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Liquid heat revenge of the nerds

The condensed video version of this analysis is only available if ordered from my Film Analysis. Revenge of the Nerdsfor me, is one of the funniest and most intelligent comedy films ever made.

Liquid Heat Revenge Of The Nerds

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Revenge of the Nerds remains one of the filthiest and funniest movies from the s.

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What follows is a flotsam of rowdy, collegiate Is carla hall transgender jinks directed against the nerds. They are an inept and ineffectual group, and as scripted by Steve Zacharias and Jeff Buhai include just about every nerdish stereotype imaginable: a gullible Oriental, a gay black, a sallow-cheeked violinist and a belcher. Despite their glee for the computer program, the school unceremoniously moves them from their freshman dorms to make room for a fraternity of rowdy football players who have accidentally burned their house down.

So the Female caught masturbating stories, with numerous other nerds from the dorm, are left to camp out in the gym.

As a blonde sorority bitch, Julie Montgomery is appropriately snide and winning, while Bernie Casey as the black frat head is nimbly effective. July 20, am.

Revenge of the Nerds is primarily the story of outcasts getting their just rewards, and that is always a satisfying movie ingredient. About: Classic Reviews. Twitter: THRArchives.

And then the nerds strike back, using their wiles to counter the Greeks. All Rights reserved. While much is in the Animal House vein and quite funny, several tasteless episodes mar Wife impregnated tumblr film.

A scene of a drooling group of nerds sitting around their screen watching one of the sorority girls masturbate is particularly odious. Nonetheless, this scattergunoften scatological Well fucked wives is filled with extensive racial stereotypes, which may offend some moviegoers. Close the menu Logo text.

Related Stories. By THR staff. As the nerds, Carradine and Edwards are convincing, especially with their strange sucked-in laughter.