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Link and zelda breath of the wild fanfiction

When Link woke, so did Zelda, but she had been torn from the Goddess and her sealing power. She is in love with him. Anyway, I had this Sister massage sex while playing BotW.

Link And Zelda Breath Of The Wild Fanfiction

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That was very forward of me. So, he did the next best thing.

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Forbidden Love by Linkand Tetra.

A Simple Game and other tales by Pata Hikari. Comments: The fanfic is basically a crossover between the two games of the separated timeline, Twilight Princess and The Wind Waker. You need Doctors office orgasm to do this.

Unless you have a laptop. Get Known if you don't have an. Legend by Pam t3h Spam.

Remember to raise the fic over your head before you add it here. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Unknown Legends by KTWizard. Ascension by Damien. A Fallout 4 idiot slut of Courage by Ruthie of the Wildcats. Flowers for Fi by Shie.

Theriocephalus: Seconded — the art is extremely good, the relationship between the main characters well-written and compelling, Ganondorf's personality is believably complex, and the various characters are all well-realized and enjoyable. The fic is now on ao3 as well. The Waters of Nayru by Frank Cassandra on the librarians. Gilded by Chinglingabell.

We recommend printing it out, first, though: holding a monitor over your head is both stupid and dangerous. Revival of the Gods by Aroband.


But their biggest battle is the fact that Zelda is royal and Link is not. Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast. Hylian Lullabies by Kayari of Midnight. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance. Hit List by zestycrouton. Doubt by Airplane. Breaking Zelda's Curse Breastfeeding husbands friend Seldavia. The heros of Termina by Freak Gamer. To Forge the Master by Emerald Dragon.

More than it Seems by Electra Goop. Exoria by Sudentor. General Fics. They'll face pirates, old enemies returned for vengeance, and a prince intent on Hyrule's throne. And so she meets up with him one night to propose a solution to their never-ending war; a marriage between them. Nobody would back up the rec.

Dream. de. ride.

For the Love of One's Country by Seldavia. Eloze by Darklink. It le some interesting foreshadowing of things Girls taking massive cocks come that only makes you guess what's going to happen, and it's very clever in bringing back elements from Ocarina of Time, to tie these two separate worlds together.

Remember me as a time of day by ryttu3k. Tainted Heartby fleets. It so far shows to be a very creative story and the character interactions that you see so far are very enjoyable to read. As such discussion is important, Harley quinns pussy remember to add the discussion to the watchlist, if need be. Mary Sue alphabet by Yuyake no Okami. Rend by fleets. A Love Story by Allendra.

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Taken from FF. Be warned that there is violence, torture, sensuality and a bit of swearing. A gateway opens, pulling the two in, eventually awakening to find themselves in a world covered in water.

Whether you ship Zelda and Ganondorf or not and are only willing to give this the benefit of the doubt, this comic is still very good. Shipping Fics. Consolation Prize by Sailor Comet.

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Kasuto's Redemption by Vopi. Crossover Fics. Dimensional Links by ChangelingRin. Whom She Found by HylianHero Community Showcase More. Potential of Man and Too deep in her pussy by karkashan. The Last Lokomo by Vaantora. But still, dangerous to try this alone After a few samples, you will be able to judge whether you might be interested in the 'fic, based on who recommended it.

Rose Zemlya. Follow TV Tropes. Add Review.

A curse, not a blessing by Insane. Discussion of the recommendation is welcome on the discussion. Authors, and Websites.

Comments: I haven't caught up with it yet, but this comic is very interesting! Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. The Tacochickenwings. Come for the Zelgan, stay for Naked wives cool Zelda, long-suffering Impa, Skull Kid and Vaati's nonsense, and Zelda's daughter being a lot more than she seems.

Best legend of zelda fics

The relationship between Ganondorf and Zelda has a slow burn feel to it, there are a good mixture of both dramatic and comedic moments, and the art style is very beautiful! How Do You Love Her? Shame Sleeps Where Pleasure Lies by wayward-river. Curse of the Triforce by Lord Syntax. Lethe by Chavvah. No-name recommendations will be Zapped! Even stranger, they come across a young boy who bears a resemblance to Link, even sharing his name! Impa's Best smut stories by Ted Aunt feet stories. The Stuff of Legends and sequel Off-Kilter by ryttu3k.

Free as the Wind by Trickster's Imagination. Zelda's Honor by Dark Flame Wolf. The story is Slime girl fanfiction very fascinating and the author loves giving you details on the littlest things that make you feel like you're in this world.