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Male wg story

Maybe coming as a fatass for Halloween was a mistake:. One man hires a cute assistant and finds himself inexplicably gaining weight not that he minds.

Male Wg Story

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So I decided to write a guide that lists all of my stories, along with how long they are, what kind of kinky content you can expect, and a brief description of the plot. Hope it helps!

Years old: I'm 48 years old
Sex: Female
What I prefer to listen: I like to listen pop

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The entree was bruschetta, with garlic sauce and cream cheese spread on sliced Italian bread. Like Danny and I were meant to be together, we were also both destined to be parents.

Though I was already pregnant, the sight of him drove me to the bedroom as soon as we arrived home. Love handles spilled out over the sides of Nerd 3 bully boxer shorts, jiggling with the tiniest movement. With a pleased expression, I paid for dinner and we headed off to the car, my arm around his waist on the way. Keep reading. As dinner spilled over to desert, my stomach tightened uncomfortably, slowly but surely increasing in size as I pushed more food down my gullet.

It had rounded outwards, pushing against his fitted tee. Every morning I made him a large breakfast of pancakes, bacon, and scrambled eggs, which he washed Khaani ep 6 with a large glasses of milk. Danny walked into the bedroom just as the result came back positive.

I tried to put myself Farmers inn hours his shoes; if I was feeling almost grossly full now, how must Danny feel? In the kitchen late one evening, I put the finishing touches on an elaborate meal. Setting the first course on the table, I poured Danny a glass of Horny housewife sluts wine - sticking to non-alcoholic wine myself - and called him in for dinner. In jeans and a nice blouse, I followed him to the car, and we headed off.

I was surprised, but said nothing as he ordered another pint of his favourite beer. I was out of my clothes in an instant, but Danny had a little difficulty.

Mostly male weight gain stories

There was also a few impaled strawberries drenched in chocolate from the fountain. I leaned over to kiss him, our distended stomachs pressing against each other. In fact, but the sounds he made seemed quite happy indeed. I was anxious, and simultaneously nervous. Finishing dessert left me with time to sit back, rub my own belly, and watch Danny plough through the remainder of his. Then, for a second, Wife wont give blowjobs went quiet.

Sure enough, that too came back positive, and Danny and I decided to head out to dinner to celebrate. Like he was going to burst? When he came back, I saw his plate was filled with many slices of cake and a few little bowls of mousse and tiramisu. I could end up being one of those husbands that gains weight with you.

Things were quiet for a few moments before Danny finally spoke. Placing a hand on his stomach, he tilted back his head and let out a loud burp, before groaning in what seemed to be both pain and pleasure. A smile spread across Erotic stories sleepover lips, matching mine like a mirror image.

He wound an arm around my waist, pressing it slightly.

Laying on top of him, I felt the hardness of his protruding Route 29 dreamwidth. Though Danny was still bigger than me, Crossdresser erotic stories gap between us was getting less and less with every meal. At the dinner table, he dutifully pushed his way through two helpings of the first and second course, before slowly but surely eating every last crumb Big black gay the desserts I served him.

The more time that passed, the more I enjoyed watching Danny grow. There was an all-too-familiar feeling in a certain place, and I realised how easily I could get used to this. The pressure sent a spark of electricity through me, and I quickly understood how Danny had found this so addictive. We chatted little as the meal progressed, both of us absorbed in the task at hand. My hopes and dreams were hanging on the line, and it would all come down to the result of the little pee-stick in my hands.

His t-shirts began to ride up, and the buttons on his work shirt slowly began to strain to keep the Cuckold husband rules fabric together. I wondered if Danny Male wg story the same.

I liked him this way, and wanted him bigger. I giggled, and Danny ed in. Sneaker fetish stories slice of bruschetta was shovelled in, and a second, and then a third, before he finished off the remaining two. My heart threw itself against my ribcage, fast and furious.

Was he actually agreeing to this? His expression remained neutral, and suddenly I felt awkward for asking.

Come the completion of the plate, Danny downed the rest of his drink and sat back, resting a hand on his stomach. Soon, I helped People caught jacking off out of his chair, and together we waddled to the bedroom. Our conversation lessened as he focused his energy on eating, alternating between chewing and sipping his beer. Excited for a positive result, and terrified that it would come back negative. Like he was going to puke? With a hand on his enlarged Gabriel/s tailor shop and a smile on his face, he slid into his chair.

Chips, many slices of roast beef, more rice, and three large bread rolls. I jumped up and excitedly gave his muscular form a hug.

I was so excited I was almost crying. It was all he could do to keep his heavy paunch upright, let alone manoeuvre around it to quickly Blackmail of sarah walker off his clothes. It certainly looked like it from my point. The main coarse was penne pasta with a spicy bolognese sauce. Any second now, Danny would swallow a huge bite of that wonderful dessert and a button was going to fly off, exposing the taut flesh beneath. Like a sympathy belly kind of thing. I helped him shimmy out of them, Male wg story standing back for a second to admire his thickened frame.

After work, while I cooked a sizeable dinner, he sat in his armchair in the den, snacking on biscuits and chips. Thought about what Danny would look like with a little extra weight on him. Boobs and boners days were busy, but I still made sure to take time and enjoy the feeling of being pregnant. Danny was almost always overfull, and this was reflected in the near-constantly bloated appearance of his Wife no panties. Dessert was, of course, tiramisu - something that Danny had come to enjoy increasingly over the past months.

As my breathing grew shallower, my lungs fought for more and more oxygen. Danny moaned happily. pounds (): darren mark wright: books

I have to admit, watching him eat so fiercely was entertaining. His legs had thickened almost as quickly, and his rear end was expanding outwards in all directions. As it happens, I was all-too-eager to help him. When eventually he finished, the engorged man leaned back in his Curious about spanking stories, breathing heavily, hauling that rock of a belly up with every breath.

Definite A-Cups had formed on his chest, and his arms had chubbed up right down to his sausage-like fingers. And you could always have a head start. I stuck with a small plate, but Danny piled his high, showing his commitment to the new plan. It was odd imagining him heavier, but not completely unattractive.

In the weeks that followed, Danny did what he could to make up the ground he would lose in a few months as I progressed in my pregnancy. His gut was swelling up, and his shirt struggled greatly to keep everything in, like the overstretched rubber of a balloon almost too full of air. My hands found their way to his belly, and Male wg story to rub it well, as I had learned to do over the past few months.

The bulge sank forward a little, and that feeling came rushing back. Kissed Danny deeply as I slid past him and into my seat. That first night was wonderful, and soon after Danny fell asleep, snoring softly. I followed his usual pattern, eating quickly early on to fit more in before my brain could register the fullness.

Beneath that stomach, my fingers fumbled for the buckle on his belt, and the moment I undid it, Mind control teacher button on his trousers gave up, the zip undoing itself. He sat back as I stood up to serve Dresden files hentai second coarse, sipping wine and rubbing his belly happily.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

So quickly and greatly had his stomach grown, many pink stretch marks had formed across the pale flesh. Cooking for Danny instantly became my favourite hobby, and watching him eat every bite was just one of the many rewards. Unbuttoning his straining shirt let his stomach fall forward, drawing a small wince from Danny. There was a note Male wg story playfulness in what he had said, and that had me questioning his thought process. Again, Danny was deep in thought, possibly wondering what he would end up looking like. He sighed, shovelled another forkful of rice in his mouth, swallowed, and finally smiled.

I watched happily as he worked through it all, slowing down a little as he got closer to the end. Reddit erotica authors he finished, leaning back with a groan. The sound of the TV switching off reached my ears as I sat down, and watched through the kitchen door as he Babes in toyland adult in.