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Lost swimsuit stories

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Lost Swimsuit Stories

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Her body was the definition of a sporty,tanned girl in JC. She usually practised in the school pool during off-peak hours to avoid distractions from casual swimmers splashing around.

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Swimsuit edition! 9 stories about what we wear in the water

It happens all right Diaper boy scotty to the ugly chick. Lee himself thinks it was Sakura, and he shoves the trunks in her face. Happens twice in this Nova Schin ad. Happens in School Rumble. A character performs an impressive dive into a lake, swimming pool, or other body of water. Spirou and his friend Cassius are at the beach, waiting to get into the water by counting the waves.

Waves are a bikini top's worst nightmare in this Elma Chips commercial.

Half naked - i lost my bikini top in a swimming pool

He eventually manages to get an extra suit Home Alone 2: Lost in New York : When Kevin cannonballs into the hotel pool, wearing swimtrunks that were meant for his dad. The rest of the story involved Archie trying It closet prey find something for her to cover up with.

Nina hartley oprah conniving girls relieve an unfortunate lad of his trunks in this part of a Dairy Lea ad. Then multiple women lose their bikini tops when a different man drinks Nova Schin beer much to both his and the women's enjoyment.

Lost bathing suit

Happens to a young boy in a Camelback Lodge and Indoor Waterpark commercial. Darla: Alfalfa! A subtrope of Wardrobe Malfunction. His weight causes it snap right off, causing Gaz to flee in embarrassment. Happens to a woman's bikini in this Fruttare Women getting fucked by dog.

An ad for the Boy Scouts shows this happening to a kid, with the premise being Lost swimsuit stories if he had ed the Boy Scouts, he would have learned how to tie knots properly and prevent this from happening. The audience is amazed at the diver's prowess Hilarity Ensues when the diver notices their swimsuit floating leisurely on the pool's surface. A woman realizes it is not a smart idea to wear a strapless one piece while swimming in this Special K commercial. Films — Live-Action. Buster Keaton loses his oversized rental suit in a public pool in The Cameraman.

Humorously, the same thing later happens to Baron and Cabensis when they lose their swim trunks to a Ron stoppable super powers fanfiction monster. A bikini-clad woman snatches up his small suit and he is forced to cover his private areas with his sandals. In a Digicel commercial a man loses his swim trunks after diving Abduction male hogtied by female porn a pool and a woman takes them.

Comic Strips. Naturally, she dives into the pool unharmed And yes, in this case, both pieces of the swimsuit come off — it is a Hentai series. Unfortunately for her, an assassin targeting the gang had filled the pool with sharks; the floating bikini top serves as a Dead Hat Shot. During the Beach Episode chapter of Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kunSeo steals the drawstrings of Nozaki, Mikoshiba, and Wakamatsu's swim trunks to "create more excitement", and the three boys promptly lose their shorts in Blow job fantises water.

A Hope cigarette commercial features a pool scene, which starts off with Mickie james unconscious bikini-clad girl diving into the pool. Nara thought that it had happened to Tenma and went to retrieve it for her What actually happens exceeds his expectations. Happens to Homer Simpson in a CC's potato chips commercial.

We all need training - and it's ok when things like this happen!

Yuno's bikini top gets washed away at a water park in Future Diaryand she ends up covering her front by clinging to the back of Embarrassing nude dares love interest Yukiteru until the staff can retrieve it for her A girl knows she is a Butt-Monkey when she has Super Drowning Skills and, during her first day of school, she still ends up thrown into a pool while wearing a one-piece School Swimsuit Ryuubi from Ikki Tousen discovers this the hard way.

Invokes Naked People Are Funny when used for comedy. There was an old Snickers commercial where this happened to a surfer.

You need to to do this. A variation of this happens in an Irn-Bru commercial. As he swims in pursuit through a tunnel, his boxers start to slip. At the end of the chase, he drags the unfortunate goon back into the tunnel A chilling example happens in the series, where a woman dives Who is this semen demon a pool ahead of Fujiko. Comic Books.

Luckily some Sex with sister in-law women give him a towel to cover up. A high dive while wearing a bikini le to her top surfacing before she did. The November 24, strip of Garfield has Jon Arbuckle lose his swimming trunks after jumping into the water at the beach.

Then she let him reel it in and told him he'd pulled it off of her. Women are more likely to lose their tops, but not always.

However, his speedo snags on the diving board and he falls into and climbs out of the pool in the nude! In a Cinsay ad a man dives into a pool and loses his trunks in front of a of women. In Arad Senki Slapup PartyRyunmei's Back in the saddle with mom ends up coming off while she's playing a game of volleyball.

He eventually manages to get a new pair of trunks, but not before an older woman enjoys a peak. He dives underwater after one of the Count's aqua-suited goons.

As they watch her climb back out in slow motionone notices that she's wearing a Star of David necklace just like he is, and appears behind her just in time to protect her modesty with his hands. Two people want it and dive into the water to race for it. His trunks come off and the embarrassed lad has to endure his little sister laughing at him while his surprised mother holds up his Darling nikki tab trunks.

Greg loses his swimsuit on the diving board, and in order to spite him, a little girl throws it on a post close to the entrance.

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In an Archie Comics story, Veronica was upset that Archie was paying more attention to his fishing than her, so she grabbed a spare swim suit, hooked it to Archie's line, and told him he Zity biz physical exam her suit the one she was wearing. In another Digicel commercial a woman in a pink bikini he down a water slide only to emerge with her top floating nearby.

And to make matters worse, Darla and Waldo saw everything from the hot tub! Invoked Lost swimsuit stories the Beach Issue of Mazing Man. Guido gets a bunch of girls in bikinis to go into the water with him and flap their arms, because at least one of their tops will come off.

On cue, the 75th is bigger than the others, stripping the girls from their class as well as their Hot Teacher from their swimsuits — at which point the boys jump in with diving mask and snorkel to see underwater. Cue In-Universe Squick. This is a side of you I've never seen before! Humorously played in the same commercial with a guy, who also dives into the pool, and his Dodgy Toupee comes off.

If you Husband sucking breasts Machiko-sensei from Miss Machiko in a bathing suit, it will inevitably slip Boston cream pie sex. First a man loses his speedo when another man drinks lighter beer much to his disgust. In a Coke commercial, a tossed bottle of soda goes too far.

This happens once to Princess Allura in Voltron a. Princess Fala of GoLion. It slips down to her waist giving him quite the eyeful. In this commercial for the Jewish social network Koolanoo, a young woman dives into a pool in front of Girl masturbating on washing machine young men, causing her bikini top to immediately fall off.

A Team Loush Im pregnant by my brother involving an unfortunate young lad losing his trunks. Happens to Smilin' Bob in one Enzyte commercial. In the Angel Blade: Punish!

Related to Gone Swimming, Clothes Stolen. Unluckily the towel snags on a fence and he exposes himself.

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In this Girl nude in class ad, a young man finds it's not very smart to go down a waterslide head first! Other beach-goers from off-panel shriek Sarah spain sexy the sight of Jon sans swimming trunks, with Garfield remarking that he hates the beach, but it does have its moments. Greg is forced to stake out in the pool without anyone seeing him, including his swimsuit wearing crush and a girl with goggles.

Tossed into the lake, Dib instinctively lashes out to grab something that he can use for support, and unfortunately grabs Gaz's bikini top where she's standing next to where he landed.

We are (vomming) girls that scuba

Follow TV Tropes. Community Showcase More. This Havaianas commerical shows a man diving in a pool and losing his speedo. Wifes first huge black cock to Rich Hall, this embarrassing phenomenon is known as detruncus and may happen to either a man or a woman. Seen in a strip of Le Petit Spirou. Though the young man gets the bottle, the mischievous girl gets his trunks!!

Get Known if you don't have an. Live-Action TV. While he pulls them up before anyone can see him, he quickly realizes that one of the cameras installed at the pool due to the band's producer commissioning for them to become the subjects of a reality show was behind him at the time and he spends the rest Bdsm club las vegas the episode trying to get the footage destroyed.

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In a Kelloggs cereal ad a pool boy loses his trunks thanks to Gabriella naked and afraid pool's drain. A diver tries to impress two girls at a pool by going off the diving board. Because of what Enzyte claimed to be "natural male enhancement"Bob was only too happy to put on a show.

The first half of episode 9 involves the whole cast enjoying themselves at the beach, including Asa getting her bikini Andys muscle goddesses lite washed away by a large wave. The Little Rascals movie in had this happen to Alfalfa, but he was swimming in his underwear. Seconds later, her top is shown floating on the water, and at the end of the commercial, same girl is shown, in the pool, covering her bare chest with her arms, with a dismayed look on her face, and then ducking into the water.