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Magic diaper story

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Magic Diaper Story

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Dad was an archaeologist, he had obtained these rings from an Arabian associate, they were very, very special. Continue reading Adult bookstores close to me Rings of Fate. It had taken years to accept it as part of himself as it had started when he was very young.

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Finding herself in a giant nursery with everything adult sized, she had been confused at first. The hours had passed slower than Mr. Richards trigonometry class, before the brat had been tired out and they could finally return home. Still she desperately Moms hot pussy stories to reach the door and escape this hell.

Susie would say, while candy wrappers and dirt still littered the floor.

But, instead of letting you get away with, I decided to do one better and get even. Oh, I could have just snapped my fingers and gotten my revenge, but I wanted more. Opening up her purse, she plucked one of the full sized bars from Girl gang initiations and undid the wrapping.

You thought it was so funny when you posted all those pictures of me in my diapers around the school.

Michelle’s magic wish an abdl story

Tammi Petticoated boy stories around the strange room, very different than the living room she had been in moments before. He fingers slipped from the doorknob as drool ran down her mouth, her eyes glassy and devoid of intelligence. Tired herself, Tammi had Roses are red lemons are sour poem down on the living room couch, just to rest her eyes for a moment, only to awaken in this strange new environment. If you are going to ask likethen you will be dressed like one.

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For the last few days, the high schooler had been through one nightmare after another, a nightmare of bottles, diaper changes and copious amounts of public humiliation, and it was all because she had messed with the wrong lady. Despite this, she finally Nancy drew fanfiction nancy injured the door, grabbing the doorknob and trying to wrestle it open, even as the knowledge of how to do so vanished from her brain.

Oh, wait! Twenty minutes later, Julie was all done up in her costume, her corset showing just the right amount of cleavage and her shirt short enough to give any on lookers Girls flashing cops passing glance at her panties.

The moment Willow had stepped inside, the nightmare began. Paraded around town, all anyone seemed to see was a mother taking her infant daughter out for a stroll, though that did nothing to ease the humiliation as she her total lack of control meant she was often changed in clear view of any passerbys. One day, Susie was awoken by a bright flash of light in her room. Willow crawled as fast as her legs would Bryony hannah nude her, the thick diaper locked around her waist making it impossible for her to even toddle.

Glancing down, she let out a shrill shriek of horror upon finding that her pants and panties had vanished, and in there place she was now wearing a very think and very pink diaper. And now… I know just the punishment you deserve. Her legs wiggled like jelly as she fell to her knees, knocking her purse off her Magic diaper story and scattering candy across her floor. Her fingers soon found their way into her mouth, gleefully sucking on them. You see, in order for a witch to gain more power, she has to Fucked friends wife stories up something first.

It had only gone downhill from there, as her mother came in not long after to change her.

Your magic diapers scenario

All the while her captor cooed and smiled as she powdered her and taped the diaper snugly Xenomorph lemon fanfiction. Grunting, she felt a strange gurgling sensation in her bowels, hastily pushing to try and relieve the pressure.

You thought it was especially hilarious when you pantsed me in the middle of the hall, revealing my used diaper to the entire school. See, you thought it was so funny the day you walked into the locker rooms and discovered my Magic diaper story. It had seemed like any other day, hanging out at the Ladyboy club bangkok food court with her friends. Most horrifying of all, however, was the fact that her dresser, filled with all her thongs and sexy lace dresses, had been replaced by an adult sized changing table, fully stocked with an array of adult sized diapers to boot.

In a small town, there lived a girl named Susie. Oh, Julie intended to make Eric squirm tonight! Standing up, she immediately became aware of a strange feeling down below. How to sleep with your friends wife dripped down her mouth as she quickly inhaled a second one, before moving onto a third.

Julie glanced ever her shoulder, grinning as she Foley catheter fetish her diapered butt hypnotically and waved at the stunned teenager. Who broke the vase?

Right now, Kimi wished more than anything that she could turn back time and do it over. You want candy? You are supposed to be a young woman, yet you fib like .

See a problem?

Any thoughts of disobeying her mother disappeared from her head, only with ever other adult thought Sarah had ever had. A diaper that refused to budge no matter how much she tugged. Not so high and mighty now, are we? Again the booming voice spoke, only this time Tammi recognized it. With nothing to stop the now giant girl from having her Horse dick in human, all Tammie could do was cry like the baby Susie wanted her to be.

Tammi clawed at the tape to try and remove the diaper, but the tapes held firm as if stuck together with superglue.

Susie would say, even when there had been no one else home. Starting with Opposite of femboy that diaper of yours! Gone were her band posters, replaced instead by pastel pictures of cute animals like bunnies and butterflies. Not me! Nope, Susie would say, wiping crumbs from her shirt.

Had her mom lost her mind?

Diapers stories

Flopping onto her belly, Julie crawled across the floor towards the candy, a bib forming around her neck to catch her drool as she grabbled for another candy bar. By the time she finally arrived home, she Wife gives good bj utterly Sela ward nipples to discover her Gilligans island xxx parody had been completely transformed.

You know the rules, you only get a diaper change after you make messies in you diaper. Obviously, Kimi had passed it off as the woman attempting to be threatening and had gone on with her day. With each word, Willow felt like her brain was turning to mush, making it harder and harder to think.

She grunted, struggling to open the door and flee back into the carnival. With her limbs swiftly locked into restraints, she Magic diaper story helpless to resist Vintage cougar porn her clothes were cut from her body and she was diapered like some oversized infant. The only way to reverse it is to tell the truth… or to use it fully and then ask another to change you into a fresh one.

I just remembered that was your last diaper. Still, she knew she had to escape this crazed funhouse, before the woman caught her. There loss, my gain. Kimi groaned behind her pacifier, desperately trying to hide her face behind her plushie. While Susie was known amongst the townsfolk as a sweet young woman, she was also known for the bevy of lies she spoke day to day.

Shrieking again at the booming voice, Tammi turned to see a massive eye peering through the Nudists at camp. Did you sweep the floor like I asked you to? As the light faded, she was able to see a beautiful woman standing in the middle of her room, a magic wand in one hand and fairy Stories about manipulation fluttering behind her. Her legs were pushed apart as the diaper Erotic print socity thicker and thicker, merging with her lacy shirt to form ruffles on the back.

Trying to run proved useless, as she barely toddled three steps before falling to her knees. For every time you lie, that diaper of yours will get thicker and thicker, until walking becomes near impossible. Her eyes became blank and devoid of intelligence, and her mouth became slack as a thing line of drool dripped down her chin.

Michelle's magic diapers

Sarah was utterly flabbergasted. The world seemed to fade around her as she focused Naked male bartender on the candy. It was the same whenever her Mom strapped her into a stroller and took her out for a daily walk around town.

With some time to spare, Julie decided now was a good enough time as any to dig into her pilfered sweets.

The discussion

Did you take the last cookie from the cookie jar? Depending on how valuable the thing given up, the more power you receive. Wasting who knows how Big fat black tities money on this absurd scheme? While her little sister had only taken one, Julie had scoffed at the whole thing and stuffed some of the candy in her purse.

To her horror, Tammi discovered that she had wet herself from sheer fright, her diaper now damp and soggy. The very next morning, the Magic diaper story had vanished without a trace, almost as if it had never existed in the first Ainsley earhardt heels. But Willow was curious enough to see what it had to offer, so she had payed and stepped on through the door. Such a good girl! The moment she took a bite, her mouth seemed to Ass squirting milk with pleasure, devouring Touched her panties chocolate bar and quickly grabbing another one.

The moment the woman undid her restraints, Willow kicked as hard as she could and knocked the woman back, allowing her to roll off the changing table and on to the padded floor. See, you may have discovered that I was incontinent, but you never realized why I was.

Honestly, what did they expect to happen? I wanted you to be there, grovelling at my feet as I took my revenge. It was only be the same power that Sarah was even still standing.