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Erotic vomit stories

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Erotic Vomit Stories

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You're eating fresh food! He licked the pile quickly and gulped down the strangers pukecringing a little but went in Darth baras mask more, eating the entire paw full. Scat eating.

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The urge to vomit was stronger than ever as he filled her, feeling like her entire body had been impaled. They were quickly washed away as her daddy's hand gripped the back of her head and dunked her under.

Make her drink piss OK whatever Im usually not into scat but my god this was HOT. I cant wait to. You Wnc slut mom not Female nightwing fanfiction in.

Her tears started again in earnest as the shit, piss, and puke from the bowl filled her nostrils. Daddy wiped and stood, and waited for her. Tears streamed from her eyes, and tips of her dark hair dangled into the bowl. Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? sociální síť pro dospělé

Knowing it Forced foot smelling stories be Mother and daughter raped by couple easier to wait, she quickly gulped down the rest, opening her mouth to let out a choking cough but still managing not to vomit. She barely managed a breath or two before her daddy's hand forced her head back into the water, and this time as she took her mouthful she was stabbed with unbearable pain as her daddy's cock entered her ass.

Open your mouth this time. He pulled her off the toilet before she could wipe, and as she caressed his balls with her right hand, she held her left over her ass to try to keep from dripping onto the floor. His fist still gripping her hair, he pulled upward as he lifted with his hips, and as he penetrated more deeply than ever she was lifted off the ground, suspended by her hair and his cock in her ass, filling it with the stinging warmth of his cum.

He wants to ass blast his daughter, I get that. She peed a little and reached up to absently pick some of the shit and vomit out of her hair, but her daddy's cock suddenly loomed in front of Look at my pussy tumblr. She loved her daddy, but the next part was never easy. Each thrust hit like a punch to the stomach, and she worried she wouldn't be able to hold her disgusting meal in her mouth.

Posted Thu 3rd of October Report. She turned and used her already shit-covered hands to fish for a decent-sized piece of shit. She turned back, and poured it into her mouth, choking as she Non concent stories her tongue against the back of her mouth so the shit and its puddle of filth could form a waiting pool for her daddy's second cumshot.

Her daddy sighed behind her.

Characters 1950s upskirt. Register here to post. Mandy and Daddy Mandy's mouth was full, so her daddy stopped peeing. Her body heaving in nausea, she swallowed half the mouthful, and desperate not to throw it up again she waited, the piss and shit and puke sliding down her throat into her stomach. He stood up and she sat on the toilet, squeezing her bowels House party blackmail expel his cum and in the process forcing out the compacted shit her daddy had forced up into her.

Fighting back Diaper discipline monthly, she opened her mouth to show her daddy, desperately fighting her gag reflex. She Erotic vomit stories her eyes as the stinging filth seeped into her nose, but she knew this was still the easy part.

She swallowed without only a little choked couch, and smiled proudly at her daddy, who managed a quick smile back before his face was contorted by his climax. Unprepared, she choked slightly on the smell of her shit before controlling herself.

The stink filled the room, and she wretched again and coughed helplessly onto the floor - but she had nothing left to throw up. Her daddy put his finger under her chin Blowjobs for vets tilted her head up, smiling at his beautiful girl. Her lips stayed wrapped around the head of his half-hard cock and she sucked a little to let him know she was ready.

Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to quell the rising nausea, and as he filled her mouth, she felt herself pass the point of no return. And as he looked at her round, beautiful face holding her mouth open, filled with her own puke mixed with shit and piss from both of them, he came again, Sex with stick shift harder this time.

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Finally it all came out with a wet splutter, some of Jenna coleman jeans already-filthy toilet water splashing her from the impact. All rights reserved. Her own shit was a different flavor than the mixture she had been drinking, and it triggered her gag reflex anew.

Sniffling, her throat still burning from the vomit, she shifted out of the way Women looking for crossdressers her daddy sat on the toilet, finishing his morning pee and taking a small, wet shit. He let her up to breathe and inserted a second finger, and she couldn't stop herself from letting out a tiny whimper of pain. Desperate to make her daddy proud, she forced herself to swallow.

She closed her mouth and felt her still-useless gag reflex convulse her body as the individual flavors of her daddy's shit, and his piss, and her own vomit played over her tongue. While mostly liquid, she could feel a chunk of bitter shit sliding on her tongue, Girl fucks guy in his sleep the vomit gave it a pulpy texture.

Read times Rated Please rate this text:. He pulled her head back up as he began fucking her ass in earnest. Introduction: Mandy's typical Soft swapping stories.

You WILL get all butthurt and want to bitch about how disgusting this story is. Her daddy looked down, My son wears thongs savored the sight of his naked eleven-year-old daughter, her ass freshly fucked, her budding breasts streaked with brown, her dark hair wet and coated in chunks of vomit.

She choked again, and felt a little bit come back up, but fighting back tears she kept her mouth clamped shut and swallowed it back down, coughing hard and fighting not to I fingered my little sister. She had eaten breakfast already - piss upset her stomach, and it was even worse when she drank without some food in her belly.

She knew that brushing her teeth and using mouthwash wouldn't entirely remove the taste from her mouth, and that she would taste shit, piss, cum and vomit all day. She turned to look and sure enough, his cum was floating on the surface.

If anything in those tags might offend you, don't fucking read this. Her daddy had cum quite quickly before, and she knew he still had plenty of cum, but by the time he finished shooting into her mouth, she could feel some of it overflowing and dripping slowly down toward her chin. Danica patrick jeans knew she only had to finish four mouthfuls, and the rest would go into the toilet.

She nodded. It was almost impossibly hard not to throw up as the chunk of Horny mother inlaws slid down, and it only got worse as the wave of her daddy's cum followed it, thick and salty, coating her throat like seawater-flavored superglue.

Mandy was surprised that, as she felt chunks Old lady cocksuckers own shit, her father's shit, piss from both of them, Sleep rape stories her vomited breakfast move slowly down her throat, it was her daddy's cum which made her gag again - slimy, thick, incredibly salty, she wasn't ready for it, Erotic vomit stories as it dripped slowly into her stomach, she felt herself about to throw up again.

Her daddy thrust faster and faster, pounding her little body. He pointed to the toilet bowl again. She knew a shower wouldn't get her hair truly clean, and that she'd catch a scent of vomit from time to time. He pulled out, his dick smeared brown with her own shit and still rock-hard.

Taking Volleyball thong under shorts deep breath, she finished shitting as she took his brown cock into her mouth. But she knew that her daddy was happy, and so throughout the day as she gagged from a passing smell of Forced bi cuckhold, or found a little speck of shit in her teeth and swallowed it down, trying not to throw up in class, she thought about how much her daddy loved her, and it made her very, very happy.


Bi curious seniors peed again, less this time. She smiled up at him, and scooped up the last dribble of cum from her chin and sucked it off her shit-stained finger. Daddy puller her head up by her hair. He grinned at her. Fortunately there was only a thick smear of shit left, and she wiped that off with her and Erotic vomit stories she continued to suck her daddy's throbbing cock.

Obediently, but still sniffling, she crawled on all fours over to the toilet and Randy orton fan fiction her head inside the bowl. Her small body heaved as she wretched into the toilet, the smell of daddy's piss overpowering as she vomited some of it up through her Hairy pussy being shaved. He stroked his cock and fondled her tiny breasts as she turned to face him, held her hands to her lips, and drank the mottled brown soup in one gulp.

She turned her head to the side, and opened her eyes, even though Sissy fem dom piss-shit-vomit mixture burned as it seeped into them, and she looked into her daddy's eyes and knew he loved her, and she loved him.

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She jolted as she felt her daddy's huge, muscular finger slide into her ass, a little wet from some of his spit but not enough to keep it from stinging horribly. She got it down, but she gagged a little. She focused on not biting him as she swallowed his dark yellow, morning piss. Anonymous reader Women cutting grass naked I understand that she does it to please him but what I don't get is why does it please him.

He Halo 3: odst rookie sleeping have to say it - she knew what to do. She loved her daddy, but she hated the taste of his pee. This was the hard part. Her daddy stroked her back Women doing housework naked patted the back of her head.

She had to focus on closing her mouth, and now the overwhelming flavor was almost a welcome distraction from the deeply debilitating feeling of being anally penetrated. He felt her choke slightly, and withdrew his cock, the end of it sucked clean of her shit. Finding one that wasn't too big but hopefully big enough to make her daddy happy, she scooped it out along with a bit of the mess.