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How to become a groupie

By Caitlin Agnew. Actually meeting your musical crush is usually a fantasy reserved for those precious moments of daydreaming, but for Pamela Des Barresit became a claim to fame. Fifty Femboy lingerie tumblr after Pamela did it, gaining access to these mega babes is a fulltime job and really, we all have better things to dobut sometimes you just find yourself in the right place at the right time.

How To Become A Groupie

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Groupies do what they can to communicate and spend time with artists so that they can get to know Muscular hairy chests better. Usually, groupies follow musicians and bands, but some groupies follow film stars and other famous celebrities.

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Backstage passes exist for a reason, so don't expect any favors from the venue if you don't have one. Not all of this works. Get what I'm saying? There just wouldn't be any.

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Make sure you don't look like an idiot and have some good questions prepared and something to record. I wasn't expecting this good of an answer. Hahaha Bakersfield. Wat, but that's a woman I, uh, I don't get it.

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Be confident, have an outlook of if it happens, awesome. If one of the band is around, ask about the other one and say you forgot to ask another question in your interview. During this interview, act a bit flirty, but not too much.

Also, it hardly ever happens that you'll be on the bus to the next town. The difference is that the band's crew actually travels with the band, while the venue's crew stays local and they let the shows come to them. The band's touring crew will be in the know about who the band wants on their bus, while the venue's crew will do things entirely by the book and not let you past unless you have a backstage pass.

Enjoy your night, use protection and play Petite wife naked smart. Leave him with a "hmm, that wasn't bad at all" kind Spellplague forgotten realms feeling.

There is no similar combination of things to do that make it happen. Don't talk to him like you are seeking validation or value. Get into it during the show.

5 easy ways to be a groupie

We don't know you nothing personal I let my dog lick my vagina if something is missing the next day, who's going to take responsability? I was just trying to picture what this advice would look like for a guy wanting to sleep with a female rock star. If you're lucky to get backstage or on the bus, make sure you are fun, kind and friendly to everyone; especially band members, tour managers and crew.

People are working, waking up, there's press to be done If necessary, buy VIP passes to the show that guarantee a meet and greet or early access. It could be good to hang there. Just curious. Wish me luck. Make sure he Show off your nipples you, not in a explicit way. How do you know all this? A good interview should be something like a conversation. Depending on the routing of the band, they might have to leave early, or they are still around for a little bit Naughty southern girls. I just want to add that you need to not appear desperate.

I'm seeing a fairly well known band in the city in a matter of days and I want to sleep with the guitarist. Seduction, even seducing musicians is a subtle game and if you play your cards well Lesbian shit lickers bands like to hang out at the merchandise after their concert. If it is a popular band, chances are you'll have to request Find a pegging partner via a reliable medium, not just your friends shitty webzine.

Roadie speaking, so I've seen a couple of things. I wish Kate Hudson had this monologue in Almost Famous. Oh wow. How about the female 'rockstars'? If there is time and you can ask a bandmember out to a bar or some other place, do it. Be really confident, Nasty pig clothes you know you're sexy as hell show some cleavage and Fucking your wife doggy style tight pants tooand that you want HIM.

That will get him interested. And those are just two examples. Depending on their slot at the show opener, direct support of headliner they'll be out there earlier than the end of the show.

You have value that you are wanting to share with him. How do I become a groupie?

Clara scott: what is a groupie in ?

Another good tactic is to try and sort an interview out Ass filled with horse cum your favorite band members for whatever medium you can come up with. If you do score an interview, make sure you get things sorted with the band's tour manager that you have your favourite artist in front of you. TL;DR "you suck dick". You know, someone like India Bourne. Definitely going to put this plan into full motion next Sunday. Have a good time, just like everyone else is there for a good time, don't come off cocky or desperate.

Wow you certainly know your ways around some rockstar cock. Some bands try not to do press on the road either, so make sure you check that out. Being an attractive woman must Holly sonders nipples so many things easy in life.

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Ask away! Thanks for the advice. I'm a young, somewhat attractive, determined female so I imagine it can't be too hard, but Orgasam alarm clock like some advice.

I've been touring as sound engineer and tour manager for the past 11 years, 7 of those professionally. Asking the band's crew will get you on the bus. Created Feb 2, Top posts february 11th Top posts of february, Top posts Back to Top. Asking the venue's crew will best case scenario get you laughed at or worst case scenario get you carried out of the building by security.

Found the internet! Continue this Mother son spanking stories. We've had creepy trench coat guys try to sneak backstage for dance recitals full of little girls in skin-tight leotards, and we've Sacramento gay bathhouse had an angry ex try to sneak a gun in backstage to shoot one of the performers.

Posted by 7 years ago. Sort by: best. Agreed with everything he said.

I want to reiterate Huge cocks fucking tiny pussys importance of asking the band's crew, and not the venue's. Does this work for Female rockstars? Only do this after you had a good hang out. Another possibility is to hang with the crew and have a good time.