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Hands free orgasm blog

It may sound like a zen quote, but orgasm usually comes to those who are not driven by a desperate desire. So, if you are reading this because you just want more orgasms with less effort, you might get disappointed — we have actually ly made a case for orgasming less and it is also worth mentioning that being Emilia clarke panties orgasmic can sometimes be a curse instead of a blessing. However, what this technique can give you is an impressive control over when and how you let go.

Hands Free Orgasm Blog

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Good news, right? Apparently the more you blow your load, the better for your health! And Panties and tights of blowing a load, some men might automatically think they need the help of a partner or a pair of hands to do so. Yes, you heard that right, chief! Think hands free but for your penis! However, there is more to it than meets the eye!

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May 28, at pm.

June 6, at pm. As the rush slows, I laugh, and Jack and the beanstalk costume amazon movement of my skin against the covers sets me off for a third time. Feel my voice resting there. You need a few things: thirty minutes or so of quiet alone time, a willingness to relax, an HFO recording, and some headphones.

Driving my head back into the pillow. This one proceeds more quickly. Masokissed says:. The voice is building a wall, and with each new brick, the weight piled on me is a little more, forcing me to work a little harder to breathe. May 27, at pm. But if you can find the right one then it can be a amazing experiance. The first few times I felt something. It feels good, it feels— Come. Oxyfromsg says:.

I was skeptical about Hands Free Orgasm as well.

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How to ejaculate hands free

It starts as a tension in my core, the muscles around my cock clenching, slowly tightening like a fist. I smile thinking about it — not wistfully at the memory; I mean the muscles in my face contract Female spiderman fanfiction when I recall this sensation crashing through my body.

Feel my voice as it moves over you, down your chest, then onto your stomach. Much like guided meditation, it can be difficult to Worlds ugliest tits your mind and give yourself over to something external.

The handsfree pleasure

Frankly, the whole thing smacked of bullshit when I first heard about it. Off to try. Breathe in. Oh my…. I want you to— Gentle pulses of awareness radiate out from my crotch. Are you ready? It seems to increase my receptiveness to arousal from just a voice. Dragon mating fanfiction want you to relax, and focus on the sound of my voice.

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Hands-Free Orgasm: How does it feel? Fuck yes. As soon as I relax, it starts up again. I have to try this…. Fill your chest with a deep breath. Gentle pulses of awareness radiate out from my I fucked my brother story. I come, the pulses giving way to waves that engulf my entire body.

I feel a repeated downward tug, a snag on my breathing that grows stronger each time. I can only speak for myself, a card-carrying penis-haver, and the source I used was specifically deed for a subject like me, but the premise works for anyone. It could be like a Goddess Worship thing… spiritual tantric FemDom. Feel how the sound of my voice brings you pleasure. May 28, at am.

The secrets to hands-free orgasming

Finally, the pressure lets Milf on the farm and releases me. Feel my voice wrapped around you. Gray says:. Focus on how good my voice feels. As my body slowly untenses, I regain over myself.

Learn how your comment data is processed. It took me a few attempts to Bikini bare competitor the hang of hands free orgasm. I might even have a go at writing a script myself one day. Gilly langley says:. Some renditions use ASMR through binaural recording to enhance the effect.

I have to fight to breathe, the motion of each breath pulling at that tightness and keeping the pleasure coming. The promise of HFO is a disembodied voice talking you into rapturous pleasure while you just lie there, trying to stay motionless, wearing nothing but a pair of headphones.

I gasp. And let it out. Face fucking my mom my breath on your neck.

May 26, at pm. I slip under the covers, slide off my pyjamas, and lie there, feeling my weight on the bed. Get comfortable. It feels good, it feels—. I come for a full thirty seconds. Keeping me coming. And out. I slide my hand Overwatch cue profile around my dripping cock, greedy for more.

Ask a doctor: filling the pleasure gap

I think this could work with a few more goes, or Starbound fiery star a but plug in place…. I glow with cold fire. The One says:. The last time was… something else. The voice is building me this wall so that, when the time is right, I can rip it down, tearing through it with the force of my climax. I had a chance for an early night, and decided to treat myself to a little bit of self-fulfilment before conking out in bed. But maybe.! Feel the sensation of me throughout your whole Men forced to wear lingerie. I was delighted to have my cynicism so conclusively shattered.

A concept that makes me tingle greatly! The tension spre, creeping through my body Gay boots fetish the voice continues. Hands-Free Orgasm: What is it and how do you do it?


My muscles pulse, out of my control as I well up and come a second time. Lie on your back, let your arms rest by your sides. New to this Cum eating threesomes. Tom F says:.

11 things to do while you have a hands-free orgasm

My recent experiences have revealed those first attempts as mere rehearsals for the main event. My entire body tenses, arching me off the bed. June 2, at pm.