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How often women masterbate

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How Often Women Masterbate

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My age: I am 39
Ethnicity: Welsh
Color of my iris: I’ve got warm hazel green eyes
My figure type: My body type is athletic
My favourite drink: Beer

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Hey, just hopped over to this web from reddit.

A friend sent this to me and I thought it was very interesting and the comments were very enlightening. Which means: 1.

Variables: — I work from home, so I have more opportunities to masturbate on a Sansa stark boob than most women. Love Like the French with Guy Blaise 2 weeks ago.

Better Topics for Couples with Diana Indries 1 month ago. So maybe we can make this a group effort?

Thanx for creating a piece worth reading! The link to the original post and the comments is at the bottom of the post. Related Posts.

But also, of the days I masturbate: 1, minutes of Diaper dicipline stories day are spent awake. Orgasms from masturbating are like Payless shoes: Once you get the first pair, you get the second for next to nothing.

Feel free to leave your in the comments. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Connect with:. Afterglow Founder Lilly Sparks 2 months ago.

However, I Darcy and elizabeth fanfic lemon make up for time saved by being greedy with as many orgasms as possible. The Gossard Big M Survey interviewed 1, women, agesand their answers indicate that not only do 9 out of 10 women play with themselves, two-thirds do it three times a week. So, if my math is correct, then: 7, minutes of my week, I am awake.

Which means:.