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Firestar and sandstorm mating

I know someone did a rant on this recently, and they thought Sandstorm. Well, I was gonna do it in my own perspective. Well, here it is.

Firestar And Sandstorm Mating

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Over the course of the series it becomes obvious that Sandstorm has fallen in love with Fireheart revealed in Rising Storm by her cousin Cinderpelt[ 15 ] and by The Darkest Hour the two have become mates. She was also one of the cats who volunteered to be bait for Breast expansion story archive dog pack thanks to her speed.

She is noted as being the best hunter and one of the fastest runners in ThunderClan, and is an excellent fighter as well, resulting Corsetry and romance her being present in many major battles. She has two daughters, Leafpool and Squirrelflightas well as three grandchildren, JayfeatherHollyleaf and Lionblaze.

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Ashfur and Ferncloud are her half brother and sister. She was mentored by Whitestorm and mentored Sorreltail.

Redtail is her father and Brindleface is her mother. Cat Warriors. Sandpaw was an apprentice when Firestar first s the Clan, and disliked Firepaw for formerly being a kittypet.

Subs What is a shemale : Tigerstar. The specifics regarding her knowledge of Firestar's ongoing relationship with her aunt Spottedleafhis first love, are shown in Firestar's Quest in which she once again plays a major role, and in which Firestar confirms that he loves Sandstorm above all, and will 'for all the moons to come'.

Also, in Cats of The Clans, Rock states that Sandstorm knows Firestar better than he realises, and better even than Spottedleaf, for all the dreams they have shared. She is also capable of being gentle, however, Gay male haircuts seen by her interactions with Firestar, her children, Squirrelflight and Leafpool, and her grandchildren, Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, and Jayfeather.

Search this site. Sandstorm is a pale ginger she-cat with green eyes.