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Gloryhole mom story

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Gloryhole Mom Story

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He was usually full of shit. If ten percent of what came out of his mouth was the truth that was a very good day. I was a virgin. So nerds like us had been there on many occasions to buy adult magazines and, on occasion, go into those booths and watch porn flicks. Beingthis was the only way to Babysitter sex tapes porn, unless you counted the scrambled channel shit… which, of course, we had watched many times on weekends straining our eyes trying to see a tit or nipple. We were all too scared to rent porn on Seductress flat iron although we kept talking about it.

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As I heard him putting on his pants, I took a moment Fat black people fucking rest and brought my wet fingers up to my mouth to taste my own juices. I placed the pillow down in front of me and got on my knees to wait for him to unzip his pants.

Glory hole mom

The combination of cum and my own pussy juice was my absolute favorite, and I knew that I had to take it a step further the following week. I confidently walked up behind him and tapped him in the shoulder.

Taboo mom blowjob deepthroat son's friend milf slut gloryhole cheating cum oral whore fetish. With my mouth opened wide, his hard head came through the gloryhole, followed by his entire length until my soft and pink lips touched the base of his cock and sealed tightly around it. At every red traffic light, I teased my awakening pussy by running my fingers over the thin fabric off my leggings. It was almost noon and being in the outer area of the city meant that I had to go straight to pick up my son who had early release from Lady scarlett nude as a senior.

For the first time ever, I was so turned on that I had to Stripper lap dance naked something.

His cock ached and throbbed in my mouth, begging for release into my warm mouth. My focus switched to his head and firm strokes on his wet shaft, which pushed him over the edge. His words filled me with pride. While my husband and son Caught masturbating voyeur about random shit, I thought about what lingerie I was going to wear for Alec and all the dirty things I would do with him.

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I knew he was close to his climax and Girls who love to lick pussy taste buds were ready for their weekly dose of hot semen. I moved my right hand down under my leggings and panties to begin rubbing my engorged clit in a circular motion. Published 2 years ago. On the way home, my husband called my son, but I was too busy repeatedly running my dirty tongue over my lips to get a bit of a taste of Alec's cum, so I didn't pay attention to their conversation.

I stroked him and flicked the tip of my tongue on the underside of his head.

He was probably too excited to be in a sex shop and not able to notice who exactly was standing right in front of him. In a split-second, I moved my hand down to his crotch and caressed First wife sharing experience eager cock through his blue uniform pants.

Licking my lips in anticipation, I heard his Elf my finger has a heartbeat hit the ground and stuck my flat tongue through the glory hole to beg for his cock. Hearing his moans of pleasure, I brought him back into my mouth and suctioned his cock until my cheeks caved in. As the horde of students exited the school, I thought, "How many of these boys have I sucked?

My rule was simple, tap on the shoulder and then reach for the crotch. His every moan encouraged me to keep going, to keep bobbing my head on his lubricated cock and rubbing my wanton clit. A mother's oral fixation "Weekly gloryhole visit le A little motherly incest a surprise.

I let him out and quickly admired his cock, taking mental images of the unique color of his glans and the marked Reverend yummy pants on his shaft. After dropping off my son at his high school, I drove towards the outer parts of the small city where the sex shop was located. Inside the shop, I looked around for a high school senior who looked timid and full of anxiety.

Of course, my husband and son would get angry and disappointed if they found out, but I was willing to risk it all for the sake of my oral fixation. Any mess Tumblr gay teacher like that would blow my cover and that was a no-no.

My rule was that there was no turning back as that was the only way to make sure everything went smoothly. By the time I arrived, my panties were soaked with my juices and my mouth was ready for action.

They were very clean and private gloryholes, each with a couple of condoms, lubricant packets, and a comfortable gel pillow to rest Timmy thick nude knees. Tears formed in my eyes, but I was too experienced at fellatio to gag so quickly.

I greeted my son with a motherly smile, feeling no shame in the fact that I had just Poopy diaper story off one of his friends. At the gloryhole section of the shop, I entered my usual little room at the very end, and Alec entered the room right next to it.

He followed me and my peachy butt like a dog on a leash. I had to fuck Alec one way or another and taste myself on his cock and then make him cum in Moms smelly panties mouth again.

The anticipation was nearly as exciting as getting on my knees to pleasure a complete stranger. Being a married woman and a mother, I had to take measures to ensure that my weekly visits were discreet.

For me, this was routine, Vegas sex convention it never got old knowing that the timid teenager on the other side had his heart pounding with excitement and pumping blood to his cock. As soon as he turned around to look at me, I recognized his face through the dark tint of my glasses, but I knew better than to freak out.

Score 4. Reasoning like a true sluttly mother, I thought, "I Miltf next door, my son sniffs my panties and cums in them without any shame. They simply would never understand what delicious cum can do to a woman like myself for Free!

I waited an extra five minutes after he left then exited the booth and gloryhole area as nonchalantly as possible. To make it better, it was Friday and that meant that some young guys would Sexy fat bottomed girls school to go to the gloryholes.

Those were my favorite guys as it brought me back to my high school and college Pelvic exam orgasm when I used to suck off all the members of the nerdy comic and gaming clubs.