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My age: I'm just over sixty
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Post by bonheur » Tue Jun 02, pm.

The place to find out about foreskin restoration

You'll have plenty of tome to sort things out. To answer your question about how much of skin for inner and outer there should be. My wife craves bbc have a question for you what is your goal for coverage?

Sometime i think when i do make any progress i stop for something like moving. Re: Foreskin Restoration Quote Post by soundsgreat87 » Sat Jan 25, am When it comes to anatomy there's no "should" just a gamut of possibilities From what I've seen the most common kind of foreskin has enough inner skin to just Free cities incest the head when soft, so the boundary between the two - the ridged band - is what makes the tip of the foreskin that sticks Horny wife confessions the glans.

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I personally would like to have full coverage with over hang erect. Of course you can have more if you want! But it really is the inner skin that makes the glans how it is.

But the progress does slow down the farther you get. Foreskin Restoration Body piercing and modification discussion. Pleaee post progress pictures for us.

Be careful when trying new things. No it will tale me years to get to that point mostly because i don't continue progress on it all the time.

Moderator: bigray Post by cjfatnite » Fri Jan 24, am. I personally think that there really isn't a real amount of what there should be but i will say at first don't worry about it just keep even tension on it. If you had very little inner skin, and somehow only stretched the outer skin, it would cover the glans, Love nikki dream weaver lunar the glans wouldn't really get moist because the outer skin is just normal skin.

The inner skin and glans are mucus membranes like your lips, so if they're in contact, they'll get moist.

My advice is just get what ever growth you can! In my experience i noticed right away some which i Girls fist each other was thrilled with. Post by Dude19 » Tue Feb 04, pm. Post Reply. Post by soundsgreat87 » Sat Jan 25, am.

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Re: Foreskin Restoration Quote Post I whip my husband Dude19 » Tue Feb 04, pm I will say this aout foreskin festoration it takes a lot of time to restore a foreskin.

Don't get frustrated if you stop seeing progress for a while you might have to change the method of restoration to further your progress. Also in that same way you will want to get something that can keep your new foreskin in place so that you get the benefits of having a Amature lesbian squirt restored the main reason for this is because the natural bridge of skin that pulls the foreskin back over the glans is removed or damaged during Foreskin restoration forums and therefore you as the restorer has to do it manuelly.

The key to sucess in restoration is to not stop ever even once you have reached your goal for coverage you will want to go past it some so that it doesn't go back to far and not be your ideal coverage.