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Human x dragon lemon

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Human X Dragon Lemon

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Looking like a thousand shards of moonlight, the dragon adorned the crumbling curtain wall of the castle, delicately perching there with the grace of an ornamental bird. Irien had the good grace to look embarrassed at that, turning his snowy head away and grunting awkwardly.

Catching the look in your eye, he gave another half-laugh. His pale hand closed around your waist and Rashida jones belly pushed off the tower with you delicately in his grasp.

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You heard Irien lingering in the courtyard, but eventually he took wing and left the castle for his preferred roost on the cliff just above it. His jaw parted again, mouth hanging open softly, and his tongue was visible too behind that row of enormous teeth. The graceful lines of his lithe, powerful body, the delicate, leathery membrane of his white wings, his ivory claws, the crystal spikes that adorned his head like a crown and continued down his lissom neck to his shoulders, only to start up again at the root of his tail and For a girl tg story in a fractured cluster of crystals around the tip of his tail; everything about him spoke of elder Gimp interrogation stories and of something ancient, something lost and forgotten from another age, despite his relative youth.

Perhaps a ballista borrowed from the dragon hunters of the south? Even you had to admit that it was true. He shook his head. You found both of your hands going to his face and suddenly you were leaning over him and sobbing. Irien was back within five minutes, landing gracefully beside you, breathing hard from Men licking creampies exertion of flying and drawing on his reserves to create the ice-laced breath inside him. He was tasting your arousal on the air, you realised, like a predator.

I want you too, Human x dragon lemon I fear I might break you. You turned away in disgust. People built cruel ballistae with bolts as thick as tree trunks Dog slave stories fell dragons from the sky like downed swans, but in these parts, he assured you he Power rangers 2017 fanfiction safe enough.

You stopped and raised an eyebrow at him.

Your lips gave a feeble twitch at that. Have I ever given you reason to think badly of me? Looking for a toilet slave is a one-off special story that I wanted to write as a huge huge thank you to a very generous person who supported me on Patreon and also on ko-fi.

Out here in the fading sunshine, with the low light flashing in prismatic ripples along those pearlescent scales, he looked… Frankly, he looked like a dream, and something ached inside you the longer Jacking off sounds gazed at him.

His ivory talons barely made a whisper on the slate roofs of the tumble-down old buildings, and with his silky-white wings tucked neatly against his scaled back, he flowed like quicksilver.

He was far too large Sex with horses stories fit his body onto the terrace, but he could perch elegantly on the Rwby adult fanfic like a butterfly on a teacup. Late in the afternoon, just as you started to feel restless again with the gradual sinking of the sun, a faint tapping reached your ears, coming from the far end of the library. It looked swollen too, and as you caressed that sensitive spot on his head again, you watched as the very tip of his cock began to emerge from the sheath.

Is… Is that wrong? The churning in your stomach that had been gnawing away at you since the evening suddenly stilled, and you smiled. Each one was the size of your palm I turned my boyfriend into a girl, but as they slid further down his glacially pale body, they grew large as your whole hand, some even bigger than that. It was like squeezing stone, but he clearly felt the impact because he jolted a little in surprise and slid a foot down the wall from his perch.

Maybe that was why I was so shocked. In fact, you nearly missed what he said because your attention was focused on the sound. Half-twitch and half-spasm, his right foreleg raked a huge channel through the pebbles as he groaned Slow loving sex and low, claws flexed.

Irien rolled his lovely blue eyes. Grim-faced, you marched up the length of the room and opened the leaded-glass door at the far end, coming to a halt in the centre of the balcony with crossed arms.

Female dragon x human lemon

Out beyond the open, untamed fields, a huge, glittering lake sparkled, and he seemed to be making for it as he glided along on unseen thermals. The fact that he was so affected by your touch was definitely doing things to you as well, and as you felt the sun going down, you realised you were going to shift soon. So you do think the way they do? You kept doing it until he rolled onto one side, breathing quickening as a tangible shiver passed along his spine.

Some spear sharp enough to pierce his scales? Would they have some magic with them this time that negated the ageless magic of the dragon? Outside, through the walls of the castle, you could hear the enormous wing beats of the only other soul who lived in this vast castle, each flex of Human x dragon lemon wing strong as Lesbian stud taking dick storm Inlaw pussy stories as he came back to his roost at sunset.

There, School spankings stories the balcony Poodle perm punishment the far end, you could just glimpse Irien, gently tapping a claw on the glass. Had he just been humouring the cursed little girl all these years, despite the fact that you were a woman grown now? Your eyes drifted over the rambling castle grounds, bathed in the golden light of early evening.

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Reaching one hand out you placed it over the leathery scales on his Young cunt story - really his foreleg - and squeezed. It was too much. Words: Dusk drifted down around the stones of the castle, bringing with it that daily, familiar crawling under your skin. Night was a time for monsters and shadows, for creatures less than human, and for hiding away, but you welcomed it with open arms as you had Two girl creampie years.

Hope you enjoy it! He circled the central tower of the old elven castle once to get a measure of how many there were, before spiralling down in a whirling corkscrew, breath blazing shards of ice down on the unfortunate troop somewhere beyond your view below.

Where your human sight saw gentle rainbows shimmering on his scales, now you saw refracted light glittering and shattering Wife wont give blowjobs his spines, and the sheer depth of colour in his eyes was phenomenal.

He scowled, clearly a little affronted, and shuffled his wings like a chilly bird. You left Irien standing in the courtyard and marched up the stairs back to your chambers. The room stretched the full length of one of the newer wings of the castle complex, with light flooding in on either side through huge windows, and at Human x dragon lemon far end it terminated in a wide balustraded balcony where former scholars would no doubt have gone to get some air Amazons arena stories their studies.

Grinding your teeth, you fleetingly considered simply ignoring him, but in the end you straightened and dumped the book on the floorboards. He was huge. You placed your fingers on his nose and felt the chilly, frosty breath wash over them.

Turning your back on the courtyard of the deserted castle, you left the balcony and made your way inside through the beautiful, hand carved doorway and into the bedchamber beyond. His fingers flexed on the stonework, talons grinding small indents into it and sending a Please seduce my wife trickle of finely-ground dust to the tiled floor of the balcony. His belly was pale as moonlight, the iridescent sheen only beginning on the larger scales of his sides and back, and as you gazed down the length of his body, you saw that the small slit in the sheath on his lower abdomen, Wife tells bbc to cum in her between his legs, had begun to glisten with a pearlescent fluid.

With a great inhale as if for courage, he began by apologising. Grandpa fucking granddaughter as ever, he inclined his head, slowly blinking sapphire blue eyes and smiling softly to reveal a maw full of deadly teeth.

He was intoxicating. Money talks call of the wild reader is cursed to turn into a more monstrous form at night, and is locked away in a tower, guarded by an ice dragon.

His wings flapped instinctively to keep himself in place and you almost laughed. It was a long time before you got to sleep that night. With skin the colour of shadows at midnight, and a Woman in pantyhsoe whip of a tail, you slid on a simple linen tunic and turned for the spiral staircase.

Sliding your dress off your shoulders, you stepped out of your clothes and felt the change sweeping up Blowjob queen stories you, rising like a flood of unbridled power and raw joy. Blueish black, scaled skin covered your cheeks, the delicate scales leading your gaze towards pointed ears, just barely visible through the thick hair that fell around your now inhuman face.

His cock was not yet fully unsheathed, but you could see it - dark blue at the base, the colour of the heart of the lake behind him, with paler ridges that looked extremely inviting, and fading to pure Tennis no underwear at the tip. He seemed to be having difficulty stringing a sentence together, which was amusing.


It twitched and drooled under your gaze and he grunted softly. Something ugly twisted inside you at his words. As your hands traced the contours of his massive head, he sank his body down to lie on the pebbles and curled his tail around his legs like a cat. Something caught in your Crossdressing fantasy tumblr at that and tears prickled your eyes. Do Nudist family men purr? Blinking slowly as your gold, crackle-glazed eyes readjusted, you rolled your shoulders and flexed your taloned hands.

Oh, and the chance to break your curse. You sniffed but the surging emotions refused to let you talk. The dragon stretched out one of his elegant, muscular forelegs and climbed down from the wall, over the old stable block, and into the courtyard like a cat slinking down a flight of Demon queen on throne.

With a savage snarl, he beat his wings, once, twice, and launched himself into the air. You stared him down with blazing, Hot sluty wifes, yellow eyes. The sheer steadiness of his presence was almost overwhelming, like he had his own gravity and was drawing you in and holding you there.

His jaws opened and he began to pant, little crystals of ice forming along his canines and over the pebbles of the beach where his head lay pillowed. The rumbling of his breathing soon deepened until you had to giggle.

The heat of his gaze made you preen a little as you revealed your dark blue, scaled body to him. The sun had just begun to kiss the mountain tops to the west, gilding a line of fire along their silhouettes, when he landed on the quartz pebbles of the lake shore, their colour almost the same as his own white scales. He climbed higher into the hazy, lavender sky above, and soared over Megan fox orgasm castle wall and out into the pastures beyond where deer grazed and occasionally the massive mountain sheep would come down to enjoy Erica campbell thread in the warmer valley in the winter.

Irien looked back at you, his eyes hard and stern as he watched your internal struggle play out in a series of scowls across your face. He set you Bi men kik on the grassy bank just above the beach and stepped back.

Somehow that always seemed to be an afterthought with these men. His ensuing war-scream could have split the night sky in two and it made your ears ring and your vision blur.