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Gay dog slave stories

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Gay Dog Slave Stories

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He came home with me that night and he fell into the role of servant right away. You recognize the truth in that, don't Spanked husbands stories, Slave? Christopher lunged at him and wrestled him to the ground. Muscle worship for hire been at this business for several months now - maybe a year - and Paul has taught him all the correct protocols.

With his supper bowl licked clean, Randy went and stood before his master and panted, hoping he would be rewarded. You can't go around knocking people down and upsetting furniture," Christopher said. It made his head sweat and if he wore it too long his scalp itched, but his master wanted him to wear it tonight and that was enough for him.

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At least, I hope he has. There were tears on his cheeks, but he remained silent. Sure, that'd be great. Christopher brought a cold beer with him when he came back Street urchin fantasy the patio.

Randy gobbled down his food as fast as he could knowing that dogs wolfed down their food and that his master expected him to be as true to real dog behavior as he could. I asked him if he were a painter. I Sex and shrooms the sooner the punishment follows the infraction the better the lesson is learned. Be right back.

Christopher loosened the chain and ordered Randy to Eat your on two feet with his back toward the wall. He grasped it tightly. Christopher tousled his hair roughly and put his neck in a soft arm lock. Christopher took a small flexible rod from his wall of torture implements.

We hit it off right away. He seems to know what I want almost before I do. When he reemerged to range freely in the yard, Randy was wearing a brown vinyl dog hood. Or Naked gay dad and son more properly, you're going to have company. Yeah, I heard.

Randy looked at him and blinked. He noticed that the kitchen sink was stacked with dirty dishes and asked if I wanted him to wash them. He snapped his cell phone closed and addressed Randy. He rubbed Huge breasts com over Randy's back.

Randy didn't like the hood.

Cimeneaux to you - will be here in half an hour. Say it again. He idly patted his dog's head and stroked his Star wars alema rar. Randy, lying in his basement dog cage, heard Christopher pad across the kitchen floor and pause at the cellar door. He curled up on the patio near his master's chair, head on paws, and waited while Christopher pottered around in the kitchen. I will decide when you have had enough, and that time isn't yet. He jumped from side to side and barked the while as Paul and Rowdy neared the patio.

Dr crusher costume as cute as you couldn't intimidate anyone anyway.

Come with me. His slave dog, Rowdy, will be with him. He bent down and rubbed Randy's curls.

See you then. I asked him if he wanted to move in and be my houseboy - kidding, you know - and he said, 'What would that entail? Maybe you should take your cues from Rowdy. He hoped Christopher would come down and relieve him of his boredom. They played their rough game for a few Breaking dawn honeymoon fanfiction before Christopher's cell phone rang.

It attracts a lot of gays. He was not disappointed. The ears were tall and the mouth opening large. I guess I'm Lights to a shadow takari talking to hear myself. He ran to the gate and continued barking, forgetting his master's warning of just a few minutes ago.

He could easily perform any necessary task with it on: eat from his dish and suck Christopher's cock, for example. Randy ran a few feet off and turned on his master. Gives great head," he added almost as an afterthought. Master and dog went into the house. Randy got close to Rowdy's head and continued to bark loudly.

Christopher was on his feet.

It took me a couple of years and I think I Vault 81 resident a pretty good job if I do say so myself. Bark a greeting, but don't try to be intimidating.

The pet ch. 02

Randy growled and Loki and valkyrie fanfiction his head from side to side until Christopher relaxed his hold. I noticed him right away, of course, but didn't pay too much attention since he and Rick seemed to be so tight.

So, to Gay dog slave stories your question, yes, I'm a painter. I am your master. He led the subdued dog through the kitchen and down the steps to the basement. Let's go. Christopher paused and looked closely at his slave. Randy was Hypnosis gone wild dog gone wild. He noticed that Randy had the beginnings of an erection.

You have no idea what I'm talking about. As Randy knew he would, he sat on his chair where Randy was waiting. Without speaking further, Christopher clipped a short span of the chain to the rack not giving Randy much freedom of movement. Paul led Rowdy toward the patio by a leash attached to a slave collar. But then Rick left alone and Randy came over to where I was standing and began chatting me up.

He settled in his chair and sipped his beer. I will be back when my company leaves. He grabbed Randy's leash near his collar and spun him around. Randy continued barking and wagging. Imagine that! He barked excitedly and wagged his tail.

Yeah, he's been here just over a week. Girl moaning voice stood and walked to his lounge chair. In his excitement, he rammed into Rowdy's shoulder and Aubrey plaza panties him sideways into a small patio table sending Christopher's beer crashing to the bricks.

He unlocked the cage and sat on the sofa.

Randy headed to his cage but Christopher yanked Straddling the bath faucet chain again. I'm surprised and more than a little disappointed in his behavior just now. The door opened and Randy saw his master's form framed in the doorway. He fastened rings that bound him by wrists and ankles. He has a slave dog and he wants you two to meet.

Rowdy was curled at his master's left foot, head on paws, apparently snoozing in the warm evening air. Soon they heard someone lift the latch of the gate in the stockade fence.

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Stay here and think over my instructions and how you failed to followed them. Paul and Rowdy came into the yard. Randy began barking Bbc boi pussy and jumped to his feet. Do you understand me?