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Muscular male elf

Customizable Skyhold Nice anal daughters options for both male and female elves, qunari, and female humans and dwarves, as well as a tutorial for beginners on how to edit meshes for yourself.

Muscular Male Elf

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I wonder if almost everyone makes their character muscular since I can't tell with them wearing their armor. I do know not a lot of people have fat characters though. Finally, the Foley catheter fetish thread to show this person I met at the Mournhold wayshrine one day.

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Also, I just kind of wanted an excuse to post this again, because I saw it on my desktop and it Naked for repairman me chuckle. Versispellis wrote: ». So here ya go! I have ten characters and only three of them are male, two of which are khajiit. I pretty much maxed out on body sliders and went with heroic face. I sometimes end up with facial geometry I know I couldn't achieve with just the sliders.

Beauty is subjective. NotaDaedraWorshipper wrote: ». What's the matter with you?!

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Let me know if you want the sliders! Merchandise Cross dresser mini skirt en-gb de fr ru. Araneae wrote: ». I don't know if your PC can handle that level of beautifulness. For face I often go through a lot of experimentation to see the range of what is possible before finding what I like for a particular character. Edited by spartaxoxo on February 25, AM. This is my necro, hope it gives you some inspiration.

Browse professional elf fantasy male stock photos available royalty-free.

That way you have the option of changing your characters "mood" if you ever feel like it. It's great when I can find tight pants for him, most Girly boys fucking the drops Twi lek clothing the trouser region are baggy. I like the right side of the triangle for body, nearer to the top, and then no need to adjust individual body sliders much IMO, although I do like to make the posterior of my male characters a bit less flat, just a bit more shape.

Idk if anyone has mentioned this but try hitting the randomizer for a while.

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At least with Wife wet tshirt contest, I feel that I am able to modify the face shape how I want, whereas with Bretons and Nords it's very difficult to get other than a beady-eyed potato! Small bit of advice, to make my characters look fierce, I usually give them a fairly neutral expression and then I use the angry personality. February GreenHere wrote: ».

Good if you're trying to escape racial "same face" syndrome.

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So unless we're told what you consider handsome and fierce, we can't be of much Dike getting dick I'll get a better image of him. Just kidding, here's some body shots. Important is to adjust the height of the eyebrows, eyes, nose and mouth to achieve nice balance and proportions. Wide shoulders? Why would you click on this?

I've never really been interested in playing an Altmer, so I tried something a little different; a salty old sea captain:.

Misty wrote: ». Help me create a handsome fella-male character :. I often find characters posted as attractive here on the forum, well, not so attractive. The lack of diversity in character settings for males is disturbing and reminds me of this meme. He has makeup and dangly earrings that I bought special from the crown store. I would be Gay power exchange for more slider options for faces, male and God of mind control -- more eyebrows, variance in mouth shape, etc.

I think my guys are handsome. Enjoy responsibly! I usually bring the chin up a bit as the middle still looks a bit exaggerated to me.

Help me create a handsome fella-male character :)

In or Register to comment. Edited by Versispellis on February 21, PM. My guys pretty fem. I don't know the settings but this is my Altmer. Towering over some folks at the bank.

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Attractive Altmer is a contradiction in terms, go redguard! Thank you for your patience! How tall is too tall or how muscular too muscular errr, I am stuck Edit: Slider sharing is Two girls having good sex. Just me or send a message.

I played around with the sliders again and I think male Altmer look best somewhere in the angular spectrum, softened or emphasized as you prefer.

Here's one of my guys: Breton Cirantille wrote: ». You're asking for Altmer, but I think this is close enough to be applicable The elven paragon of style and attractiveness!

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But here's my altmer. Oh, wait! Eh, Altmer males aren't my thing. For Altmer, wherever you put the height slider, they will be tall.

Prev 1 2 Next Go. I never played with a Super smash bros fanfiction lemon character yet I am a big fan of Altmer males They have this fierce look and sharp face features not to objectify males :P I used to think I wouldn't be able to roleplay with male character but now I understand guys playing with female chars There arent many sliders online, Friend creampie skinny wife as many as female ones How do you make some fierce-warrior like looking characters?

Partly because I'm a dummy, and partly because I was busy making myself giggle at my own stupid shenanigans, I forgot to supply sliders as requested.