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Forced impregnation erotica

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Forced Impregnation Erotica

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I have a dark and twisted forced impregnation fantasy! In the back of my dirty little mind, I have Girls with little breasts forced impregnation fantasy about my daddy. Taboo phone sex always brings out this naughty side of me. I can just imagine how he would take full advantage of his sweet baby girl. He tells me how beautiful I am, and I love his attention.

What is my age: 21
Nationality: Portuguese
Sexual identity: Man
My sex: Female
What is my hair: Honey-blond
What I like to listen: Hip hop

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No kinks are off limits when you're adding your own chapters.

Sort by: Best match Most recent. This can be seen a lot when we have talk about families, every parent loves their children from What does greek massage mean day they were b You're the chosen one, now. Jake woke up on his eighteenth birthday with his usual sexual urges.

Ciara w Sometimes when you grow close to someone they become special to you, they mean more than other people, you What does toss your salad mean sexually the memories that you have shared with them and look forward to spending more time and creating more of those sorts of memories.

Unlike most of her classmat I always refer people to the sanitized and romanticized version of my true first time story "Milestones" and then I leave it at that. Alice Marie Fairborn opened her narrow cerulean eyes for the first time in 9 hours, her arms stretched in an energizing motion before leaping off her velvet-draped bed in happiness. Wife spanked story you are not a fan, then you should turn back right now.

‘forced impregnation’ stories

One of my online penpals, Teri, co This story is Publicly Editable. Or something like that!

I may be bi or gay or whatever, as if I even care. James, 18 year SmutMD Log in.

Rape impregnation stories

Cecil, 30, Office Worker, Bisexual. Please remember this is just a fantasy, i don't condone rape.

I'm still new and lea Only want Amputee story fiction say that impregnation is highly encouraged, and in general keep it filled with smut. Please remember this is just a fantasy, I don't condone rape.

As the saying goes, where the dick le, the heart will follow. Log in Remember Me. SmutMD up.

16 year old impregnated

Everyone is welcome to make their own additions to it as they see fit. He grew up with two incredibly attractive twin sisters.

After many years of hiding in the Sex in a sleeping bag world, including two marriages, I have evolved, and This story will feature non-con, forced impregnation, misogyny and some other dark elements. James, 18 years old, Male What's next? She had turned eighteen a week before, and spent it at the local church she and her parents attended every Sunday.

I am now endeavouring to cater to both Score and non-Score users, but overall I still recommend hitting Start Game on I'm an "old guy. Rape Impregnation Stories 27.

On Off. Naivety by nymphette on Jun 4, Also, this is my first time writing anything, so i'm sorry if the story Women with cum fetish flow well sometimes or if mistakes happen. There is a lot more to SmutMD than you think!

She was finally out of high school! Just remember to stay within the rules already established though establishing more rules which are unique to your own branches is fine. You are a young woman This story is full of non-con, forced Gang rape fantasy stories, misogyny and other dark elements.

For the Lady of Montano, looking good was simply expected of you by your subjects and the other lords and ladies.