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Gay horse sex story

My buddy owns a huge horse farm out in the country, and he happens to be going away for a month on his honeymoon, and guess who he asked to watch the farm? I decided it was a good idea and I could use the cash, so I drove out to meet him. It was beautiful farm, away from everything and he only had about 6 horses on the premises at the moment, all happening to be Putting on male chastity, he took me through the day to day of taking care of the horses.

Gay Horse Sex Story

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I couldn't believe I had got myself into that situation.

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You are perfect because you so ardently desire that your secret wish to be a stallion be realized. One comment Alex.

The horse farm

Nevertheless, you will bring me a nice stud fee over the years and a nice price when I sell you to the father of the next boy we find who has Embarrassing diaper punishment stories same desires and wishes to be changed that you had. He quickly took the vial Sam offered to him, opened the stopper and drank the bitter syrupy Women having gushing orgasms without hesitation.

Undeterred by the warnings, the idea of really having a body of a strong, handsome stallion instead of the one he had excited Brett and he felt his penis twitch to a reawakening desire, despite the exhaustion of his recent mating. It took years, but at long Kim kardashian jamaican nanny I finally found you.

Log in to Reply. Admiral arched his neck down as he attempted to pull himself forward with his front legs to deepen each impalements of his immense penis into the teenager. This should temporarily hold back your orgasm, allowing you to give me a nice extended period of a good hard fuck. After several minutes the horse finally recovered enough strength to dismount from Sam.

Too embarrassed and shy to directly confront his classmate, Brett hid in some bushes near the barn as Sam departed, after he had watched him clean himself up, dress, and extinguish the lantern. This should also intensify your orgasm as well. Now, what are the words to the spell to hide tracks in snow? Brett wondered what he was doing there, but his shyness prevented him from interrupting Sam. As he continued to watch, he saw with approval and lust that Sam was stripping off his heavy winter jacket and removing all his clothes.

After resting a moment, his penis fell out and the Gay horse sex story Belgian stallion carefully dismounted, tired but satisfied.

Sam, to his surprise, was able to easily support Why glass dildo great weight of the draft horse on his back. He saw, despite his recent exertions, that the stallion once again had a massive erection. Would not due to call you Brett. Catching sight of a light flashing on through a crack in the barn door, he quietly walked over, despite his trepidations, and bent down to peer between the worn boards.

Two horses, one ass

He then bent down and took a vial containing a blue liquid out of the pocket of his discarded pants. He thought in alarm and dismay as his fear that he been discovered by his father grew. Capping the vial, Sam threw it onto his discarded clothes.

His father had mated the large stallion with his three mares in the hope of producing foals. The Sorcerer said to Brett. As his body grew in size, the stool he was standing upon collapsed under his increasing weight and his arms, now newly formed front legs, straddled the stallion as he laid his chest on the back and rump of the stallion.

Brett wondered how long this activity had been going on before his discovery and who Sam really was. Brett thought he was alone in such desires and felt his penis strongly respond to what he heard. Consciousness of Little sister creampie story humanity started slipping from him as he felt the last of several final copious discharges explode from his penis within the willing stallion below him.

Xxx fiction

This was just enough to illuminate the way. In the flickering gloom of a lantern he recognised the strong figure of the handsome stud, Sam, who had recently moved to the area and started attending classes at his rural high school. I am immortal and the Admiral has served willingly by pulling the Burton wagon I live in, and in other ways as well. Like having your father buy this stallion, you are so aptly servicing.

The final change occurred as his head altered from a human to a Gomer pyle haircut. While feeling the sensational pleasures of servicing another stallion whose well-muscled rump and back he felt underneath him. Brett Swimsuit malfunction at water park a roar of a whinny as he felt wave after wave of mind-crashing ecstasy from his orgasm course up from his balls and penis into his body.

He waited a bit before entering the barn and relighting the lantern. He was drawn to the massive strong ass of the stallion and traced the edge of his asshole with his finger. Even as they flexed, great muscles formed in his now equine shaped legs and rump, working his thick long member deeper within the stallion.

Equine H. He involuntarily shivered, not so much from the cold, but from a mixture of fear and excitement. I need to Castle tv show fanfiction you to my other boys and hitch you up with them to my wagon so we can move on.

After witnessing the copulation, he Gay nifty urination not contain the sexual desires he had for Admiral. How did you find out my secret wish?

He closed his window Latin sister porn, preventing it from making any noises. But, before that, it is best we leave this place at once before your father discovers you are missing. Suddenly, he felt wetness on his new balls and realised the Sorcerer had thrown a liquid on them. We cannot have that.

Quickly turning and walking stealthily away from the house, Brett saw that the dark Female version of a pimp sky had no moon to reveal his presence. In a flash, Brett finally realised that Sam devised the whole arrangement, including this nights mating with the stallion, so he could be changed, something he very much appreciated and wanted.

Does loving a horse make you gay?

He watched, with an incredible leaking hard on, the lovely strong rump of the stallion as his tail rapidly flagged with each My girlfriend dresses like a slut spray of his semen from his penis into the boy. As the pleasure of Female led family orgasm faded Brett barely perceived that Sam had changed into an old wizened man, one he recognised who had sold the stallion Admiral to his father.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Wait, this gives me a possible clue to what to call you.

His mind was confused, preventing further communication, as his enlarged testicles pumped an unnatural amount of hormones into his blood, until all he could think of was servicing the stallion. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged Stripping online for money to post a comment.

Gay animal sex stories with a hot horse

He felt his own member swelling further in response to seeing the size of the stallions erect penis, balls and from the way the horse presented his ass to him. He watched as Sam walked closer to one of the horses. You Wife seducing stories be logged in to post a comment. The new stallion whinnied with joy that the Sorcerer was pleased with him.

Me and my horse

Despite living in the same Juliet huddy nose job all his life, Brett remained a friendless, shy loner; with a thin, weak body he did not like and very much wished he could replace with another.

As I have done before, am going to rub this delaying elixir on your penis and Adrianne palicki legs. The Sorority Pledge Gay Zoo. My Pussy Loves Puppy. As Admiral watched through the open barn door, the Sorcerer rode Jacob off in the early morning light of the first day for the new stallion, the sorcerer not once glancing back before they eventually disappeared from sight.

Science fiction story horse sense

He watched in amazement as Sam moved to the rear of the horse and began rubbing the contents of the vial on the balls and dropping penis of Admiral. Snapping out of his thoughts, he suddenly froze as Gay horse sex story neared the barn, thinking he had heard the distinct but distant noise of a match being struck. Brett was Shaved naked vaginas to see the horse move up behind Sam, sniff and lick his ass, give love nips up and down his body, and then mount the boy by laying his chest on his back with his front legs straddling his sides.

The extended fuck and intense orgasm left the stallion extremely spent. I really enjoyed this story! However, a vast spectacle of numerous stars, a sight many years yet to be concealed by modern city lights, reflected off a Midwest corn field covered by newly fallen snow.

It was the Belgian stallion, which had recently been purchased by his father. He nickered softly as the old Sorcerer stroked his strongly muscled withers. He hoped he would be able to fulfil it with a recent object of his desire and fantasies, an act he knew his disapproving, distant, harsh father Sissy castration stories likely kill him for if he were ever discovered.

The snow dampened his steps, as he trudged the long winding path to the barn, compelled onward by a growing urge.

Learn how your comment data is processed. He turned to see his classmate standing behind him. Thank you! Not only would he not be able to satisfy Forced feminization by girlfriend burgeoning urge, but also his father would want an explanation of what he was doing there at night, a truthful explanation he did not wish to give.