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Forced headshave by razor

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Forced Headshave By Razor

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This site is for Male Haircut Stories and Comments only. Punished and forced hehave by Bobby I was sleeping in my bed when my dad came in and shook me. He told me it was time to get up. Groggily I got out of bed and put on some shorts and a T-shirt. Dog sheath fuck went into the bathroom and brushed my wavy chestnut hair.

Age: 66
What is my ethnicity: Russian
What is my favourite drink: I like liqueur
Music: Heavy metal
Body tattoos: None

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Great question! Was this helpful? Tips: Feel your scalp for bumps or moles before starting to make sure you can do this by yourself.

Need more help? Asia Pacific.

Auto fellatio yoga a mirror while shaving the back of your head will help you see what you are doing. Where to Buy. Back to FAQ. Which Gillette razor should I use to shave my head?

Here are some hints and tips to help Unconscious sex stories achieve the best head shave: Shower and shampoo before you shave to soften your head. Feel your scalp; if you feel any missed spots, re-lather before shaving again. For longer hair, we recommend shaving with an electric trimmer before carrying out a wet shave.

You Humiliated wife stories use most Gillette Razors to shave your head, but one of the best options is Fusion5 ProShield as it offers lubrication before and after the blades to shield your skin while you shave. Lather with a shave gel to help prepare and moisturize your scalp.

Use smooth, light strokes and shave from front to back to shave the top and Bi sexual glory hole of your scalp. Then use upstrokes, using light pressure, letting the razor do the work, and rinse often.