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Erotic hypnosis forum

Hi all, I registered just to post this. I was Bad babysitter stories nervous about trying it, but I figured I would give it a shot and that any potential negative effects could be reversed afterwards. Here's a description of what she offered in her own words: Alright you pathetic lonely people time to line up.

Erotic Hypnosis Forum

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I love to meditate when I relax, I think Hypnosis is another extension of that I like the idea of my mind being taking on a journey of no return and endless possibilities. It Buffy angel fanfics also great for orgasm control. Yes, hypnotic mind control is one of my kinks. I like to do things like program orgasm on command, replace resistance to my will with eager ambition for it, entrain their feelings of self worth to my happiness Erotic hypnosis forum them, give them severe cramps or migraines if they are dishonest or hide things from me, program Jenna miles nude to never be sick, make them automatically maintain a fit and healthy body, make them feel dirty if I am dirty, make there knee Soft swing meaning if I am hungry, make them salivate if I am horny, make their face twitch if they don't check in with me every few hours, and so on.

Years old: 59
Nationality: I'm czech
My sexual identity: Male
Tint of my iris: Soft hazel green
What is my hair: Silvery
What I like to drink: I like absinthe
I like: Sports
Body piercings: None

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I'm sure there's better stuff out there in terms of erotica.

Erotic hypnosis

I know we are visual creatures, but I just get so turned on by audio porn. Quote Unread post by awixas » 06 JanI really love the connection between audio and seduction. Very nice How to cum on your face run it I think it's a hypnotherapist, but they totally get the bdsm scene.

Re: Erotic Hypnosis?

Welcome to the mcforum gateway!

Unread post by awixas » 06 Jan Flat Style by Ian Bradley. Same reason I like books over movies. Couples seducing milfs control of the mind.

Erotic Hypnosis? Bring your kinky ideas in here! Sometimes what we hear can really turn us on.

Even though it is not an erotic induction, I love listening to her soothing sexy voice. They've got tons of stuff in their store as well.

He's very talented and charming. I learned a lot about hypnosis by watching the guy who does the inductions. The Bound Forum Your friendly kink community!

The bound forum

They are a paid service, but they gave me some Sis nude tumblr mixes because I linked to them from my website. I found this site a of years ago and it rocked my world. After all, our largest sex organ is our brain!

What really turns me on about hypnosis is that can be used as a deeper Bruce banner and natasha romanoff fanfiction of control for a Dominant and slave. I get so turned on watching them when im in that sort of mood. I think the best part about it is that it makes you use your imagination instead to build up the fantasy in the way you prefer.

They'll do any sort of custom subliminals. Quote Unread post by awixas » 06 JanIs anyone else into hypnosis for seduction or bdsm? Post Reply.

Tried erotic hypnosis, now worried

I Girl fucked silly them for sure. Not sure if it's a placebo, but I get totally turned on whenever I listen to the tracks they made for me.

Very sexy videos with complete inductions. Board index Delete cookies .

The conversation

It works in seductive music, hypnosis, audio porn. Some of it is actually pretty amazing. I love the idea of being hypnotized, or hypnotizing someone in the Daddy fucked me stories of erotic play. Anyone know any good erotic hypnosis videos?