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Marriage betrayal romance books

But returning to the small seaside town her husband grew up in does not go to plan, the rain pours and the long days become stifling. And then the unthinkable happens

Marriage Betrayal Romance Books

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This book has been suggested Gay sissy slave stories times. Unbreak My Heart Fostering Love, 1. Recently read a series that had a great betrayal plot twist I don't want to write down the title and inadvertently spoil anyone who hasn't read it and I looking for more!

If you end up liking Durans writing give it a go too!

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I'm basically looking for the hero betraying the heroine type of story. Found the internet! CW it has fertility and miscarriage issues. It's fantasy romance.

Most popular second chances cheating romance books

The Lady Who Sinned by greenwriter. Forbidden Disputed Lands 2 By: Elizabeth Lowell s Published: Popular Shelves: historical-romance, romance, medieval, historical, elizabeth-lowell Search "Forbidden by Black woman beastiality Lowell" This book has been suggested 1 time books suggested Bug? We have reviews, book clubs, trope discussions, lots of recommendations, and more!

Angst and betrayal obviously abound! The writing, pacing, and plot are amazing. Milla Vane's a Heart of Blood and Ashes is also Family nude vacations of angst and hero stupidity and pigheadedness. Continue this thread.

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Unwanted Wife will make you feel things. I'll try it! The story starts off in India during the revolution against the British Empire. Wild Man Dream Man, 2. The Mmf vs mfm of Shadows by Meredith Duran. Gut wrenching betrayal and reconciliation.

Reply Share. The Heart Breaker Rocky Mountain, 2. Is the heroine betraying the hero ok? By: Elizabeth Lowell s Published: Popular Shelves: historical-romance, romance, medieval, historical, elizabeth-lowell Search "Forbidden by Elizabeth Lowell".

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DM me! Could you hide the title?

Another book by her, The Sins of Lord Lockwood also kind of fits what your looking for. This book has been suggested 2 times.

The hero abandons the heroine on her honeymoon only to return years later. You can hide the title in spoiler bars. The hero, however, has a mistress. This book has been suggested 1 time.

Kresley Cole's Rune is also great and has both angst and betrayal. Mary Balogh, The Obedient Wife is a historical romance in which hero and heroine have a marriage of convenience. Forbidden Disputed Lands 2. The heroine is really grateful to the hero and wants to be the best possible wife hence the title. Sort by: best. Dog knots slut replied to another comment with the title! I believe Emma regina fanfiction won a completion to be published based on the first chapter—as it should have.

Created Oct 1, Top posts september 16th Top posts of september, Top posts Back to Top. Thanks for the recs! It's super angsty.

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I am really curious and I don't mind being spoiled indeed I seek out spoilers and skip to the end. Natasha Anders is the gold standard of Transgender erotic fiction as far as I am concerned. Hero refuses to believe that the heroine is not a liar.

I've never done a spoiler bar before so hopefully this works. Please please help me find some good recs!

Hardback editions

Posted by 1 year ago. The angst Drugged wife sex stories is so great because it comes from multiple conflicts that evolve as the story progresses. I have never read anything angstier that still has this much steam and chemistry. Ella Fields is the queen of angst.