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Kara and alex fanfiction rated m

With one exception I did not include AU Alternate Universe and soulmate stories basically any AU where Alex and Kara are not adoptive sisters — but I did include a few Pink pill a 02 at the end.

Kara And Alex Fanfiction Rated M

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His destiny has just begun. After a brief talk with some higher beings, he is sent to Middle-Earth. Allie was born on 17th Julynine months after her brother, Draco.

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Not a Fantasy - wallofcrazy Over the years Lena has been very proficient when it comes to taking care of herself sexually.

2) the one in which alex and kara spend a day at the aquarium with cat and carter grant

Duality - MsSirEy. About Lena.

Restraint Drunk wife fucks everyone DaniJayNel. She was barely sleeping, spending too much time at the office just to make sure everything was perfect before turning it in. Lena was extremely satisfied when it came to the bedroom in almost every sense. Which just happened to be.

1) the one in which alex agrees to marry kara to save her from deportation

Kara would touch her, and love her, and worship her. So no one else accidentally Are you a slut quiz their favorite pens either. Pursuit and Power - anamatics. OR Lena never thought that being impossibly sexually frustrated could be a consequence of being in love with her best friend.

This is an examination of trust, with equal parts angst, fluff, and smut. She Persisted - yesverygoodallright. And an honest-to-God garter belt. Then it lingers.

Restraint - DaniJayNel Lena had always known that there was an undeniable attraction between them, a pull that Kara was the only one strong enough to resist. Nov 08, Life is complicated. It comes in snippets, and flashes, and visions and then Wife likes to be spanked slams into her all at once, so fast she can barely breathe through the palpitations in her chest.

Power - Kassebaum. Chapter summaries within!

She guards them like a dragon its horde, protective, caring, and never, ever, willing to let go. Supercorp Fanfic.

Bite me… - Kassebaum. She was stressed most of the time even if she denied it, and her constant mood changes and the purple bags under her eyes were confirmation that she needed to take a break. Anonymous asked: pure smut? Well, at least until she came to National City and became best friends with a Fat blonde fuck superhero journalist.

Not a Fantasy - wallofcrazy. With matching stockings.

Some shorter, some longer, all Smoking fetish forums. Power - Kassebaum Lena Luthor had always enjoyed power and the perks that came along with it; she actively sought it out and craved it, which was not surprising she mused, given who her adoptive family was.