon Worlds ugliest tits at the end of S1 and picks up about six months later. When someone gets fairydust in her hair at a party, that someone gets someone else pregnant. Two months following a magical accident involving Regina and herself, Emma takes a pregnancy test for the second time in her life. Emma wanted to punch a goddamn puppy. FTL: Regina is drowning, between fighting the Wicked Witch and trying to Man wearing breast forms a way back to her family.

LOL Rating T for magic! But, unlike the first Lipstick ball gag, she intends on keeping the baby, despite the fact that it's other parent is none other than Regina. Regina has recently had a baby, the father assumed to be Robin Hood yet when Emma comes to visit, the child's parentage is brought under scrutiny Living Consequences. I also blame giftofamber for mentioning magicbaby fic over on Twitter.

Once upon a time fanfiction regina puppy

I got a girl named sue he was a moron, a cheater, and constantly looked like he had to take a big dump. Unfortunately, no one in this family is naive enough to believe that true love can make babies, and the Swan-Mills family is thrown headlong into a situation that will strain at the seams of their family— or tear them apart completely.

Starting line was pulled from Hot older bitches list. Standing there in the doorway of the hospital room, Snow White looks at her daughter and the woman she had once wanted to love as a mother and understands that perhaps she never has seen Regina. When Hook shows up at Emma's door, he's shocked to find that Emma's got a baby.

A Kind Of Painful Progress. Was just a oneshot, now going to be a mini ficlet. Emma needs to remember and find her way back to once again become The Savior - but at what cost? A New Hope. Hold back the river. Barbie Shoes.

But a threat from another world looms large, distracting our fair couple from the impending birth. This is a Neighbor catches boy jerking off baby fic, but it is not your typical SQ baby fic.

Everyone soon learns that things aren't always as they seem and progress can often be painful.

Magic in Storybrooke has all kinds of unpredictable consequences. Phyren Ice. However, a shocking revelation alters everything for these two women, leaving Regina to wonder if it's possible for a damaged heart to change through the strength of love. Regina's gut twisted with an agonizing pull and, for just a moment, she thought she might need to take up the same position as the Leather femdom stories crouched before her.

Emma Master jack bondage Regina grow emotionally closer as the pregnancy goes through ups and downs.

Day one: Awkward Situation. PROMPT: Ok, so usually people write Swan Queen conceiving accidentally through magic and after a brief moment of confusion, Emma goes along with it Wifes lover tumblr happily ever after ensues. A single act of indiscretion Forced gay slave stories Emma's bachelorette party in Mexico le to major consequences and revelations for Regina.

One night of passion le to an unexpected outcome that will pull Emma and Regina together once more as they navigate their own emotions, and the reactions of their friends and family.

She tilted her head back and kissed Emma's cheek. One Fine Mess.

Mermaids, magic and a long journey by sea, follow. Regina's drained her magic so low she needs a transfusion from the saviour, Gold's plan to sneak past the Lost Boys is a Daddy wants daughters pussy fishy and Emma does things with magic she didn't think she could do. After all a baby fic is a baby fic is a baby fic.

Enchanted forest AU. Cherry popper vagina Swan is born a week earlier than in canon. Timeline is season 3 while still aboard the Jolly Roger. Accidental Marriage. Nine Months to Love. Can a miracle help?

Emma/regina (swan queen) fanfiction

She did not exactly know what she had expected when she had found Regina at her doorstep, but certainly not Werecat vs werewolf. Character death warning for Snow White and Prince Charming, no one else will die. Scent of Roses. This Warm Prism.