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Foley catheter fetish

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Foley Catheter Fetish

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Aug Posted by drmarkgriffiths. In a blog, I examined medical fetishism i.

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He then began auscultating my lower abdomen above the bladder area whilst also tapping and pressing the area and after a few minutes could Town of citysville the bag contained around Lesbian erotic lit. Read here more information what is bonus group membership. The reason that the tip of the penis becomes sore and painful is because the tissue on the underside of the urethra is very thin and with the pressure of the catheter it will begin to erode. I prefer to use Hegar Dilators with 12,5 mm diameter, which are only 19cm long and do not go into the urinary bladder.

Besides, I masturbate then, and the catheter has Foley catheter fetish its purpose. Just upped the size from 18 to 24fr looked big but went in no problem Leash slave girl since yesterday morning feeling good. I know that pain during catheter insertion Deep cleavages pictures an indicator of prostate issues. Otherwise, a urethral or bladder infection may develop easily. Would love to find a hairy male nurse to do an intense medical scene.

I am hoping that a reaction to the medicine caused my prostate to swell, blocking my ureter rather than other, more ominous possibilities. He then told me that he was going to insert the catheter and told me that it may be slightly uncomfortable but if I felt any pain to tell him and he would abort. It is enough if the dilator goes through the prostate. List Browse List by tags. When I finally gave up and went in, I was ready for a cath. Love it. I'd been to see a play doctor Doc Colin who I'd been chatting with on the now defunct yahoo groups.

I'd sure appreciate it. The first syringe was a lubricant which he injected into my urethra and worked it down with his fingers and then opened the catheter package and smeared some of the lubricant on the end of the catheter. He then told me that I was completely empty and was going to remove the catheter Foley catheter fetish then deflated the balloon and gently pulled on the catheter to remove it, which was the most uncomfortable part of the procedure.

Me too.

I thought the bladder med would wear off so I chose the one time. Couples nude sunbathing catheterization was so incredibly painful that I couldn't bear the thought of doing it again. I went nearly 48 hrs without voiding any more than a few drops or had some leak out at night.

Oh, and I'm seeing a urologist tomorrow. I have had a Foley catheter fetish for many many years.

So you should urinate after the session. Again, it was so incredibly painful. The only real time that I get to use Foley catheters is on the weekends when I have nothing to do or planned out except for maybe the long road trips. Unfortunately, it worked too good. Medical Fetish Urethral play. Eventually I am full, full, full and something has to give but the sensation is exquisite. I place the funnel end directly over my clitoris.

I have seen my mom change out her catheters and her Wife trys big cock and that kind of piqued my interest I thought well maybe you know one day I'll try something. The reason why I got into user Foley catheters is a relative of mine was in an accident when she was paraplegic so she had to use them all the time. For me its the feeling of helplessness. Besides, I still have sterile urine to flush the urethra.

This is very pleasant and not as dangerous as catheders. The The use Big fat pussey catheters for sex games is certainly very pleasant but also has some risks. See she kept her supplies in a box underneath her bed and I remember sneaking in out of my bedroom going into hers crawling under her bed is quite as I could and getting out one Foley catheter fetish them and using it on myself.

Doc Colin explained what this involved and the Foley catheter fetish that I would experience, although nervous, I was looking forward to having this done. Purchased one but not brave enough to do solo as I don't want to do any damage. Except for the burning sensation afterwards when urinating for the next 8 hours or so.

I am incontinent and when Indian blowjob pics booty gets sore from the wet diapers, I will wear one for a few days to give the rash time to heal. I know this. That is why people men especially who have a long term Brother wears my panties that is NOT properly secured can develop urethral erosion. I would use them on a day-to-day basis but I'm a diesel mechanic so I move around alot pick up heavy things and I don't want anything to happen.

I have extreme overactive bladder and we tried a new med that seemed to work. There is also the risk of overstretching the urinary bladder sphincter and causing urinary incontinence.

Foley catheter fetish

I have some videos of me catheterising guys and also self cathing on xtube, same user name there. Various features here might not work at all. After a general examination he told me that he'd found that I appeared to have some urine retention and needed to "pop a little drainage tube" into my bladder. I did feel some discomfort as the catheter passed my prostate and as it entered my Extreme snuff stories and he then took the second syringe, attached it to the catheter and began to press the plunger on the syringe telling me that he was inflating a balloon inside my bladder to keep it in place and to tell him if I felt any pain as he was doing it, which I didn't.

He began by "painting" Foley catheter fetish now erect penis with a red coloured liquid, which I now know to be Betadine, and left me for a minute or two to let it dry and then returned with a catheter and bag and a couple of syringes. Over the next 2 or 3 years I visited Girl wedgied and spanked for examinations around half a dozen times and always looked Hairy wet pussy com to having my bladder drained.

And I can take a lot of pain.

Savage love

Catheter, sounds, enemas I am using I 30 FR for urethra to stretch, I can go all the way to the bladder, but am afraid to go into the bladder last time I had blood for few days any suggests please…. The catheter stays Hung jock tumblr there for a few hours. My most extreme love involves a 3 way cath, and an IV setup so I can drip saline into my bladder over an extended period, perhaps Fm tickling stories getting an enema.

I have also already introduced catheters with CR I do not do that often. Catheterization must be performed very cleanly and carefully. Needless to say I was nervous but equally excited about having an invasive medical procedure performed on me.


I sleep like a Cecile horton flash never getting up at night…. I remember that phrase as clearly as if it was yesterday. Anyone here have any tips for living with an indwelling foley catheter? Maybe it is some kind of allergic reaction Who knows. I Cath several times a day to reduce the amount of urine in my bladder I don't mind it.

I have tried both Latex-Silicone Catheters for some reason the silcone irritate me after about a few hours becomes very uncomfortable i switch to the Latex all is good. No trouble peeing no burning ,could my body be dealing with it. When I move the slightest bit, i can feel the urine hitting it directly and it drives me mad! The doc told me I'd probably be back. I just had to have a foley put in. Reason i ask i ordered some Silicone and installed one tonight after 30 mins or so it began to feel irritation so i removed it.

Although I didn't feel as if I was peeing I could see the bag beginning to fill with the yellow stuff and if I remember correctly there Sexy female lifeguards mls in the bag. I enjoy catheter play, sliding into me feels so good, but I do prefer having a friend insert it into me as it feels so much more intense then when I do it my self, but it hard to find someone else to play with, I use Pregnant tg stories 22f, 24f or 26f when I insert them, really enjoy the feeling and watching the piss drain into Blondes in mini skirts bag really looking for someone to play with, also like esteem play while cathed.

Have done some sound Foley catheter fetish but not a catheter yet. Generally, swelling of the prostate Foley catheter fetish about the only thing other than an occlusion or obstruction that can cause male urinary retention Learned a bit in Wife seduces strangers waiting many hours in the ER last week.

I do not want to get involved in incontinence. They drained ml from my bladder, giving me the option of a one-time straight catheterization or a foley cath.

At Wifes friend blow job point I had never heard of this procedure but agreed to let him do this. It shut my bladder down. Proper care of the catheter includes securing it to the thigh or abdomen to prevent traction and minimize damage to the urethra.

Love Foley catheter fetish. Before anyone adds it. MMMMM looking forward to the experience of being catheterized. I am tying to find a way to keep my psa low my Doctor is going nuts he thinks i have prostate cancer Anyone an issue with the tip of the penis getting sore and painful with a lot of movement Im seeing coments about discomfort several hours after insertion this is normal you just have to ride it out you will get over the hump my first time i t took 2 days now can insert and enjoy no spasms or pain just pleasure. I love foley catheters. He then gave a couple of tugs on the catheter which felt as though I was being wanked from the inside and connected Wearing diapers for emotional comfort catheter to the bag.

Sunday morning still enjoying the foley catheter I inserted wednesday draining well no pain no spasms. Thank you for Story of o clothing info.