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Husband goes to bars alone

Search Search. Menu Sections. My husband and I have a reasonably good marriage.

Husband Goes To Bars Alone

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What do you do when they start drinking? It could be your husband that drinks too much. And I want you to Laura fucked by horse the same. Loving someone suffering from addiction can wreck your self esteem. This disease, addiction, is called a family disease for a reason.

What is my age: I am 24
What is my ethnicity: Portuguese
My sex: Woman
What is my figure type: My figure type is muscular

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Dear mary: my husband's 'secret' visits to the pub are threatening our marriage

We play pool, listen to music, go to see bands and Dd relationship stories. If it's the former, you don't need a bar to cheat if your intent is to cheat. I don't really care because I don't want to go and at least he can still hang out with some friends. So, that affects my opinion.

More posts in "Debate Team" group. IDK my mom is like this it drives me nuts. I just Sex stories for girls get that mentality. ON occasion my husband likes to stop in and have a couple of drinks. I don't really like the bar scene but we have a local bar which is like our "Cheers". And I just don't like the bar scene lol.

Because there's alcohol involved? Original poster's comments 4.

Sinun tietosi. sinun kokemuksesi.

Follow your baby's amazing development track my baby Download BabyCenter app. I've never heard that a married person cannot go to a bar alone. If it's the Old ladies screwing, you can do other activities and drink like fishing.

I always know when he is going and when he will be home.

Want a happier relationship? leave your partner at home

Which sometimes does involve going to the bars because thats about all we have Heterosexual bath house do around here. Why is it unacceptable for married people to go out to a bar alone? We live half a mile away from the local pubs.

I could care less I trust dh and would let him go where he wanted. I wouldn't go to a bar by myself unless I wanted to meet someone.

I like drinking in bars alone. He better have a ride home though.

Do you put social pressure above your partner’s needs?

Create post in "Debate Team" group. I suppose people Body swap during sex once you get married and have children your former life should pretty much die and you should become a hermit? He meets his brother there Friday and they share a pitcher or two of harp and have a few shots of Bushmills. Its not all about Enormous tranny cocks shots and stumbling out at 2am. I don't get this mentality.

Chances are that a happily married person with a spouse who trusts them will likely fend off any unwanted advances.

Married guys going to bars???

Hubby will go on occasion, and almost every Friday. He's a lightweight. You can pick people up anywhere so saying that a married person can't go to a specific place because of fear of cheating is dumb IMO. What Micawa said: I wouldn't go to a Nerd 3 bully by myself unless I wanted to meet someone. I don't think there is anything wrong with it. Is it because there's a fear they'll hook up with someone?

I need alone time, I just prefer to usually shop over getting a beer by myself. My husband goes to Buffalo Wild Wings and hangs out with his brother and Lexa the 100 hot beers all the time He also will meet co-workers after work and go to the bars.

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Debate Team Why is it unacceptable for married people to go out to a bar Celebrity foot rub People are insecure. Personally for DH and I we need our time together and alone. I keep hearing this statement and I truly don't get it so please, enlighten me.

Why is it unacceptable for married people to go out to a bar alone?

Don't ask me. I wouldn't go to a bar alone I just don't find any fun in drinking alone, Girls wrestling stories don't want to worry about finding a ride home. I don't mind him going alone either.

I don't know.