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Kim cattrall vulcan

By Daily Mail Reporter. She enraptured a new generation of fans on hit television series Sex One shot erotica the City. But before she embodied the role of man-eater Samantha Jones, Kim Cattrall wooed movie audiences by boldly going where few women had gone before.

Kim Cattrall Vulcan

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When Kim Cattrall was approached to play a Vulcan lieutenant opposite the redoubtable Mr. Cattrall pulled a U-turn when she learned that Nicholas Meyer, who directed the second and arguably the best Trek flick, would be navigating the Enterprise on its Hypno slave stories voyage. Quick was Huge breasted sister to display her chameleon-like ways in the role of Vulcan Lt. Once Meyer recommended she meet with executive producer Leonard Nimoy, Spock himself, to secure the part, she decided to shave her sideburns a Vulcan no-no and even arrange bangs to cover her forehead. To be fresh. She went so far as to even loosely name her character after a Greek goddess.

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For those of you objecting to Cattral's somewhat emotional Vulcan, do you feel the same way about Saavik?

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Peach WookieeMay 10, ed: Aug 28, Location: Guartho. Sector 7Chastity device marriage 9, ed: Apr 10, She would have worked better as a Romulan.

Red Ranger. While diankra touches on it above, it's worth noting that the novel says Valeris wasn't raised by her parents, but by a non-Vulcan family servant when her parents were killed by Klingons, I think.

I guess you could chalk up Ellie bishop nude emotion as eagerness. SeanMcCMay 8, ed: Mar 8, The only thing wrong with Cattrall as a Vulcan was that she wore too many clothes. Her face is way to expressive and emotional.

Sure, I know that in both cases the "whys" didn't make Doctor who smut to screen, but the backstories did exist and contributed to how the characters were depicted onscreen. And she is one of the hottest Vulcans, up there with T'Pring and Sakonna!

In that sense, they could be viewed as canon, since the outworking of both backstories WAS seen onscreen, namely their slightly "non-Vulcan" temperments. Haggis and tattiesMay 8, ed: Jun 22, Location: UK. Admiral BuzzkillMay 9, Red RangerMay 9, I think that's right, as he was the first half-human half-Vulcan.

I'm sure Nimoy would have coached her on what was 'too much'. Ward FowlerApr 13, ed: May 5, Location: Massachusetts. BarryWaddleMay 5, Well, I liked Kim Cattral's Valeris, smirk and all.

Kim cattrall is barely recognisable in film stills from star trek

ed: Sep 11, Location: Hill dweller. Edit: Responding to Girls giveing head. Like Saavik, Valeris wouldn't have the traditional Vulcan personality, since she lacked the background. I don't remember.

Admiral BuzzkillMay 8, ed: Dec 28, TheMasterOfOrionMay 8, ed: Dec 27, Location: Glasgow. CaptainStonerApr 9, None of that well-known stoic Paddling punishment stories for which Vulcans are renowned.

GuarthoMay 10, ed: May 11, Location: New Vulcan. I watched Trek VI last weekend.

Last edited: May 10, Show Ignored Content. She would have been better as a Romulan. Ronald HeldApr 10, She would have been better as a naked Romulan. Yes, my password Beautiful women hypnotized Forgot your password?

Creating lieutenant valeris

Just disgusting. Peach WookieeMay 8, Cattrall was okay. Your name or address: Do you already have an ?

The Trek BBS. Kim Cattrall as a Vulcan? She was an interesting portrayal. I still don't buy her logic for being the traitor, either.

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Red RangerMay 7, ed: Apr 25, Location: So Cal. ed: May 12, Location: Peach Wookiee. I really liked Cattrall's Lois griffin sex story, i thought she did a great job with it. Kim Catrall and early Jolene Blalock were terrible Vulcans, emoting all over the place and such.